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  1. I was on the Grand in November.....they now have brand new bedside lamps with a usb plug. I also like to use my phone as my alarm. It probably is a ship-by-ship issue of which ones now have the new lamps. But I always travel with a short extension cord and a usb multi-plug. I take the cord because sometimes the outlet access is too cramped for the plug. No surge protectors allowed, though.
  2. Of course it is your money, but inside to balcony for 14 nights? I would jump on that!
  3. Is Stanley hiding behind some Vera Bradley? Excellent taste!
  4. Hey Scott and Melissa......loving your “live” reviews......wish I were along!
  5. A lot of people who apparently all have a balcony.
  6. The “checkout generation”??? Really?? 🤨
  7. A question comes to my mind regarding the idea that chairs were removed because of passengers complaints......if those were communicated by whatever means available, such as after cruise surveys. I always take the time to fill them out....it’s usually in my email by the time I get to the airport. I do all the ratings and highlight those whose service was above and beyond. Never, in all these years have I ever made a comment something like this: WOW! Thanks for the awesome chair! (Or toilet tissue, t.v., sheets, hot water, breakfast room service menu, hangers, life jackets....yes, I could go on but I won’t.). See where I’m going with this? I am pretty sure that for every complaint that is made there are hundreds of, for lack of a better term....”non-complaints”. Yes, I too have been reading CC for many years and have never read about rampant dissatisfaction with the chair. I opened my post alluding to asking a question...so, why did they do it? It seems that it has not “brought joy” to many (Got organization?) just a little humor there🙂
  8. Absolutely! This will have run its course when Princess reverses this decision.
  9. Well, I too got a call today from Audrey. Unfortunately I wasn’t home. But my message was almost word-for-word like this one. All chairs are gone except in minis and full suites. In my case since I travel alone as economically as possible, I don’t even have the option of pulling in a balcony chair. I have one more cruise with my kids this summer on Princess...then that may be it for me with P. I have a Christmas cruise on the QM2 already booked...desk chair and loveseat! I don’t want to admit defeat yet, but I think this is what Princess is counting on......we can yammer away and go to another line, but we will just be replaced by more first-timers and they will just continue to quote the “approved script for dealing with those pesky passengers asking about chairs.”
  10. This decision to just remove the chair is such a mystery to me. I find it incredible that a few comments suggesting the chair is in the way would precipitate such a huge knee jerk reaction from Princess. I don’t care for raw onions....from what I observe, I am in the minority. If I complain, then no one gets onions?😢 This decision affects many, many people. Is this really going to create a huge financial boost for them? And why in the name of all that makes sense won’t they just tell passengers the truth? This is not rocket science....they could have put a modest increase into fares and we would still have bogos, eucalyptus toiletries, sommeliers, beef medallions, etc., and CHAIRS. Costs go up....I think we all get that. I would rather have half gallon of good ice cream that costs a bit more than change the package to 1.5 quarts. Like nobody would even notice? We are all pretty savvy consumers and know what is happening. But right now I just feel disappointed in them. What should speak volumes and volumes to them are all the photos and affirmations of the comfortable seating available on almost every other cruise line.
  11. Question: How do two people sit down in a Princess cabin? Answer: One at a time.
  12. Cutbacks are one thing—-taking out the one comfortable chair and ruining the beds by forcing people to sit on them......that does not sound like a win for P....or for the passengers. I doubt that even Candace Olson (sp) and the back doctor can design a bed that can withstand constant sitting on the edge. Pretty soon the beds will become a danger because people roll off the sides!
  13. The suggestion to just pull in a balcony chair only works for some. What about all the people who don’t have that option? No chair for them?
  14. Sadly enough, I am sure you’re right....they are gone.
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