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  1. We did the 8 day. Best cruise we have been on!!!
  2. Love the cove in one next week. One thing anything you leave on the balcony at night ( bathing suits to dry) will be salty from the spray in the morning. Super close to the water!!!
  3. Don't let the negative comments on here turn you off of the Alchemy bar. Are the Bartenders rude not really they are just better trained and don't make all the other fufu crap that you get at the other bars. They don't use the common mixes and if you go and ask for a Jack and Coke they do kinda turn their noses up at you. Just tell them what flavors you like and enjoy the show and a strong drink. Well worth it!!!
  4. I am telling you this is false. All of you guys say I have been told I drink and I gamble both to an excess and have used this first hand over 15 times a night on multiple nights and different boats.
  5. I can tell you with out a doubt I was at 14 drinks on cheers when I got the DOU and had at least 6 more drinks that night on the DOU.
  6. This is incorrect on the 15 a day same as the cheers program. Have never had them limit the drinks on the DOU.
  7. Hope you booked 12001 or 12002 they are the best we have stayed in.
  8. If you get the internet package just use facebook messenger.
  9. That is cutting it close. It takes 45mins to an hour to drive to LAX and you have to be checked in for the flight 45 minutes before take off or they will not put you luggage on the plane you should back it up.
  10. You need the old school red white and yellow cords.
  11. We have taken my daughters friends with us and had the form but they never even asked.
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