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  1. Keep in mind that these Cirque shows are NOT associated with or produced by Cirque du Soleil. They are produced by Cirque Productions, which was sued by Cirque du Soleil over the use of the name but ultimately Cirque Productions won. See link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cirque_Productions That said, I have enjoyed the Cirque shows that I have seen on NCL ships.
  2. On my last NCL cruise (Gem, Jan 2016), I called the concierge as a Platinum benefit in order to get a dinner reservation time changed (not available through the regular channels that we tried). She accommodated us, no problem. YMMV
  3. The rates that I posted were from Aug 2013.
  4. For anyone who is considering the $6 min table with 6:5 BJ payout, here's another annoying way that the casino is increasing the house edge. If you play the $6 minimum and get a BJ, you're supposed to received $7.20. However, since the casino will not round up to a quarter and will not give you two dimes, you will only receive $7. In effect, you are getting a 7:6 payout on BJ, not 6:5. It's a somewhat devious way of "cheating" you of your full payout. Plus, once you figure it out, you can accept the lower payout, bump your minimum bet up to $10 in order to receive the full 6:5 payout ($12), or not gamble at a $6 table. Yes, I realize we're only talking about 20 cents but I still think it's a sneaky way to increase the house odds without really advertising it.
  5. I was specifically asking about NCL because I don't ever recall them giving out free decks (not counting the cards available in the game room). However, someone has already replied that NCL did indeed give them out as of a few years ago but apparently no longer. If you need 8 decks (1 per person in your party), why doesn't each person simply bring a single deck? That would add very little weight or space to their packing.
  6. Yes, I've gotten decks of cards for playing trivia, along with other small gift items. But I was never aware of free decks through the casino.
  7. OK. Thanks for the info. I should have asked for a deck back then.
  8. Was this ever the case? If so, it was a well-hidden fact. Or it was many, many years ago.
  9. Any OBC can be used for gratuities (tipping on bar tabs, tipping on specialty restaurant tabs, tipping on spa treatments, tips for the concierge and/or butler, any tips period including tips for your steward, etc.). However, non-refundable OBC cannot be used for the Daily Service Charge (DSC).
  10. The daily activities were listed on iConcierge on the Gem back in January. Maybe it was different on the Jade.
  11. I may be misreading your question but if you're asking about the cost of wifi and the iConcierge app, there is no cost. You can use the app for free. My understanding is that the app utilizes a separate part of the ship's wifi, not the wifi that you have to pay for. If you want internet access (e.g., email, web access, etc.), then you do have to pay for wifi access. However, use of the app itself does not require the purchase of a wifi package. As noted earlier, if you want to be able to text/call others on the ship who have the app, you do need to pay $7.95 per device.
  12. Here's a link to NCL's official, published policy: https://www.ncl.com/faq#how-many-suitcases
  13. The official policy is 2 bags @ 50 lbs. However, no one has ever reported being prevented from taking more than 2 bags. There really is no way for a cruise line to monitor the number of bags being checked curbside. That said, please try to keep the weight under 50 lbs for the sake of the porters' health. Note: this is per person, which means you're allowed 4 bags, but you can definitely take more.
  14. Any OBC can be used for any expense on the ship except for the Daily Service Charge (unless the OBC is refundable). Specifically, OBC can be used for the arcade, bingo and Deal/No Deal, room service fee, Murder Mystery lunch, specialty dining, spa treatments and gratuities. Not 100% sure about how casino charges are being handled nowadays. It used to be that you could withdraw cash for gambling with a 3% fee charged.
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