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  1. You can book any excursion available or specialty dining using the hub app. No internet plan needed and of course no lines. I did this with no issues whatsoever.
  2. I just returned from the 7/10 Horizon cruise and i used my $700 obc on the following. various drinks about 130 Cosmetics for the wife 140 steakhouse 76 gratuities 223 (did not prepay) excursion 120 it goes fast!
  3. yep, cruise in 2 days and now cant login to fill out another form!
  4. I believe posting time has been running approximately 2-3 weeks after request. mine was 16 days after request.
  5. I wonder if there is a difference in port fees between the 2 islands? I imaging it would not be very much if anything.
  6. While I have never been to Bonaire and it would have been nice to check that one off the list, I am happy with Curacao change. I like that port. Too bad they cant replace La Romana with another port!
  7. Isn’t there a tip already part of the $38 upcharge?
  8. It is listed on your boarding pass, and also in the Hub app if you are using that as well.
  9. I received a response from JH on this and he said there should be somebody there immediately so you can check in right away if anyone is interested in doing that.
  10. Since the new e- muster calls for you to check-in to your muster station, and then go watch video before sailaway. I was wondering if we might be able to check-in to muster station immediately upon embarkation. Anyone know if this will be possible. if it matters my station is A4 in the Liquid Lounge ( Horizon). Do you think they will have anyone stationed there to check so early?
  11. JH said multiple times reduced capacity for the ,at least July cruises. i had been checking my cruise multiple times to see availability, Horizon July 10 for example and as of thursday there were dozens of cabins listed as available. As of today that sailing is no longer being sold. So unless they booked a really large group yesterday its sailing at i would estimate about 70% based on what i saw. Perhaps less.
  12. I was curious about this as well. Wondering how the check in went.
  13. This was just posted by John Heald... I would like to list some of the activities that are going ahead on ships sailing in July and August. They include: Groove for St. Jude Veteran's Gathering Tea Time Deck Games - excluding the Hairy Chest Contest. Atrium Parties including 80's and Motown Love and Marriage Show Seuss at Sea Breakfast Build A Bear Matinee Comedy Shows Late Night Comedy Shows Playlist Shows Variety Entertainers Bingo Trivia and Games Deck Party
  14. According to one of the faq’s on carnivals website. VPN’s are not supported. What restrictions are there? Please note that as our services are carried via satellite, there are a few limitations compared to your home network. >Only one device at a time can connect to Wi-Fi >Satellite internet speed may vary depending on location and time of day >Access to certain sites such as mature or violent content is blocked >VPN connections are not supported. Discuss your VPN limitations with your company’s IT department if you are planning to work while s
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