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  1. Thanks Hoopster95 - with the information you shared - my husband and I have feel the best decision for us it to to buy Euros in Canada (at about a 1.7% cost) and exchange to XPF at the Papeete airport with the fixed processing fee. This decision (and so many others for our trip) was made based on the wealth of information you shared in this review - thanks ever so much for that!
  2. Hoopster - what a brilliant review! So helpful as DH and I are booked on B2B cruises on the Marina out of Papeete beginning January 31, 2019. We are fans of booking private tours and I certainly needed to start researching excursions sooner than I did! We took your advice in so many ways, so thank you for taking the time to share - this review has been tremendously helpful. We, too, are Canadian. I understand there are lots of options to withdraw money at ATM’s. If you take along currency and want to exchange it (whether that be euros or US dollars) or there places to exchange foreign currency? If you are preparing your wallet to leave Canada - what percentage of cash would you carry in each currency? Like 50% XPF? Or just risk it and go with debit and credit cards in your wallet and withdraw money when you get over there? We bank with one of the big Canadian banks on the interac and plus systems. Thanks again Hoopster! I am a baby blogger using the blogspot app when I travel, so will strive for higher standards after reading this stellar, detailed review!
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