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  1. We asked for a refund on March 16th and I think we had a credit around the 25th for it. It was on our RC visa and we only use it for Royal deposits, so it was a $1000 credit. When I called to see if it had hit the card yet, when the automated thing read me the balance, it also automatically asked if I wanted a check sent to us (which I actually didn't know was an option, we were just going to use that card to whittle away at the credit). We got the check within a week or less.
  2. Yeah, that's why I said they *could* travel to NY if they wanted. Going home, or dealing with an infection because of deciding to visit the US, those would certainly have an impact on whether or not someone *should* visit the US. Personally, I wouldn't come to the US right now if I lived elsewhere. I currently live here and there is a travel ban on folks coming from here to visit other countries. I have no idea if that ban includes the residents of other countries trying to get home.
  3. I'm sure you could go to NY anytime you want. You might have issues getting home, but you could certainly visit NY. What does your country require now for coming home from the US? If it's just a 14 day quarantine, you could come now or wait till December. I don't think you'll cruise from FL in April.
  4. Can you tell me what this is supposed to be and where it's from? I'm showing that FL had 49 new deaths today and 63 new deaths yesterday. Thank you. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/usa/florida/
  5. All of my news sources mention all four as well. Not sure what sources would only mention TX and FL but not the other two hottest spots.
  6. No, not for my family. We actually canceled our cruise we had booked for April of next year because we want to see where this all shakes out before putting more money out. We want to know what the procedures are. We want to know what ports are open. We want to know what cruise lines survived. We want to know what's happening with the economy. We also want to know if there will be big discounts if we wait for it to all start up again. We love cruising. We haven't had nearly as many cruises as most of you all (our family has 49 nights on DCL and 22 nights on RCI), but we love it and
  7. We are outliers and emailed our TA on March 15th to cancel our cruise set for next year in April on the Liberty. The TA canceled our cruise the following day, the 16th, and I believe the credit hit our card on March 23rd. We'd had the cruise booked for a year. (Also, the credit went on a card that had had a zero balance and the credit card company, when I called to check on the credit, immediately gave us the option to have a check sent to us, which we had done.)
  8. It was one bucket for us. We had a total of $1000 in deposit for four people in two rooms and when it was credited to our card, it came through as four credits of $250 each, one for each passenger.
  9. I'm actually thinking maybe I got it wrong because I'm not seeing what I thought I read anywhere. I must have confused what you have for the FCC option with the cash option. I should probably delete my other comment since I think it is wrong. ETA I can't seem to delete or edit my previous post.
  10. I think one of the links about the next wave of cancelations said they'd be refunding for those that wanted payment returned on May 22. I could be totally wrong, but having an actual date made me think the refunds might actually all show up by then.
  11. We are some of the lucky ones that have been able to get refunded (but it was just a deposit on a cruise that wouldn't have sailed until next April). We use a Royal Caribbean Visa for only our cruise related stuff, so when the $1000 credit came through, it had gone onto a card that had had a zero balance prior. When I called the Visa company, they immediately gave me the option to have a check mailed to me, which I had them do. I received it just a few days later and deposited it into my checking account. Personally, I hate paying interest, so I'd probably pay off the card rather t
  12. Yeah, like others, I wouldn't worry that you'll be cruising. I'd cancel flights (if you have them) and hotels and all the other things because Royal will be cancelling your cruise soon enough. Also, were I you, I'd opt for the cash refund as soon as they tell you its canceled.
  13. People, it's time for hockey! I need my Stanley Cup Playoffs before I can get myself into baseball season.
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