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  1. Thank you so much for your explanations Hambagahle. It will be easy for us. I keep the secret for funny thing, my husband won’t know before....
  2. For the TA Lisbon Miami Nov 23, we have choosen Swiss Air Montreal-Zurich-Lisbon, so I understand that we ned to go through Immigration in Zurich. Thank you Hambagahble for this information
  3. I have an option for 786 which I will cancel. Thank you so much for your post concerning the balcony. I would have been so sad concerning the obstructed view
  4. What ship were you? We have an option for G2 aft on the Spendor and if it is a steel plate railing that we could not see when sitting we will change. Based on our experience on a aft cabin on Voyager that we really loved we though it was a regular railing balcony.
  5. I have booked Lisbon to Miami, Nov 23 to Dec 7, 2019. Category F1 is still available but for the previous cruise nov 12 to Dec 7, Barcelona to Miami this category is wait list. How it is possible?
  6. You are lucky!! Today my TA phoned Regent and they refused to give us the $500
  7. Thanh you everyone for your information
  8. Can we have the $500 shipboard credit announced today for a cruise already booked? I feel penalized if not
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