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  1. I have been reading a lot of threads for Nachi over the last few days. They take you on a boat out in the ocean and from what I've heard it is around 2 hours long (and I believe that someone mentioned at some point around 30 feet deep because the tour guide dove down that far). There is no snorkeling from the shore...well you can, but not much to see I guess.


    This is true, they head down the coast and you see all the beautiful shades of water you could ever imagine. They fit you with masks and fins. They also have life jackets if needed. It is the ocean, and it can be rough. We went to two reefs, with the second one being the best. The current just takes you, as you live with the fish for awhile. The guide that is (or was with us) can dive Deep! He finds and points out all kinds of fish and sea life.

    We tipped them as we left the boat.

    As far as tipping at Nachi, we gave our waiter $20 upfront (4 of us), and tipped the bartenders now and then, $5 or $10. They'll keep you two fisted drinking all day!

    Food was good and delivered in plenty of time after we snorkeled.

    We Will go to Nachi again.

  2. Does anyone know the price of snorkling and what is included, like how long and how far away from the beach. My husband and the boys may do it, but trying to figure out how long we will be seperated and where they will have to go? Thanks!


    We did the snorkel tour last month and it was nice. They take you down towards the reef pretty far with a glass bottom boat (kinda like a tank between the seats), and let you out. It's pretty deep (only our ocean guide was able to get to the bottom, around 30ft). You hit 2 reefs, with the second one we hit seems much nicer with a current that just took you.

    Glad we did it, and there was still lots of time to eat, and drink plenty.

    They have a cooler with water onboard, but we took a couple beers from Nachi (Modelo has a can).

    I drank lots, but the "Leon" beer was GOOD!

    Have a great time:)

  3. All I can say, is trust Pedro!


    We disembarked the ship, and Pedro was waiting for us before you even get to the buses. He held a sign up, and greeted (welcomed us).

    Once we got off the long pier, he introduced us to our personal tour guide, Russel.

    Russel is a great young educated man, and worked hard to show us everything he could in the short time we were in the Yucatan.

    This may not be what many want, but it's what We wanted.


    They drove us to Merida, teaching us the history of the Yucatan as we drove. We walked around the city center, and buildings. Merida is a Large bussling city, with everything you could imagine.

    We stopped for some local sorbet, before heading to the ruins.

    Never have any of us tasted these flavors, and would like to again!


    The van then took us to the Dzibilchaltun Mayan ruins, and walked all over the grounds.

    It was very hot, as expected, so we hit the sink hole cenote for a swim and cool down.

    It was stunning! I'm sure you can see all the pics, but to be there, and be able to enter was a "pinch me moment", to quote my wife.

    Once we were all cooled down, and happy with the swim and rest, we left the ruins and headed back to Progreso.

    Russel took us to La Casa del Malecon resaurant and bar. He helped us order, and I didn't hear of anyone complaining at all.

    This is about 4 blocks down from Buddy's, and the beach was clear of people, and vendors. I can't wait to go back, and feel that breeze blowing through.

    the sights, smells and tastes is what we wanted, and Pedro delivered!

    After lunch and a couple cerveza's, Russel took us to shop a little at Bolum Balum.

    This is a non-profit shop that buys, and gives back to the Maya.

    I believe Charlie (hope I remember correctly), runs the shop and has for years. It's really a no pressure expirience, much different than the stories we heard from others on the ship.

    We Never felt endangered at all, and enjoyed the learnings we shared.


    Pedro met us again, and bought us all a local, very good beer before he had us taken back down the pier to our ship.

    There was NO worry of being late (which my wife was before we left), at all.

    We got back to our rooms and dropped off the goods, then went to the top deck for the show (pier drunks).:eek:


    I can't express how impressed we were, and look forward to making this trip again.

    Trust Pedro! His emails might be a little broken up, but his point comes through that you can Trust him.

    I'm glad we did.

    We were a group of 6, which I think is perfect for hearing everything.


    Once again, Thank you Pedro, and Russel.:D

  4. We took a tour of Progreso and Merida, and had a Great time.

    Learning the history of this part of the Yucatan was great.

    Not just wanting to hang out close to the bar scene near to the pier, there is much there.

    Just can't wait to return, and continue tasting and seeing the area.


    Also, thanks go out to Pedro, and Russel who took us on a great adventure through their country.

    I'll post more details on another thread.:)

  5. We we're a group of 8, (last Tuesday), but as the day went on, seemed to be 20 of us.


    We had Carlos for our waiter, and once he gets your drink timing down, he's running for you.

    He sat us under a Palpala, and dusted off the chairs.

    Drinks started flowing, and were very good. I liked the Leon Amber, very good taste. Some drank Corona, and some XX's. A few started with Margarita's, and moved to taste others.

    Some say the drinks are weak, but my wife sure was giddy and taking all kinds of crazy pics.

    So anyways, we chose to take the snorkel trip, that picks you up right there. The guys were Great, and helped my wife and son a lot. English was not real great, but they knew what we needed and where to go.

    Just the boat ride, seeing all the colors, and fish flying past us looking down through the glass bottom.

    Upon our return, Carlos loaded us up with drinks, and then the appetizers started coming.

    I don't think it matters what you order, he'll bring it all.

    The Nacho's were GREAT. I had the grouper, and it was probably the best I've ever had. My son wasn't crazy about what he ordered, and Carlos brought another dish. We wanted some wings, he brought out 3 orders.

    Guess I'm trying to say you will Not go hungry. Dessert was not even a thought.

    After pigging out, we hit the swim up pool. Thats where we made many friends, and new drink partners.

    Having never been at a AI before, it was refreshing to just ask anyone close to grab you a drink, and you'll get it quick (and probably a shot too).

    Overall we Really enjoyed everything from the beach, hammocks, pool, hot tub, and overall service.


    We can't think of anywhere else to go next time.....and there will be a next time.


    I could post pics (if I knew how), but many on here are what you will see.

    Any questions, feel free to ask.

  6. What he said!


    Since we had 4 ships feeding that taxi line, I think we waited about 10-15 minutes to get into the taxi.


    To get from NC back to the ship was fast. My parents dealt with the details, so I can't remember the person they talked to about getting the cab for us...but I do know he asked if we wanted one in 5 or 10 minutes? The taxi was prompt and the drive was definitely less than 15 to get back to the port.


    Back at the port, the line to get through security was SICK. Pay attention because there may be different lines for the different ships...there were for our day. The Allure was maintaining EDT...the Mariner was maintaining CDT...but many from both ships were trying to get back on board at the same time. It rocked right along though.


    I would recommend knowing about what other ships may be docked in Cozumel for your date and planning accordingly...and definitely remember to pack your patience and wear your smile. Bands were playing in the port area...people were friendly and ready to chat about their day...etc etc.



    Thank you SO much for the review. We're within a month, and I hope to do the same when we return. Sure hope I take pictures early, as the drinks should be flowing.

  7. I am not Mr Williams I either :) but I agree with my esteemed colleague. Getting back to the ship is not an issue. The place you speak of is called the Reef Club I believe and there are organized tours there or you can strike out on your own via taxi, but the first option is all inclusive including transportation so no worries!


    Mr Lawson, I'm not sure if my plans are going to fall through for our May guided tour. Could you email me so I can ask you a couple questions?


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