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  1. I meant vista. Oops. These are large just wonder which deck is best.
  2. Trying to choose best deck for this premium vita balcony in Havana area. Thoughts? Suggestions?
  3. Thanks everyone. Chose to postpone until November for a better chance of sailing and getting to do what we want in the ports! Appreciate everyone on this board being so helpful!
  4. Thanks everyone! Gotta learn to look up! (at the top of the screen)
  5. Can anyone suggest a good website to see photos of specific cabins? Also, where can I find the indepth trip reviews for specific ships on cruisecritic? I love reading those and haven't seen any in awhile. Thanks so much.
  6. Thanks for the feedback everyone. Back to the drawing board...
  7. Could this cruise be sold out? Never experienced finding a week that doesn't show up on a planner.
  8. The ratings are similar. Please help me decide. Price is the same. Thanks
  9. Hello. We booked a cruise on the Sky for September. When I look at the website to see our summary, none of the perks that the agency gave us are listed. Is this the norm? Are the perks that Princess gives you the only ones that show up? I have them listed on my emailed receipt from booking, but would really like to confirm that we will get everything promised to us, before we sail (and are on another continent). Any experience or issues with this that I should ask about or be aware of?
  10. Thank you all! Wonderful information.
  11. I have sailed on Princess several times, but these questions never came up before. I searched for the answers, but no luck, so thank you for any help. 1. We were given "free specialty restaurant dinner" with our booking and it shows up as 2 29.00 OBC on the princess website. Can we make our reservations precruise and use the credits and am I doing it wrong? It shows me a place to pay with credit card, but I'd like to use the OBC for that purpose. 2. We booked the Best Price Ever package. When does that show up on the princess website and where would I find it just to make sure it was applied? 3. On a 10 day or 15 day cruise, how do I know when the formal nights are for specialty restaurant reservations purposes of planning? Thank you all for your advice.
  12. I am crossing fingers that you make some headway, but I think all stars would have to align perfectly for that! My only request would be that my gift card refunds could go towards another of their lines (Princess, HAL). In my mind, that is not asking too much, but evidently, according to the Carnival Supervisor I spoke to, it is asking too much!
  13. First time on Zuiderdam coming up...can anyone tell me if the price of the spa pass to preorder online is the same as it would be if we purchase on the ship? (trying to surprise hubby, but don't want to overpay either)
  14. I'm sorry I wasn't clear. Received the gift card in March 2019 from aarp. It was rejected for use by me yrsterday. Evidently, it was used on Feb 1 by someone....not me!
  15. Has anyone ever tried to use an AARP gift card and it was refused? I just tried to make a payment on our future cruise with one and they told me it was used (before I even got it). Now, I am in a holding pattern waiting for them to "escalate" the matter. I paid 450.00 for the card and am frustrated that I can't use it. Any experience with this? Tips for how to handle this?
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