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  1. Nov/Dec 19 Celeb Rome to Dubai was my last one. It does seem funny not to have a cruise booked.
  2. The earliest I am looking to book is winter 2022, if they had committed to departures from Barbados for then I would have booked by now.
  3. Spanish and Polish languages, subtitled in English and others
  4. very interesting with the armed guards, the pirate drill and the amazing sites like the acropolis and Petra but I was disappointed with fellow passengers who went on excursions they had no chance of keeping up with. The visit to Petra was cut short because people kept dropping out including one who had worn flimsy sandals and fell out a few yards on the path in and the visit to the white mosque was incomplete because the guide kept on having to wait for people to catch up. I would go again but most lines seem to have dropped this repositioning cruise
  5. Nov-Dec 2019 Suez Canal, should have been away on the Boston Tampa repositioning a couple of weeks ago. First time in 30 years I haven't got a booked cruise.
  6. 2017 leaving Empress to tour Havana, pity about the water rolling down the window
  7. On the other hand normally there are not that many shore excursions without at least one shop on the itinerary. Limited number of cleared shops perhaps for supervised visits, like the cleared buses, drivers and tour guides.
  8. I was lucky enough to catch Gene Anthoney Ray's act in the early nineties.
  9. Or enough ports declare bans for large passenger number carrying ships and the big boys are all redundant apart from ferrying people to and from Coco Cay and Labadee. No one really knows and the way they are all losing money the idea that the companies we know won't be around much longer is not that wild.
  10. The 14 days on return is one thing but as the UK is saying no travel outside the 57 approved places any travel/health insurance would be void for anyone going to the US. Sitting on a soon to be cancelled October cruise myself.
  11. A few other lines have ships that home port in Barbados
  12. In England and NI we do that as well. No answer a few times then perhaps a visit by the police, can't find you well we do know your passport number for next time
  13. While there has been talk of introducing some legal requirement no government has taken the plunge as yet so no legal vaccine requirements in state schools in the UK.
  14. I have an October cruise from Boston to Tampa and I am almost giving up on that one so no chance for April
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