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  1. I have to agree with Coral that you picked a very weak itinerary. Alaska is about what happens off the ship and glaciers, not ship activities. Too bad you won't see the best a large ship has to offer.
  2. Great itinerary. Congratulations.
  3. Great news. More and more people are getting it.
  4. There are multiple reasons to deliver a product late. Preserving cash is one of them.
  5. The prices right now are unreasonable. Will be doing land trips for awhile.
  6. My TA would often say "my Rep told me to expect it in May" or whatever month when it was far in advance. If it was closer, I would get exact date. During normal circumstances receives a rough release schedule for an entire year. I agree to be in contact with your travel agent. This year things are just weird with Covid.
  7. Not a great idea. We had a very large food drive through today to get free food and it was packed. Maybe help those who need food? Vacations are not necessary needs.
  8. We will not sail on the Caribbean Princess again. It is too crowded of a ship. We were also in Canada New England when we were on it. It was very crowded in the atrium, we waited a long time for dining unless we ate very late and it was difficult to get into the shows. One of my least favorite vacations. This ship deserves the negative comments it gets. This was the beginning of Princess getting very greedy.
  9. $200??! I wouldn't wait holding for $200 right now when so many are waiting for so much more. There are many who have been waiting much longer than you.
  10. You haven't sailed Princess in 5 years and you are defending the quality of steak in CG? I can tell you it has gone down quite a bit in 5 years. My last 2x made Outback look good. We no longer go to Crown Grill. The sides were pretty good but the steak was awful quality on our last 2 visits. It wasn't a one-off. We still go to Sabatini's.
  11. I would expect a quality line such as Uniworld to cover change fees for airlines. By not paying it - they seem to be acting like I would expect Viking River cruises to. The more I read about Uniworld and their cut backs -- the more I don't think I will sail them. That and their awful decorating.
  12. I think we did have to pay port charges on Crystal. I have done both Amawaterways and Crystal and really thought Crystal was worth the extra money. The food on our ship is the best food I have ever experienced on any type of cruise. The service was also above and beyond what I would expect on any trip. As Coral said -- look at the tours involved and itinerary to get a better picture of both lines.
  13. I wish there was a current live from from this next cruise.
  14. Has anyone had the chicken bites? They used to use real breasts for chicken fingers. My son loved them.
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