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  1. So we booked on the Miracle a few months ago. Our current rate is about $1350. We're in a 7A. Currently with the sale, 7A through 8F are all the same price.... about $1400. Can I submit a price protection form upgrading to the 8F, but still keep my price? Or will they automatically change it to the $1400? TIA
  2. adria12

    Bigger Carnival Ships vs. Smaller

    Isn't Spirit Class smaller also? I think around the same size as Fantasy class.
  3. They do, if you have international dialing enabled. And be prepared to pay through the roof for calling from/to an international country.
  4. adria12

    Dining Room Requests

    I asked my PVP to put it in the notes when she booked me.
  5. Miracle would be good for children! Its theme is fictional characters. You can make a scavenger hunt or something for them to find all the different names of the areas.
  6. adria12

    Early Saver/Insurance Question

    Carnival's own policy covers it. I asked when I booked with my PVP. "Carnival Cancellation Fee Waiver Program - waives the non-refundable cancellation provision of your cruise Ticket Contract" from [URL="http://www.carnival.com/vacationprotectionplan"]carnival.com/vacationprotectionplan[/URL]
  7. adria12

    Checking Rates

    Its odd though, cause its all the balconies.
  8. adria12

    Checking Rates

    I just checked rates for my upcoming cruise on the Booking Engine and it says there are none availabe for my category. Does that mean they are all sold out and I won't be able to price match? (we are sailing 9/3 on the Miracle)
  9. adria12

    Miracle/Pride/Legend Staterooms

    [quote name='carynh']We were in 5236 on the Miracle in October. The view is fine. The balcony is awesome. The room is next to a storage area and the balcony is the length of 2 cabins. Below is a picture of the balcony. You can see over the boats and there are spots where you see between them. [/quote] That is the cabin we just picked. I'm so excited!
  10. On the Miracle/Pride/Legend.... Which are the 7A rooms with not so bad views? On Upper Deck, are the lifeboats still an issue with visibility? Would 5236 have a good view? Thanks!