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  1. As mentioned earlier, loyalty points awarded to you are slightly less with the 14 day option. However, with two 7-day bookings, you get two meals for two at a specialty restaurant (one for each week) and double the number of chocolate ships! Also, if there is a price drop for a single week, you can take advantage of that even if the 14-day rate remains unchanged. NO single strategy is better 100% of the time. It is wise to look at all the options. ~Brian
  2. Thanks for taking the time to write this! ~Brian
  3. I live in Alaska. A few years ago, I sailed southbound from Alaska on Princess and (after a few days in Vancouver) sailed back northbound on NCL. Identical itinerary, similar ship sizes, etc. I wrote a comparison of the two experiences here.. I like NCL but would recommend Princess for this itinerary. Nobody does Alaska like Princess does. ~Brian
  4. I assume Beamafar posted the terms of the offer exactly as worded by MSC. I'm wondering how long before somebody expresses discontent because the wording, " unlimited consumption of all drinks by the glass" implies ALL drinks... which we know is NOT the case. There has been a lot of recent grumbling about the reduction in the "included" drinks in YC. ~Brian
  5. NO, you must purchase a particular cruise while onboard. As for changes to that reservation, they must include the exact same itinerary as the original booking. ~Brian
  6. Looks like I hit a nerve. Also, fire your joke-writer. He's clueless
  7. .... and to make this remark you need to satisfy all 3 of the following: IGNORANT HOMOPHOBIC JEALOUS
  8. I'm glad it's not just me. When we sailed on the CB this past June (2018), we already had another cruise booked on her for June of 2019. At the completion of the 2018 cruise I told my wife that I wasn't going to do that again. We rebooked for a different itinerary on a different ship. Prior to that sailing, I had nothing but good things to say about Princess. I found the MDR food adequate, the buffet food/selection poor and the pizza served on the pool deck inedible (but that seems to be fleetwide now) Hopefully, someone from Princess is listening and taking notes. ~Brian
  9. Want to say thanks again to @ready2cruzagain for providing the email address to MSC Voyager Club. I emailed them on Jan 8 and received an automated response and nothing more.. I re-sent the email on January 17 and received the same. I tried a third time on Jan 28 stating that this was my 3rd attempt and I was hoping to get something other than an automated response. On Jan 29, I received an email stating that my points had been corrected and, as an unexpected bonus, they determined that my wife's account had been shorted and they increased her points as well. I guess persistence pays off ~Brian
  10. I've been out with them twice now. During my first trip, 6 or 8 years ago, Captain Bob conducted the trip himself. Since then, he takes care of the bookings and other land-based stuff and has others actually conduct the tour. This last year when I went with him, his son was our boat driver/guide. Captain Bob made this trip famous and he would not let anybody guide it that didn't adhere to his high standards. It's a full day and would fit nicely into your 12 hour visit to St Maarten. The meeting place for the day with them is walking distance from the place your ship docks. This summer , our MSC ship is in St Maarten from 7- 2... not enough time to spend the day with Captain Bob again... but I would have if the schedule was better. ~Brian
  11. We've sailed all three of those ships. Last summer we did a B2B on Seaside and Equinox. This was our first (and last) sailing with Celebrity. We did not care for the product... it really left us feeling unimpressed. The shows were terrible. As many others have stated, "there really is no such thing as a bad cruise". However, we will be spending our hard-earned dollars on something other that Celebrity in the future. I guess that certain people are just a better "fit" for certain cruise lines. We'll be back on the Seaside for a B2B again this summer. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences. ~Brian
  12. HI, We'll be joining you on the June 8 Seaside sailing. The trip listed on MSC's website is for the Castaway Girl. We sailed the Castaway Girl last year during a stop in St Thomas on a Princess ship. That ship docked at about the same time as the Seaside will and our excursion was at 8:30. I know this isn't a guarantee but it should give you some idea. The catamaran was a short walk from the ship (as a group). It was a pretty decent trip ~Brian
  13. Thanks for that, @ikea logistics!! I've emailed the information and will report back when/if corrections are made. ~Brian
  14. HI all, I reviewed my account and see I was also awarded points for a 14 day sailing instead of two 7-day sailings. I would like to get this rectified but don't seem to be able to locate an address specific to the mscclub. Can anybody please help and provide the address for me Thanks, ~Brian
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