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  1. I have done it the other way round. I usually cruise with RC but I am open to travel on other lines if they are going where I want to go. My single cruise on Celebrity was a minor disaster with docks booked with insufficient depth water for the ship, a written apology from the captain, everything running late, the crew disorganised and final disembarking that was a joke. It was the first cruise after a TA so perhaps I should have known better. That was a few years ago and I am about to give Celeb a second chance, of course this cruise may be the last with the line as well if this one is as bad as my first but I am hoping for better.
  2. As a solo traveller I object to the way they want to charge you 200% even when you are almost doing them a favour by paying extra for an unsold room.
  3. it happened in the mid 90s and RC paid up so yes the crew decided to change the cleaning method.
  4. I have tried that but the crew decided differently crossed out dry cleaning and washed my jeans shrinking them down at least one size, had to be charity shopped.
  5. The ship will normally issue instructions and have a meeting for B2B guests before you get in. The usual procedure is you all meet somewhere and you walk of the ship together to be introduced to an official who will glance at best at your passport/ID and then you are free to get back on or go touring. If you were in a non US port (or even PR) they might give you your new card on the ship and you wouldn't need to get off. B2Bs are the the last ones off and the first ones on I have found. As for your room as you are changing it you will need to pack everything not on a hanger and the crew should move it all for you, you will have access to your room before the 1-1.30 opening. Oh and yes they usually start boarding about 11, it just depends on how good they are at getting people off etc.
  6. After several trips to Indonesia I can say that turkey bacon, chicken sausages and even halal coke looses any attraction.
  7. Southampton is one of the best ports for getting passengers in and off ships which is not surprising given their long history of doing so. The last time I embarked there it was on a Sunday and it would be the Sunday that the clocks changed. The taxi turned up an hour early and I ended up at the dock at 9.30 but still had no problems getting a seat before boarding.
  8. If anything the radiance class was designed for cold weather cruising with a lot of indoor viewing spots.
  9. I have done it myself directly, but with Virgin, as long as you have the booking code/s then it seems okay. You can hit problems though if the cruise company has bought your flights as part of a group booking with other cruisers.
  10. Even the outside muster stations are mainly undercover, though if the rain was driving sideways...... Just like the post office though neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stops a muster.
  11. they seemed disappointed when I won $3,000 as no tax on winnings in the UK
  12. I don't know the smoking rooms at Tampa airport are pretty brutal.
  13. I had to do that a couple of years ago when my kindle went phut on the flight over, the only thing is that you might be coming back at the same time as passengers are still boarding. I managed to get shell lei'd twice and had to through the usual new passenger security.
  14. In the UK 15.1% of the adult population smoking according to the latest available figures but more interestingly indoor smoking in a public place is banned. Even if you have a smoking shelter it can only have at most a roof and one wall so that if you have to smoke you won't be too comfortable doing so, basically indoor and out door smoking rooms are illegal.
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