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  1. Or enough ports declare bans for large passenger number carrying ships and the big boys are all redundant apart from ferrying people to and from Coco Cay and Labadee. No one really knows and the way they are all losing money the idea that the companies we know won't be around much longer is not that wild.
  2. The 14 days on return is one thing but as the UK is saying no travel outside the 57 approved places any travel/health insurance would be void for anyone going to the US. Sitting on a soon to be cancelled October cruise myself.
  3. A few other lines have ships that home port in Barbados
  4. In England and NI we do that as well. No answer a few times then perhaps a visit by the police, can't find you well we do know your passport number for next time
  5. While there has been talk of introducing some legal requirement no government has taken the plunge as yet so no legal vaccine requirements in state schools in the UK.
  6. I have an October cruise from Boston to Tampa and I am almost giving up on that one so no chance for April
  7. Empress is a special case but it seems to me that the main reason that UK and Australian based ships have non smoking casinos is the law banning indoor smoking in public areas/work places where they are home ported. A little tighting of the Florida clean indoor air act perhaps.
  8. The trans run I went on was the other way round but we had a different menu a day and different entertainment each day. I will say though that the entertainment did vary in quality as we had dance troops from some of the islands which were brilliant and one night the incredibly bad Aussie boys, their disco beat version of the Seekers 1967 Goergy Girl is still burn't into my brain from five years ago. In the day there were talks about the islands, the history and their people. Even the wifi held up for the entire trip and of course you get to meet King Neptune at the line crossing.
  9. Quite frankly as a passenger that wasn't from the local area and hadn't cruised on her for x number of times I found it the worst RC cruise I have been on. It started with check in, when I was told they don't get many people from outside the US, and got worse from there. Generally the ship and crew seem to have been ported in one place too long
  10. I have known it done two ways for end of cruise tours. They either put it on a truck and you meet and collect it at the airport for no extra charge or more normally they put it into the coach you are travelling on.
  11. I have done it the other way round. I usually cruise with RC but I am open to travel on other lines if they are going where I want to go. My single cruise on Celebrity was a minor disaster with docks booked with insufficient depth water for the ship, a written apology from the captain, everything running late, the crew disorganised and final disembarking that was a joke. It was the first cruise after a TA so perhaps I should have known better. That was a few years ago and I am about to give Celeb a second chance, of course this cruise may be the last with the line as well if this one is as bad as my first but I am hoping for better.
  12. As a solo traveller I object to the way they want to charge you 200% even when you are almost doing them a favour by paying extra for an unsold room.
  13. it happened in the mid 90s and RC paid up so yes the crew decided to change the cleaning method.
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