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  1. Looked at my bank/ cc accounts this morning and there was a credit from NCL!!!! I was shocked actually hahah. Kept looking and looking at it . Was from a April cruise that I had cancelled in March.
  2. Where is the Pearl traveling on your cruise? I am leaving 4/12 on a Caribbean cruise and have not received anything from NCL.
  3. I never heard of the Float Away lounge until I read your posts. I like Sid's reviews too. Will have to check him out on the Float Away Lounge.
  4. Where did you find these pictures? I cant find any reference to a fight on Encore. Are you onboard?
  5. Are port fees. taxes, and shorex credited back to your credit card? Monday will be 97 out for us, will we gat 100% refund on cruise?
  6. I have never heard of a day use hotel room. How much does that cost? How many hours can you stay in room?
  7. Just received email from NCL 2 minutes ago for our cruise in June. DSC up again!!! $15.50 DAY pp for any category to mini suite $18.50 Day pp for suit or Haven Might just cancel with everything else going on
  8. Love your review. Would love to see some of your cruise scrapbooking to inspire me. Some scrapbooking. I always do these vacations. have never done cruising . 😍
  9. We really enjoyed the show. The food was good. Salad, steak and shrimp. dessert. Get the floor seats. Banquet is along the walls in the back, not a good view.
  10. Sign on to Total rewards Promotions - Caesars Entertainment. Will show your free offers, including NCL cruise certificates.
  11. Last few cruises we were on they had something called Caliente???? first one very few people showed up. and 2nd one most people left after 5 minutes. Was not fun or entertaining. Just had some dancers on a big screen in freezing weather. Was looking forward to Glow party and the only one on schedule was for Entourage.
  12. 'I will be receiving $400 OBC on next cruise from casino. What are the additional restrictions????? I don't want to be buying things that aren't offset by the $400 OBC
  13. What is CET? I booked a cruise thru CAS last month and they wouldn't let me use the $325 CAS incentive with a free cruise. I currently have a free cruise certificate from a land casino. Can that be used with CAS incentive ( I am Ruby) and am Platinum Plus Latitudes, and combined with that also?
  14. A lot of "F" bombs in Jersey Boys with a story they couldn't follow. Great songs though for an adult. We didn't like Six. I couldn't understand the words in the songs they sang. I personally don't think they would like either one. As was mentioned above if you want to try it, get aisle seats in back of theater.
  15. After being on 32 cruises I have learned to NOT overpack!!! I don't use any cubes, hanging racks. There are shelves and cabinets in the cabin besides a closet. Toss your socks and underwear on a shelf. PUT SUITCASES UNDER THE BED, after you have unpacked EVERYTHING>
  16. Inclusions Included with your cruise fare: Meals in three main dining rooms, as well as at The Local pub and the Garden Cafe buffet; also Continental room service breakfast Main theater entertainment Most daily activities, unless otherwise noted Onboard fitness center (excluding most scheduled fitness classes) Use of water slides, the sports court and mini-golf Splash Academy Kids programming, except for late-night and mealtime supervision Not included with your cruise fare: Daily gratuities ($15 per person, per day for anyone staying in a sta
  17. Just off Getaway and reached Ruby while on ship. I heard on next cruise will receive $400 OBC. Is that correct? Can you use the OBC on Mani/Pedi in Spa? Can you use OBC for Cruise Next Certificate? I pretty much have what I want from the gift shops, so not sure what I would buy with it.
  18. Thank you all for your opinions and pictures and video!!
  19. Thinking of booking Bliss Alaskan cruise. Looked at floor plans for Haven. H5 is forward deck 17 by lounge, pool, restaurant and observation deck. its a very small cabin, really doesn't look any bigger than a standard balcony. Also would it be really rocky in Alaskan waters? so high up and right in front of the ship? The H7 has a living room and separate bedroom. Looks much bigger and nice than H5, but is on decks 10,12 and 13 I believe. A lot farther from the Haven amenities. Is less expensive too. Which would you book? Anyone seen both of the cabins? or been in them?
  20. If it cant be used why did it show up as a payment option for the CAS reservation ? There were no restrictions noted on the payment page that I saw, if that's correct why did it accept the payment? Is CAS open on weekends?
  21. I booked a cruise a few days ago with CAS. I decided to make a payment today. When I clicked on make a payment, a credit of $325 CAS for my husband was an option for partial payment. I clicked on that selection, note came up, payment was applied. I went back into payment because I wanted to pay more using a credit card. I was SHOCKED! My amount due had doubled!!! Has this happened to anyone? is so why? and how did you get it fixed back to the lower amount? Thanks for any help.
  22. Th tracks are by the roundabout by the river. Its every 7 to 10 minutes. Just runs up and down by the river . We always get off by Café DuMonde
  23. There is a Riverfront shuttle /electric train you can take to the French qtr from your hotel. Last year it was .50cents for a senior one way $1.25 regular price. There is also a jazzy pass believe it was $3 all day. Must have EXACT CHANGE. Your hotel should have the info and a map.
  24. Where are you seeing this notice? in your messages? Our cruise is past final payment.
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