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  1. Correct!! Very interesting stop, but a place few cruise ships have ever visited.
  2. Here's the Zuiderdam docked in Akureyri. The Zuiderdam was scheduled to stay one day, but ended up staying three days due to weather!!
  3. Good try!! Same general area of the world, but different country.
  4. Veedam's record info on Vesselfinder.com has been changed to Aegean Majesty. https://www.vesselfinder.com/vessels/AEGEAN-MAJESTY-IMO-9102992-MMSI-310801000
  5. Reported in Wikipedia - Her flag was changed from Netherlands to Bermuda.
  6. Hi Judith, Yes, it's unfortunate if they have run into problems. We also had good experiences with both the South Coast and the Golden Circle tours with them in 2018, Bill
  7. Seems like they are leaving it somewhat undefined by saying "conditions to be communicated"
  8. Notice from Air Tahiti. http://view.email.airtahitinui.com/?qs=00f1d446ef4d003625f255228eb212b2e705bbe8c85d928b2ab4e863656f268924baf2a30c1e95b58e361958622bd5c9846514267b4c9824f6de27936c1f804b46da8fbbb404a82a33da629003f0ad90
  9. Air Tahiti is expecting to commence flights from LAX to Papeete on July 16th, and daily thereafter.
  10. They will be opening their borders to all countries. https://tahititourisme.com/en-us/covid-19/ In addition, Air Tahiti is expecting to commence flights from LAX to Papeete on July 16th, and then daily thereafter.
  11. I'm sorry, the tribute does not relate to my father - but is one of the many which are available for viewing on the memorial site and which I thought was worth displaying.
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