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  1. retyredgreynomad

    Need to Buy a GPS in New Zealand

    We were on Celebrity Solstice, she was returning to NZ after we got off, so gave it to our cabin steward with 2 weeks be for expiry, 255mbs and 170 minutes of Talk and Text to 16 countries that included Indonesia, he was a 'happy happy' lol It was a Vodafone Tourist SIM, self cancelling in 30 days, great reception even out to sea throughout our 5 Port cruise...Akaroa had a whopping 63Mbps download and 16 up, wish l had that at home ;)
  2. retyredgreynomad

    Sandflies on South Island, New Zealand

    We were up on the Coromandel peninsula at Hot Water Beach, 5.00pm to 9.00pm, beach spa and restaurant afterwards, on the 6th December, a couple still itch now
  3. retyredgreynomad

    Need to Buy a GPS in New Zealand

    We had 3 days early December and had booked a GPS with the hire car, while we were doing the paperwork they asked if l needed a SIM for my phone? $30NZ 30 days, gig of data, 200 minutes including call to Australia, we cancelled the GPS and used my Android tablet...we think the 'voice' was an Indian lady and she did speak NZ names pretty well..we did a BIG day from Auckland down to the Coramandel Peninsula, did the train at Driving Creek Railway, fantastic, lunched afterwards at Coramandel then drove over to Cathedral Cave, beautiful drive, walked down to the beach at Cathedral Cave and back, not for the faint hearted, but well worth it, then on to Hot Water Beach for a spa in the sand on the beach, we stayed for dinner at the cafe on the beach, love Green lipped mussels in w/wine sauce, then drove back to Auckland...big fantastic day 7.30am to 10.45pm...no worries what so ever with navigation or NZ drivers
  4. retyredgreynomad

    Dunedin Port

    Plenty of choices inside the large embarkation shed when you get off the ship, lots of Tourist Council tour operators. We went on the Lanarch Castle, City and Country bus tour with HeadFirst Hop on Hop off Tours, can't remember the cost but we'll worth it. Leaves from just outside the wharf.
  5. retyredgreynomad

    Port Stephen's On Your Own Excursion ???

    Blackbutt Wildlife Reserve (Newcastle suburb) is a free wildlife experience, probably easiest done by taxi...17 minutes by car/taxi/uber etc from the city. http://www.newcastle.nsw.gov.au/Blackbutt-Reserve/About-us/Frequently-Asked-Questions/Blackbutt-Reserve
  6. retyredgreynomad

    Hire car Wellington NZ

    You can probably use their website now, I had trouble using my mobile but they seem to have fixed that. We went down to the seal pup crèche down at Ohau Stream Walkway... I think it is still closed due to quake damage... Plenty of info on TripAdvisor.
  7. retyredgreynomad

    Hire car Wellington NZ

    We have used the Saver option with Ace Rentals in Auckland and Picton, a car 5 years old, not more than 180k, full insurance, road assist, windscreen cover etc about $50NZ per day...we've been happy to plod around and do our own exploration in a small car, cheap and easy.
  8. From memory I think we said we spent $125 on the day...had we walked off the ship we may have gone 'outside' the city and spent more on transport and admission fees than we did 'in town'...we went up the Sky tower and had lunch...on previous trips we went out to the Zoo by bus, over to Davenport via the ferry and another time went for a sea plane flight...we could have done all off the tenders but may have done more walking off....for sheer convenience docking would be so much easier, maybe too easy to walk back onto the ship for lunch etc.
  9. We had Council employees doing surveys before we re-boarded the tenders in Auckland off Ovation in January...typically how much money did we spend, do you think you had more or less time onshore tendering, would you spend more if you had more time ashore etc. Too many 'time short' people walked past the survey people, felt sorry for them and stopped to find out they were from Auckland Council surveying the pros and cons of a dock to handle the larger ships.
  10. An excerpt from my SetSail Pass ..... SHIP: Voyager Of The Seas DATE: 30-Nov-2016 To 13-Dec-2016 CHECK-IN TIME RANGE: 11:00 - 16:30
  11. retyredgreynomad

    Pacific Jewel Drinks Package Advice?

    After the PNG cruise in August we did a cruise on Pacific Pearl in September, no drinks package, after the Jewel experience, we knew a bit more about their system...if you buy a bottle of wine at dinner they will not keep it for your next meal, you have to take it with you, the cabin attendant will get you glasses and a bucket of ice on request, you can cart that or a new bottle purchased at the buffet, or anywhere else around the ship and enjoy it at your leisure where ever. Bottles of wine start at $27-$650 Something not to skimp on is Salt Grill by Luke Mangan...lunch is $39, cheaper than Dinner at $49, allow 2.5 hours to get the most out of your sitting...we booked 11.30, we finished abit after 2pm...yum yum, 1 bottle of $33 Red complimented our steaks nicely. If you like licorice, there is a dessert to die for.:)
  12. retyredgreynomad

    Pacific Jewel Drinks Package Advice?

    Do not board thinking you are going to 'take advantage' of a free unlimited intake...we went to PNG for an 11 night cruise with FDP...'Bev' on the SeaCard...Bar service was dismal...we met in the Orient every night at 5.00pm when it opened....One night we waited 16 minutes to be asked for our order...don't think you can duck off to another bar grab a drink and come back...they have that covered...All Bar staff serve the 1-2 waiters that are allocated to the area (bar), and they ignore you standing at the bar to fulfil the orders from the waiters, do you know how long it takes to make 4 different cocktails??? There is a trained and practiced technique that the bar people use that pre- empts the filling of a half nip that never sees the alcohol reaching the top of the nip dispenser... Did I have a good cruise with a drinks package...yes, but 15 drinks and staying sober was acceptable...maybe not for you.
  13. retyredgreynomad

    No Dynamic Dining for Ovation of the Seas

    Facebook Chat to Royal Caribbean International (xxxx)....Friday 14th November 2016 Hi, I have a booking on Ovation that is 'locked' into MyTime dining that I have not been able to change back to Dynamic Dining as first requested when I made the booking, can someone help me please? Thanks Anthony xxxx Hi Anthony, If you are on an Australian sailing, Dynamic Dining will no longer be available. All guests will now be offered My Time Dining on their cruise. Regards, xxxx Thank you, I am now very confused...if I book a new booking for Ovation cruise in January 23rd 2017 to Tasmania, I can still book Dynamic Dining. Why is this so if you know it has been cancelled? Plenty of people will be booking this cruise EXPECTING Dynamic Dining. ..a brand new concept ib dining. They will be as disappointed as we are missing out on one of the key attractions to a new ship. Very disappointed RCI have decided to purposely mislead people. We cannot cancel our booked cruise without penalty and are not getting what was advertised and paid for. Hope you can explain to me what is really happening...thanks again Anthony xxxx Our sincerest apologies for the confusion Anthony. I've checked in with our Online Team about this. They are currently working with our Miami Team and it's a difficult change to make as it impacts on certain regions and not others. They are working on this as priority and we hope to have it removed asap. Again, we're extremely sorry and we thank you for your understanding while we work to amend it. Regards, xxxx/B]
  14. retyredgreynomad

    I am Curious

    Love all, maybe the lobsters 'save' Geraldton, but all the rest are top notch...would go back to all in a heart.
  15. retyredgreynomad

    Fairstar Itineraries - 1983

    I don't know much more than what is in my 'signature' on the bottom of my posts...sorry about that. ..:eek: