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  1. Kenosha Cruiser

    What??!! We're back.........

    I like this, video looks good, I'm sure posting pictures will work great too. Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  2. Kenosha Cruiser

    Does Princess celebrate Halloween?

    Been on two Princess Halloween cruises. Here's my wife and I on the Regal Princess last Oct 31, 2017. She went as the lamp shade from the Christmas Story movie and I was a cheese head from Wisconsin. It was a blast with many people dressed in some awesome costumes. We're looking forward to being on the Royal Princess next year for Halloween on a Mexican Riviera cruise. Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  3. Kenosha Cruiser

    Sip and Sail pricing now on Princess website

    Happy cruiser, just booked the Sky Princess for Feb. 15, 2020 with the Sip & Sail promotion. The best news was no price increase on our balcony cabin. I will now wait to see if the "3 for Free" promotion will be better in September.
  4. Thanks for mentioning and posting the link for "The Office" in Cabo. We would like to see the Arches close up. When looking at the website for The Office, it didn't show beach chairs, just the tables on the sand for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The place does have beach chairs to at least rent, right? Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  5. Kenosha Cruiser

    Received a call from Princess CSR about Crooners on the Sky

    Princess customer relations also replied to my E-mail about no Crooners on the Sky Princess. Said they would forward my remarks to the proper department. Hopefully Princess will get the message and Crooners will be back in their plans for the Sky. Keep sending those E-mails!
  6. Kenosha Cruiser

    Received a call from Princess CSR about Crooners on the Sky

    Come on Princess, we want Crooners on the Sky Princess!!!
  7. Kenosha Cruiser

    Caribbean E626 - Help

    Wrong place
  8. Kenosha Cruiser

    What's your main reason(s) for taking a cruise?

    Relaxation, food & desserts, meeting new and old friends, entertainment, beautiful sunsets, warm breezes and most importantly being taken care of! Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  9. Great news, the Love Boat was one of my favorite TV series. Love watching the reruns on our Princess cruises. Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  10. Kenosha Cruiser

    Sky Princess deck plans

    I'll miss Crooners Bar on the Sky Princess! I wonder if it's elimination has anything to do with Princess dropping happy hour. I always loved going to Crooners Bar on the royal class ships for happy hour. Another disappointment from Princess. The new Sky Princess is scheduled to arrive in Ft. Lauderdale on Sunday December 1st. It should be sailing the Caribbean starting at that time.
  11. Kenosha Cruiser

    Review of B2B Ruby cruise (California Coastal/Cabo)

    Hi Jim & Kathy, following along. Hope you had a chance to see the pictures I posted on our roll call for your first week of the cruise on the Ruby. We also loved watching the piano man "Funch" performing in the Explorer Lounge. We enjoyed the cruise, especially the port stops, even though it rained in San Francisco and Monterey. We had a lot of fun meeting everyone from the roll call. The sail away even though it got moved to the Wheelhouse Bar was a great time. Missed you at the farewell gathering on the last day. Hope our paths cross again on the high seas. Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  12. Kenosha Cruiser

    What happened to the pre-cruise emails from Princess?

    We received an entertainment E-mail last week from the cruise director for our California coastal cruise on the Ruby for March 10th. Get this, no picture of the cruise director (only a darken silhouette) and no name mentioned. Then to top it off, no mention of the production shows, movies, comedian or guest entertainer. A total waste of an E-mail.
  13. Kenosha Cruiser

    Happy Hour

    I would be very disappointed in Princess if they eliminated happy hour fleet wide. That's something my wife and I enjoyed in the afternoon from 3 to 4 PM. I know many of us from our roll call for the March 10th cruise on the Ruby Princess are hoping it's not true. Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  14. Kenosha Cruiser

    Just disembarked the Ruby Princess today so....

    I don't get it, some people on this thread said their was no happy hour on the Ruby Princess the week of Feb. 10-17 and your saying there was. I sure hope your right because were on the Ruby Princess starting March 10th for a California coastal cruise. Thanks for keeping our hopes up! :) Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  15. Kenosha Cruiser

    Just disembarked the Ruby Princess today so....

    Thanks travlngar, I was just hoping it would be in place for our March 10th cruise on the Ruby. I know a lot of people from our roll call will be disappointed. :( Cheers - Ken & Darlene