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  1. Thanks again to all of you for your most helpful thoughts, info, and beautiful photos. Jim_Iain, I followed your journey through Greece and across the Atlantic--so fun! (funny story, for quite a while I thought your name was "Jim Lain"--the capital I being a small L-- then I realized there was both Jim & Iain with the beautiful Gaelic spelling.)
  2. Thanks vtcruising! Very helpful, as always! The Edge info that you share here on Cruise Critic is great. Can't wait to be onboard in just a couple of weeks! Our previous port sail-in/away invites seem to be related to Concierge class--otherwise we're "nothin' special". 😊 Fingers crossed that someone will be able to post some current dailies from the Caribbean!
  3. A few questions for the Edgxperts! Thanks so much in advance for taking your time to share some info!! I'm curious about the Magic Carpet: On embarkation day, where is it "parked"? Is it a popular spot for Sailaway? On sea days, is it used as a bar? Is it located on the pool deck at that time? We're sailing 12/8. The MDR menu's for each night are on the app. Are these menu's generally reliable/accurate for the specific cruise? In the MDRs--are there two-top tables available by the windows for Select dining? On S-class ships we have occasionally been invited to the helipad to sail in or out of ports, which we always enjoyed. Is a similar experience available on the Edge? If so, what location? Who gets invited? There is an open deck forward, just outside of the spa area and seems to be accessible only from the spa. Is this deck open to everyone? Is it a sailaway location? In which dining room in the Concierge embarkation lunch served? If anyone is on the Edge Western Caribbean sailing departing this weekend 11/24, please post the dailies if you're able! THANKS!!
  4. This is exactly how it went for me. Our internet and beverage package showed up in the Order History and on our Xpress pass 26 days before our cruise. Just be sure they're on your confirmation
  5. You can try emailing your request to CelebrityDining@celebrity.com. Worked for me-- we were assigned to late dining and preferred Select. I heard back within 24 hours that I was switched to Select. Enjoy your cruise!! We'll be boarding when you're disembarking. Please leave her in good shape for us! 🙂
  6. In Concierge class we just go to the Concierge desk with our Reservation/confirmation number and ask them to check us in and print our boarding passes--usually quick and easy. We've done this on Silhouette several times with no problem whatsoever. I would hope that this would apply to Aqua class as well?
  7. Thanks for this info! We have Premium Drink pkg and Internet as Perks--so we never actually "ordered" them, we just checked the box when we booked the cruise directly through Celebrity. They are not in the Order History or on our Xpress Pass (but they are correctly noted on our booking confirmation). Should they be there in the Order History, even though we didn't place an order for them? Where on the Express Pass would that be listed?
  8. I self booked. Not sure if you'd have to go through your TA for this. It's worth a try!
  9. I was assigned to early Dining and waitlisted for anytime/select dining for an upcoming December Epic cruise. I sent an email a couple of weeks ago to CelebrityDining@celebrity.com with my name, reservation #, and just a simple, one line statement requesting Select dining. I was skeptical that anything would come of it, but the very next day I received a nice return email that Select Dining was confirmed--and it promptly showed up on my online cruise information. Nice customer service!!
  10. A few years ago we went to see a Broadway play at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts on the evening before our cruise. It was a beautiful theater and a very nice evening. https://www.browardcenter.org/ I would definitely do it again if there was something interesting playing. And I agree with the others that the water taxi is fun!
  11. I love this--thanks for sharing your fun experience! You're actually quite normal. I know this is nerdy and I'm not really sure why I actually know the scientific explanation for this phenomenon: in a nutshell, the sense of smell passes through a couple of areas in the limbic systems of the brain where emotion and memory are processed. Vision and hearing do not pass directly through this area of the brain. Therefore scents can invoke very powerful memories with emotions attached. How wonderful to be transported back to an awesome cruise just by shampooing your hair! If this comes up on Jeopardy, now you'll all know the answer....
  12. Nativeway is alive and well--we did the Rays, Reefs, and Rum Point tour last week and it was wonderful!! I reached Sharon by calling the US phone number and she called me right back. Don't give up, it's worth it!
  13. Following-- we also noticed and were wondering what was up with this. We're on the Silhouette in a few short weeks!
  14. Following--we're on the cruise right before you and am interested in your replies. Also, the cruise director if anyone knows. Enjoy your cruise!!
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