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  1. We generally book through outside agencies. We have visited all the ports you listed and have ventured out on our own in each of them. When you contact outside vendors, ask them specifically what happens if the ship is unable to make it to their port at the advertised time. Make sure that you get a refund if you miss the tour for reasons outside of your control. ~Brian
  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. ~Brian
  3. We found both to be very good but would select Teppenyaki for the fun factor ~Brian
  4. We recently purchased $3000 worth of these and used them to pay off the final balance on our upcoming Panama Canal Cruise. We did not use up the entire $3000 so I called Princess directly and the representative was very helpful and applied the remaining gift card balance to our reservation so it will be available to use once we board. Hope this helps, Brian
  5. depends on the terms of your current booking. If it is refundable, you can cancel and re-book. Check with MSC or your TA ~Brian
  6. They will offer some OBC... up to $100 per person based on the cabin you book. ~Brian
  7. I've grabbed a total of $3000 worth... a savings of $300!! I'm in Alaska and I received the cards one week after placing the order ~Brian
  8. It is recommended that you make reservations for the shows. The YC guests have a "special" section set aside for them but it is in the back couple of rows of the theater... definitely not prime seating. Those with reservations are allowed to enter the theater at a pre-established time and at either 5 or 10 minutes before curtain time, those without reservations are allowed to enter (assuming there are seats left. ) So, short answer (in YC situation) reservations are NOT required. However, to get better seats, make reservations and show up a bit early. ~Brian
  9. Thanks for posting this. My final payment for a Panama Canal cruise is in about a month so I grabbed $2500 worth of gift cards and saved $250. Not too shabby!! ~Brian
  10. She was pretty happy that somebody appreciated the effort she made to produce the video. ~Brian
  11. This is funny. I started reading this thread and decided to look at the video #psmarkle linked to. My wife created that video! We were on B2B sailings and the menu changed after week 1. I was afraid we were going to be guinea pigs used for working out the kinks in the new menu. However, things went very smoothly and the new menu was every bit as good as the old one. I think you'll be happy with the offerings ~Brian
  12. In Honduras, we've visited Daniel Johnson's Monkey and sloth hangout twice and highly recommend it. You can check it out here He offers pickup at the ship, transportation to facility, tour (yes, you hold a sloth, monkey, etc) and return to ship. If you are interested in other activities like zip-lining, snorkeling (recommended), beach time, etc, he can add them to your package as well ~Brian
  13. WiFi is not included (unless it was part of a specific promotion at the time of your booking) ~Brian
  14. Looks like most of your questions have been answered. Here's a bit of clarification. The gelato was included in the past but there have been certain reports that it is no longer part of your package. Since I got all the gelato I wanted, I never paid attention to other ice cream options. I know they serve it as dessert in the dining room We have sailed B2B in a YC inside twice now. It is small but all we use it for is sleep and changing clothes. As for the gym, you need to sign a waiver at which time they will put a small sticker on your wristband indicating you can use the gym. Treadmills, weights, machines, etc are included. You will have to pay for specialty classes such as spinning. The gym does NOT have shower facilities. You'll need to go back to your cabin or the thermal area (included) to shower. There is a special section in the main showroom for YC guests...... but it is in the very back. The shows are worth seeing and we always make reservations, show up a tad early and get the seats we want. If you cannot make your reservation time, there is always the YC section as a fallback for different showtimes. I'm sure you are aware of the MSC Status Match program. With all of your Carnival trips (shudder) you should be able to score a decent MSC status. This entitles you to 5% off fares.... and a few other niceties. Hope this helps, Brian
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