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  1. A lot of the private excursions are not necessarily cheaper. They are better and often have smaller groups.
  2. You picked a bad itinerary. Drop it and look for something better. Go with Glacier Bay - you won't regret it.
  3. So stupid - would any of you take an expensive mattress outside at home where it could be exposed to bugs and elements? I am appalled that anyone would even consider this. If you want to sleep outside - - bring your own inflatable mattress. Some people maybe should not cruise.
  4. Hubbard is nice if you can get to it. I have had 5 unsuccessful attempts and 1 successful attempt that wasn't that close. Not good odds.
  5. Yes. I do understand that. I just wish the air fare credit would work with Princess air. I know it won't but with Princess air being less (bulk air) it poses a future dilemma. I may not have chosen the right insurance for this trip.
  6. I know she was recently in dry dock and received new televisions. Is there on Demand?
  7. This is so confusing. I would think air would not be included.
  8. I am past final payment date but my flights have not been ticketed yet. Thanks for your help.
  9. It is a purely hypothetical question. I have some work situations that may come up that I may need to cancel but hope not to. If I cancel --- it will be at the last minute. I usually do not book Princess air or insurance.
  10. Geriangerfjord is so beautiful! So is Glacier Bay! I agree.
  11. We have done 4 lines in Alaska and think Princess does the best amongst the main stream lines due to their times in port on their one way cruises, 2 glacier days and their Alaskan speakers onboard. We have done RCCL, HAL, Princess and Celebrity. I would love to do Un-Cruise one day. That would be the ultimate.
  12. I have Princess travel insurance. I have booked my flights with EZ Air (flexible). If I cancel with out a medical reason and use "Cancel for Any Reason" - how does that work with flights?
  13. If you are interested in seeing Russia. I would hook up with a tour group and stay in downtown Moscow and St. Petersburg. Russia really is amazing to see. The river boats dock far away and traffic is also. Much better to stay downtown. Some friends did this and saw quite a bit more than I saw on my river cruise. I spent most of mine in traffic.
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