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  1. Ragdollbd

    Have I made a mistake

    I was on the same cruise this past February. It was my best cruise so far. There is plenty to do on this ship. I'm sure it was at capacity but I never felt crowed at all.,
  2. Ragdollbd

    Sunshine-Interior Room w/Picture Window

    If you are talking about the rooms at the front of the ship, then yes, they can see in the window. Especially at night time, you have to keep the curtains closed at night anyway so the light does not distract the captain from seeing.
  3. Ragdollbd

    Maho Beach

    The beach is very narrow but it was still there.
  4. Ragdollbd

    Private Bar Hop - Open Air Taxi

    You should get in touch with Liz Pereira. I'm sure she could put something together for you. Pereira Tours
  5. Ragdollbd

    Renting a driver for the day

    You should get in touch with Jo Junie Tours. He will take you all around the island including Maho Beach, Friars Bay etc. for $40 per person. They will customize your tours. Look online for his website. Very good company.
  6. Ragdollbd

    Suggestions for excursions on Aruba

    Did you get picked up on time to make it back from beach to cruise ship? Also, are you on the bus the entire tour or do they let you stop and different locations to view?
  7. Now does everyone in the cabin get a $50 credit on excursions?
  8. You can buy the little powder packages for bottled water size. They come in diet and a few different ice tea flavours also. They don't take up much space in your luggage either.
  9. Ragdollbd

    Cruising in Feb 2019

    Karen, Could you tell me when the Journeys cruises open up please? I am looking for one in February of 2020 but there is nothing posted. Is it possible there will not be any? I see a Panama Journeys cruise in January but I am more interested in the Southern Caribbean cruises.. Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. Ragdollbd


    Went to Friars Bay at the beginning of February. Lounge chairs, bar/restaurant on beach as well. Kali's Beach Bar. Delicious Guava Berry Coladas!
  11. Ragdollbd

    Which Private Tour? Bernard or Joyce

    Was just there at the beginning of February. Had an excellent tour all around the island. Jo Junie Tours $40.00 6 hours. Stopped at a couple beaches including MAHO
  12. I was just there at the beginning of February. The only jet ski I saw was the life guard (I believe) running around the swimming area near the Port. I don't remember seeing them on that beach and I walked down to Jack's Shack. They might be available on another beach. The island is not that big. Look under the Grand Turk section, they might be able to help you there.
  13. Ragdollbd

    Carnival Crossover

    Do you need to make reservations for all dinners including Taste & The Manhattan Restaurants?
  14. Ragdollbd

    Epic Review 3/3 - 3/7 First NCL Cruise

    Coffee Bar- Again on Celebrity the coffees, teas, and pastries at the coffee bars are included with our package so it was a little disappointing to have to pay for those things. Especially since the LaVazza coffee they serve on NCL as a “pay for coffee” is actually what celebrity serves for free in the buffet, dining rooms, and everywhere else on the ship. I did like how the coffee bar also had an attached bar to it which was really nice because I prefer mimosas/bellinis to coffee, I just wish they had servers going around taking orders because again no one wants to wait 10 minutes in line for a drink when they’re on vacation. (I did notice they would have a server going around when trivia or bingo was going on. It would’ve been nice to have that at all times) Is there a coffee machine in the staterooms? I think I have seen pictures. If so, do you remember if it was a Keurig?
  15. St. Kitts - I would contact Liz Pereira, she has many tours going on. Find her on FB St. Maarten - Jo Junie Tours is great. They take you everywhere. Very affordable.