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  1. The photo is of the "Dur Yolcu" Memorial, one of the most familiar and visible images in Turkey related to the WW1 Gallipoli Campaign. The memorial carved into the hillside above the village of Kilitbahir, depicts a 1915 Turkish soldier holding a rifle in one hand, while pointing towards the inscriptions in Turkish with his other hand: 'Dur yolcu! Bilmeden gelip bastığın Bu toprak, bir devrin battığı yerdir.' These two lines are roughly translated by some as: 'Traveller halt! The soil you tread Once witnessed the end of an era.' The Gallipo
  2. Onboard the ship I had several people mentioned they had a excellent time visiting sites outside the town. So if you manage to get to sites outside the town area, which are more used to working in the tourist business, you will likely find the people much more interested in your business. It just seems like the businesses in main town area (outside of Lews Castle) are the ones who turn their noses up at people from cruise ships.
  3. We visited Stornoway in May 2019 while on a Highlands cruise on the Zuiderdam. Apparently, it is not a port HAL visits all that often. We were told that the Zuiderdam was the largest cruise ship to have been there and with no suitable dock - meant it was a tender port. Zuiderdam at anchor. The tenders docked at the Ferry Terminal. The Ferry Terminal is behind the statue There were limited shore excursions available, so we did a brief walk about the town. We first visited the Lews Castle which is a modest walk
  4. For any Buddy Hackett fans out there, here's a short clip of where he's being a "Dork" with some farmer jokes. The second joke is about cows. Buddy Hackett's Duck Joke Has Everyone Rolling on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson - YouTube
  5. Djupivogur was added a week before our 2018 Zuiderdam cruise was scheduled to depart, which was a pleasant surprise, as it replaced a sea day. With the massive tourism growth in Iceland, it is nice to see cruise companies trying to find new areas to explore. I heard a few passengers on the ship saying they were not planning on going ashore, mainly because they felt it had no nicely developed tourism infrastructure. They were looking for a well choregraphed production, which they could experience with little discomfort - so for them there was nothing really to see. For us, the chan
  6. We're much more dog people then cat, but Lynne does have a favorite picture of a kitten. It was taken in Kenya in 2008. Actually cheetah young are normally called cubs.
  7. We visited Dublin onboard the Zuiderdam in 2019. Did a bus tour of the countryside, then visited the downtown area prior to an evening diner/show. Our pictures of Dublin are similar to what others have posted, so I'll post a short video of the evening show.
  8. We haven’t made it Malta yet, but hope to – if just to try their pastry.😎 By coincidence I saw this article a couple of days ago and thought I’d pass it along. The Maltese pastry that’s so good, it’s worth planning a holiday around | Euronews
  9. You made it much farther north then we did. We didn't drive the "Top of the World Highway" so we didn't see the metropolis of Chicken, AK - but we did hear about it.
  10. 🙂Did you purchase one of the infamous bumper stickers?
  11. Checked back and by coincidence we were in Whitehorse on June 20, 1989. We were driving my mother and her twin sister up to Alaska, and had stopped in Whitehorse for a few days. My mother had always wanted to visit Alaska, so we were taking her up there on a special trip. It was the last trip we were able to take her on, as she had terminal cancer and passed away a few months later. All our pictures of that trip are pre-digital, but we attended a showing of celebrated local artist Jim Robb and purchased several autographed copies of illustrations of Yukon’s frontier buildings.
  12. The jumping croc's do manage to put on a show.
  13. Your pictures of Wailua Falls brought back memories of our first "exotic" trip, it was in the spring of 1974. Plus, it was in the middle of the OPEC Oil Embargo, which made any type of travel rather interesting. While on Kauai we booked a private Helicopter tour to fly into the Waialeale Crater and visit a couple of the local water falls on the way in. One of the tour highlights was landing the helicopter on the rocks at the top of the waterfall, where the water splits before falling over the edge. It was very windy, but the pilot managed to do a nice approach in to lan
  14. The day before the cruise departed, we had arranged through Cruise Critic to meet up with several of our fellow cruisers for a “Desert Safari”. After about an hour of driving time, we arrived at the first event of where they had some camels. Then we went on the "dune bashing part - and for ones of us crunched up in the back, it was more of a "passenger bashing" ride!! And stops for picture taking. Then we carried on to the venue where they were holding the main evening events, which included a buffet meal, camel rides, and live enterta
  15. We were in Abu Dhabi in Dec 2016 and stayed a few days prior to departing on a cruise to India. We found Abu Dhabi to be an interesting enough place to visit, but found the city to be similar to Dubai - in that they have been developed over the last few decades and present a façade similar to Las Vegas. Downtown skyline. Some of the places we visited. The Grand Mosque. Abu Dhabi Golf Club. The UAE Heritage Village, which is setup to display various past life-styles and industries. It included an old-style souk.
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