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  1. Add a .au to the end of the website and it should take you to the Australian page
  2. TT81

    Bali - what excursion?

    There are 1000s of Driver’s in Bali, some better then others so By “choose a driver” I used to ask around for recommendations from people I know (I live only a few hours flight from Bali so it’s a popular holiday destination for friends and family). Now a days I have a favourite driver so I always use Yan at Yan Bali tour service or if he is busy I’ll book one of his friends
  3. There are 1000s of Driver’s in Bali no matter where you go you can find drivers so there will be no issues finding someone at the port. I prefer to prebook someone who was referred so that you know it’s someone good & trustworthy. With food, stick to cafe/restaurants that look clean, most places in tourist areas are pretty good now a days just avoid street food or anywhere that looks dirty.
  4. TT81

    Bali - what excursion?

    Choose a driver, tell him what kind of things you like (temples, nature, animals) and he would probably have some suggestions. Personally I’ve really enjoy ubud with the monkey forest, rice fields & temples. Also love the beaches in Sanur.
  5. Been to Bali many times, once on a cruise, the other times flown there. I usually organise a driver in advance, I use Yan Bali Tour Service and organise it through facebook messenger. In general Indonesian people are so lovely and speak fairly good English since so much of their economy is based on tourism. Driver prices are usually per day (8 hours) or per half day but if you want to travel a long way they may charge a bit more. If you have a list of places you would like to see a driver can help you organise the best way to see, any tickets needed and timings and you can book them for as many days as needed but if they are busy they usually have other drivers they can organise, you just pay cash to the driver at the end of the day. The cruise terminal in Bali was fairly basic, pretty sure it had wifi, a few small shops and there was a market just outside the fence. The airport is recently renovated so much nicer now then it used to be, security and customs lines move fairly quickly so dont need to allow extra time. If you are getting taxi on the street make sure it a proper metered blue bird taxi or agree to a price before you get in (some drivers will rip you off)
  6. TT81

    Hong Kong luggage storage

    Thank you Philob, that sounds like it will work well. Ill have around 5 hours to explore before I need to be at the airport so that should work perfectly
  7. Hi, I'm sailing Singapore to Hong Kong in January. We have to be off the ship early morning but my flight doesn't leave until late in the day. Is there anywhere that you can store luggage for a few hours? Thanks
  8. TT81

    Bali & Hong Kong

    I love Bali, I’ve been 5 times and never had Bali belly. Remember to only drink bottle water & carful where you eat, things are a lot more touristy now then they used to be so not as many people get Bali belly. Take some meds just in case or you can buy most medicine there if you can get past the language barrier to explain what you need. I’ve always stayed in hotels which have had English TV but never spend much time watching, usually only in the room to sleep and shower, there is so much to do and it’s lovely sitting outside in the warm night air. You don’t need to pay for drivers food and accommodation, usually you hire them for a day (about 8hrs) then they drop you off and head home and come back the next morning. Sometimes I’ll buy them lunch or drinks but you don’t have to, I do because my Bali driver is awesome. Im not sure what fruit looks like a stinging nettle (not sure what they look like) but I love Rambutans, they are so yummy.
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