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    Could use some advice

    The above poster is correct. We had to do it TWICE. You only lose $50. One of the one's that we had to cancel....we did not re-book for over one year.
  2. susie8862

    How Does It Work When........

    Now that you asked this question, it made me think. I do NOT recall anyone coming here on the boards raving OR hating the specialty entertainment. I wonder why? :confused:
  3. susie8862

    Is Banana Boat Ride only in Nassau??

    I believe we payed $14 plus tip for the taxi. When you get off the ship in Cozumel, walk down the pier. You will see signs for taxi's and shuttles. (short walk to stand) All of the prices are listed at the stand, so you cannot get ripped off. I do not know how much the banana boat was, as we did not utilize it. After you are ready to go back to the ship, just walk out to the parking lot. You do not need to call for a taxi or shuttle. TONS of them are lined up to take everyone back to the ship. I would advise leaving an hour before even though it is a 10 minute ride. You may want to shop the souvenir stores in port. Your kids are going to love this place. Have fun!!!!
  4. susie8862

    Is Banana Boat Ride only in Nassau??

    Paradise Beach in Cozumel. GREAT PLACE for kids. Go to their website and you will see. No cover charge like most places. Falmouth....not much to do. Go to Doctor Caves Beach in Montego Bay. This is another great place for kids.
  5. susie8862

    Itinerary changed ...Labadee dropped

    That stinks....LOVE Labadee...HATE Nassau
  6. susie8862

    Dresses That Will Cover Middle Age Bump

    These are two examples of MANY dresses I own. They are called "tiered dresses" and are sold at any major store. Macys, JC Penny, Norstrom, Belks, Dillards, etc. Go to any of these websites and punch in "womens tiered dresses" in the search bar. I have many imperfections, as many women do. The tiered dress hides every single one that I have. Most of these dresses go to size 18 and higher. They come from casual to dressy...whichever style you want. I have about 12 of these dresses, ordered via websites and have never returned one of them. They are amazing....just amazing what they do for your figure. I have tried the fit and flare, as someone has suggested, and it only emphasizes my "pooch". Not flattering at all. http://www.jcpenney.com/wear-to-work/sl-fashions-sleeveless-floral-print-tulip-tiered-dress/prod.jump?ppId=pp5005071367&searchTerm=womens+tiered+dresses&catId=SearchResults&_dyncharset=UTF-8#focusreview:true http://www.belk.com/AST/Main/Belk_Primary/PRD~1500712115274BK/SL+Fashions+Tiered+Floral+A+line+Dress.jsp?ZZ%3C%3EtP=4294923540&ZZ%3C%3Et=womens+tiered+dresses&ZZ_ST=womens+tiered+dresses&fO=AND%28Category_Path%2CNOT%28P_IS_PRODUCT_SEARCHABLE%3AN%29%29&ZZ_OPT=Y&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=1408474395191292&bmUID=kLZOO4X&ViewAll=&changeViewInd=y
  7. susie8862

    Looking for look alike dress

    My favorite designer is Adrianna Papell. She has very similar designs and her line is at Dillards, Lord and Taylor, Macy's, Norstroms..... I have ordered many dresses and gowns on line from her. Have never sent one back. True to size...superior quality. Check her out. Most of her designs are between $100 and $300....but there are always sales and coupon codes on every website.
  8. susie8862

    Late arrival?

    No way.....you need to CHANGE your flight.
  9. susie8862

    Carnival Splendor - bad?

    DITTO.....the only Carnival ship I would ever step foot on again.
  10. I just wanted to let anyone that is sensitive to cigarette smoke.... Yes, the smoking section is deck 10 AFT, but it is actually almost "perfect" for NON smokers. It is a deck, overlooking the adult pool. It has tables and chairs. If you do NOT smoke, there is no reason to be on this deck, therefore people cannot complain. It is totally SEPARATE from anyone and anything.
  11. The aft "no children" is not the Serenity area. Serenity is forward....which is relatively small and IMO, has nothing to offer other than loungers. There are no hot tubs or pools. Just chairs. It is however, a good place for peace and quiet to read.
  12. susie8862

    Upgrade question

    misread question
  13. susie8862

    Just a vent

    You took the words right out of my mouth. I just keep calling until I get someone that says YES ....
  14. The Splendor is the only ship of the Carnival fleet that I truly love. AFT....deck 9, NO CHILDREN ALLOWED :). There is a pool and two hot tubs, which overlook the sea. Great photo opts. This is where you should be when passing the Statue of Liberty and going under the Verazano Bridge. The deli and a bar are back there also and it is at the back end of the buffet, so therefore easy access. Have a great time. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Splendor.