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  1. I for one don't think children spoil anyone's vacation. Every person, no matter the age, is entitled to enjoy the experience they paid for.There is a difference though when you have a particular group, (in this case as reported 600 of the 3000+ guests being under 18), experiencing a marketed product that is not really aimed at them. That skews the demographic for those regular cruisers who have come to expect a certain "vibe" on this cruise line. I feel, again, based on what I've read here, that Celebrity let the children down too. I would have loved to go on a cruise with my parents when I was younger, provided there was facilities to keep me entertained. I think though I would have rather been on a Disney ship or a Royal Caribbean where there would have been more stuff to do. I suspect many of these kids were thinking that there would have been more youth oriented activities, which in my very limited experience, Celebrity does not provide. It would be very interesting to hear their point of view on this. I suspect many would say they were bored. I also suspect that many of the parents were stressed when they got on board and came to realize that there weren't the facilities to entertain the kids. For every one of us on Cruise Critic who do hard research, there's another 100 who don't, and rely on the marketing information provided by a cruise line ( or a land resort for that matter )Compare a print add from Royal and Disney, then Celebrity. I suspect you won't see a lot of under 18s in the Celebrity marketing material. Underlying theme here is Celebrity marketed a product to a demographic, namely families with young children, through an irresistible price, but failed to deliver on their commits. Just my two cents here.
  2. Been reading this topic with interest as we generally go on land vacations, where we try to choose Adults Only resorts if possible. We've only done 2 cruises in total, both on Celebrity, and have a 3rd ( 11 night Caribbean in March) coming up. We choose Celebrity as, for us, it's about as close to an Adults only All inclusive we can find ( in the price point that is). Looks like this promotion will continue through December of 2019, so this topic may be with us for a while. From a travel website ( heavily biased advertising based on the text) , this is what I found : "Want to get mom the ultimate gift for Mother's day? Celebrity Cruises has launched a new kids sail free promotion. If you book before April 3rd, up to 3 kids can sail absolutely free on sailings departing April through December 2019. The last time Celebrity Cruises offered this promotion was over ten years ago, a Celebrity Spokesperson reported". Makes sense that the ship was at 3500 passengers, if you could bring 3 children with you for free, that's a big savings for the family. What I really found interesting were these comments : What Does Celebrity Cruises offer for Kids? "Celebrity Cruises offers Kids Camp at Sea which is their flagship youth program combining fun, recreation and enrichment. Every day on board, Celebrity cruises offer a full range of activities for kids and young adults. From playing at the pool, arcade and the Xbox room to enrichment activities in culinary, arts and science there is always something going on for the kids." If I didn't know X at all, I'd read this and think "Hey my kids are going to have a great time on this cruise line that seems geared towards kids and young adults". I suspect this marketing material was provided by Celebrity for these online blogs/websites to attract the families, but by the responses here the preparation and suitability of the product did not quite live up to the marketing hype. .
  3. Hi all, appreciate everyone's' feedback. Looks like our current cabin is where we will stay. Thanks
  4. Thanks all for the feedback. Our first cruise ever was in an corner aft, and I have to say it kind of spoiled us. Back then there was no Luminae or Michaels club, so we have that to look forward to. I do appreciate the low and center comment though. We will have to be satisfied with one of the two
  5. LOL, no one needs to see me sunbathing ! Thank you for the feedback, that's exactly what I was looking for. I was 99% sure I was going to stay put, but its nice to have another opinion to back me up. Appreciate you taking the time to respond
  6. Hello all, Looking for some advice if I may. We currently have cabin 7358 ( Deck 7 S1 aft sky suite) booked on Reflection. Cabin 1665 ( Deck 11 S1 aft sky suite) has just become available. Is there any value at all in pursuing this higher deck cabin? Does it just come down to a personal preference of being 2 decks down from the “up top entertainment”, or 2 decks above the “ down below entertainment”? We're not overly experienced cruisers with just 2 under our belts, both on higher decks ( 11 and 12). Does deck 7 afford more comfort if the waters were to get a bit rough or vice versa?. My wife is a bit prone to motion sickness. Nothing bothered her on our last 2 as long as she kept up with her medications. Any advice from the community would be really appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hi there, I was also curious about lunch in the specialties. I worked through the dailies presented in a post by a gentleman named Chicago Paul, who was on the same itinerary as I have coming up ( 11 nights, Reflection, Ultimate Caribbean) Based on that I was able to see Tuscan offered twice for lunch, the 2nd sea day ( of 4) and the 4th sea day Murano was also offered twice, the 3rd and 4th sea day. Based on this itinerary, looks like you could try each one once or mix and match . Not sure what a shorter itinerary might be, suspect maybe 1 day each ?
  8. From my limited reading/research I believe : Dinner : every night Lunch: Embarkation day + all sea days Breakfast : every day except embarkation, but includes debarkation That's what I believe it to be anyway
  9. Thanks Texed ! I agree this is probably just a " named program" from something that's been there all along. For me, out of site can be out of mind unfortunately . Having this listed in one place will definitely help me focus and spend some on board credit !
  10. The Giara Amarone is a nice pick. Its not worth $23 a glass in my opinion, but for the $8 plus grat upside with the premium package its a good deal
  11. Thank you vtcruising, it was indeed your post I was referencing. I thought this was particularly helpful, especially the by the glass x 5 part. I was going to buy bottles of champagne with the 20% package discount, but $5 per glass upcharge x 5 * 20% grat is way cheaper than the bottle . Hoping this program is on Reflection Elevated Wines by the Glass Program This program is a good way to try a nicer glass of wine using your beverage package. They have several nice wines that you can pay the difference between the price limit on your beverage package and the price of the wine by the glass. For example, the Caymus is $25/glass - we paid $10/glass with our Premium Beverage Package. A bottle ended up costing $50, instead of $120 (5 glasses/bottle). This seems to be available in several venues.
  12. Hello all, just read a post re the Elevated wines program on the Edge. Was wondering if this is fleet wide, or specific to the Edge? We have an upcoming cruise on Reflection, and this is something that we would definitely enjoy If anyone has any info it would be appreciated. Thanks
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