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  1. cr8tiv1, thanks for the links to lax-it and shuttletoLAX, these are very helpful websites, much appreciated. Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  2. Jenny, thanks for price information. I will have to do some research the next few days on flights and transportation from the airport and from the cruise port. Nothing ever seems simple when traveling! Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  3. CineGraphic, I just checked fights to Long Beach from Milwaukee and back. Prices were higher for us to Long Beach than LAX, but coming home there was a real deal at $129.00 per person. I may grab the one way home and look for other options on different airlines leaving Milwaukee to Long Beach or LAX. How do you get to your hotel in San Pedro from Long Beach? I was thinking Super Shuttle or a cab, any idea what a cab may cost? We always stay at the Crown Plaza in San Pedro. Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  4. cr8tiv1, I didn't realize Southwest flew to Long Beach (LGB). I will have to check the flight schedules from Milwaukee, this will give me another option besides flying to LAX. I always try to get direct flights, but when booking a flight with a stop over to change planes, I try to get one with a longer wait time of at least two hours. Also taking a earlier morning flight does help. Like I mentioned before, I will fly in the day before the cruise to make sure we get on the ship. Jenny, you can say I have been very lucky over the years with Southwest. The only time I had a problem w
  5. CineGraphic, I have been checking Southwest and usually fly them 90% of the time. Normally they have a direct flight from Milwaukee to LAX, but not this time. I'll have to book a flight with a stop over in either Denver, Phoenix or Las Vegas. I guess I will book early and with the stop over it won't be bad because we are flying in the day before the cruise. I do like the fact if you have to cancel with Southwest you will get travel funds to use on another flight, no change fee, plus your bags fly free. From what I hear about EZair on cruise critic, people seems to complain about constant fligh
  6. We have a Oct. 16, 2021 cruise booked on the Majestic Princess for a 7 day cruise to Mexico. Final payment is due July 18th. Would you book your flight tickets now not knowing if the CDC will open up cruising by then. Normally I book early to get a better flight and price, but this time I will wait it out. Anyone else in the same situation with a cruise booked, but stalling on flight reservations? Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  7. This is how I remember Princess Cays, total relaxation!!! Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  8. I hope I have the chance to watch it after watching the trailer. I don't have HBO Max, that's the problem for now. I think everyone should watch to see how serious this virus was and still is. Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  9. Bruin Steve, interesting way to figure the cost of the cruise or perks. The bottom line, we're paying for one or the other no matter how you look at it. What date did you book on the Majestic Princess for the Mexican Riviera? We are booked on Oct. 16th. We have a roll call going for the cruise, come join us if it's the same date on the Majestic. Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  10. Yes! The vaccine should be mandatory when boarding a ship. My wife and I just got our second dose of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday. Make sure you save your CDC vaccine card. Ours has the dates the vaccine was administered, the Pfizer batch number and was signed by a health professional at the hospital. At least the card is a start to some kind of proof to show the cruise line. Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  11. I noticed one sentence in the Shore Excursion section that said, "This policy applies to all sailings scheduled during the declared Public Health Emergency involving COVID-19". The big question is, when will the "Public Health Emergency involving COVID-19" be lifted by the CDC. Hopefully it will be lifted by the end of the 2021 once the population gets vaccinated. Just my thought. Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  12. Well I saw on the nightly news that the famous groundhog from Pennsylvania (Punxsutawney Phil - I had to check the spelling on that one) predicts six more weeks of winter because he saw his shadow. Well that might be the case in Pennsylvania, but our groundhog at the Milwaukee County Zoo didn't see his shadow. So I'm really hoping Wisconsin and our neighboring states will be spared and have a early spring if Gordy the groundhog is right. This past Sunday we got 13 plus inches of snow in Kenosha, I'm so ready for spring. Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  13. I received a casino discount E-mail from Princess with $100.00 free play. I tried following the directions above to see the discounted rates on a cruise I would select, but no luck. I can't get "Casino" on the upper black bar to show up in the middle or anywhere. Any advice is appreciated. Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  14. I recently started using a Princess Vacation Planner, she was ok in the beginning, but every time I called her I had to leave a message on her answering machine. It would take her several hours or the next day to get back to me. My last couple of phone calls, she never even responded at all. I decided to go back to my old ways and do it myself. I'm done using any PVP, it's not worth the aggravation. Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  15. Hi Jenny, we are doing ok, no covid at least. Darlene and I also had two cruises cancelled and are anxious to get back to cruising. If your cruise doesn't work out in June, you and Rob should join us on the Majestic Princess, Oct. 16th. We are looking forward to seeing the Majestic and doing Mexico again. We have a quiet roll call going already. Cheers - Ken & Darlene
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