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  1. I put in my june 2021 Horizon cruise and it comes back and says not a valid cruise. Perhaps things are being changed farther than we think, even though the cruise is still in my planner.
  2. Cancellation page is being modified currently.
  3. Received the Duffy email as well, but it contains no real info yet. Other than they removed it from further sales, even though that happened weeks ago. Maybe they are hoping they can still sail. Me, I am hoping they cancel. 😞
  4. If they reduce the 8 day to a 7 day, hope they allow me the option of cancelling it without penalty. June 26th, 2021
  5. Matt was great. I will miss him, and i know for SURE my wife will miss him. lol
  6. Yes, same for my Jun 26th perhaps its sold out ( capacity controlled wise) i see other Horizon cruises listed.
  7. My Horizon cruise has just reappeared. looks like they are finishing the switching.
  8. What worries me is they likely wont be the only ones to do this. they were just the first. Just look around at the USA and see how many people refuse to follow the rules for something as simple as wearing a mask into a store. there will inevitably be a few people among the 2,000 or so on a carnival ship ( or any other line) who want to do the same.
  9. If the social distancing on excursions meant fewer participants on the bus, longer stops at 'points of interest' and a higher per person cost. I would be ok with that as long as it meant the ship would be in port longer. I hate those in at 9 out at 4 stops.
  10. Sunrise, yes, Sorry 🙂 I think it may be a repositioning of the Sunrise away from Miami in Summer 2021.
  11. If all that is happening is rebooking the sunshine passengers onto horizon cruises then i guess Carnival are not really worrying about capacity controlling are they?
  12. What effect on people already booked on the Horizon will all this shuffling have?
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