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  1. Hi! Yes we went there last year on the Magic and planning to go again this year on the Breeze. We had a nice relaxing day chilling out there. If I remember correctly, cab ride was about $8pp. I know the loungers were $10 but didn't have umbrellas. There are some trees that offer shade though. Cruise visitors have a separate area on the right and the loungers aren't as nice as the ones for the guests, but I was fine. The main reason I chose Bohio is because they offer a snorkel tour leaving from the beach for $45pp for an hour. Unfortunately it was too windy when we were there so the water was too rough to go out in a small boat. Hoping I'll be able to snorkel this time. The water color is gorgeous. They have a beach bar and thought the drinks and food was a little pricey, but that's typical. We ended up buying a bucket of beer - buy 5 get 1 free. They won't let you bring your own drinks or food. Hope you enjoy your day there.
  2. Many thanks again Jeff for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us!
  3. Wow!! What a fantastic review! Thanks so much for sharing your cruise experiences. My husband and I want to be like Jeff and Patti when we grow up.... (I think we're close to your age, but would love to cruise like you do😊!) Quick question... I saw that you mentioned sending an email to the maitre d..... how do you find the correct email address? Thanks so much! And happy belated anniversary!
  4. Hello! Yes, we used a photographer from the park. He was not associated with any of the different tour companies. And we received a USB drive at the end of the tour. I would definitely hire the photographer before you start hiking, so he can start focusing on taking pictures of you throughout the trip. I don't remember seeing a photographer who took pictures of the group in general so someone could buy them after the tour. We didn't do all 27 falls, but the photographer did a great job of getting still pictures of our group of 4 people as well as short videos of us actually jumping. He only spoke a little English and we didn't speak Spanish, but it didn't matter. Since my friend paid, I'm not sure if she paid cash or credit card. I paid cash for a beer afterwards and some magnets at the gift store. It's a great trip! Hope you have a great time!
  5. Great start! Thanks for writing this review and sharing your experience with us. We're going on our first family cruise on the Breeze in Dec. We live in Jax and our families are flying in from VA, OH and CO so we're renting a van too. We're renting from Budget. Who did you use? I'm also curious about the reason why you used Uber instead of the rental company shuttle. Did you use Uber to pick up the rental after the cruise? Appreciate your insight!
  6. OK, I'm clueless. I'm an avid reader of ship reviews, but this is the first time I've seen pics of a rubber ducky and heard about getting "ducked". What is it about? Going on the Breeze in December and wondering if I need to buy some ducks... Thanks for sharing your cruise with us!
  7. Sounds like a fantastic day! I'm jealous since I'm looking out the window at rain. What was the name of the company that took you snorkeling? I'll be on a land vacation at the Marriott in Sep and looking for a snorkeling trip that includes turtles. Did you see a lot of turtles or only a couple? Thanks for your help!
  8. I have to ask because your signature mentions Breeze is your favorite ship..... why do you like it so much? I have the Breeze booked for a family cruise in December, so would like to hear what you think. Thanks!
  9. Yes, interiors on Magic have refrigerators. We were in an inside cabin on deck 11 last December. We liked the Magic so much that we just booked her sister ship Breeze for a family cruise this December. Enjoy!
  10. We used Marysol tours last Dec and purchased the lunch. We did use the photographer and received a USB drive with all the pictures and some short videos when jumping off the falls. We had a group of 4 and he did a great job of capturing all of us throughout the tour. After the tour, he had the pictures/videos up on a big screen so we could see them. I don't remember the cost because we split it, but remember thinking it was very reasonable even after tipping the photographer.
  11. Hello! Last year on the Magic we did the Damajagua 12 waterfall tour with MarySol tour. Had a great time. It is adventurous since it's jumping off and sliding down the rocks. Depending on your time in port, this could also be DIY opportunity with a taxi to experience all 27 waterfalls. Going again this year on an extended family cruise on the Breeze. Looking at Iguana Mama's Best of Puerto Plata City Tour hat is also called "Eat Drink and Be Merry" tour. It includes a cable car ride up to the top of a mountain, visiting and tasting rum at Ron Macorix Rum House, lunch at a courtyard cafe and a visit to a cigar factory. I read a post on this forum who went on this tour and had a good time. Rum and local food sounds great to me!
  12. Thanks Kirbi for sharing your experience with us! Carbri - when you return from your cruise, could you please provide your thoughts too? I'm thinking about taking this excursion in Dec while my family is cruising on Carnival Breeze. I think DH and I will enjoy it (anything involving rum or tequila sounds great to us), but wondering if mother in law, dad and his girlfriend will like it too. THANK YOU!
  13. I don't remember seeing any bicycle taxi riders at Grand Turk pier. If there are some, it's not obvious like Amber Cove where they are lined up waiting for people.
  14. Thanks for the Iguana Mama recommendation! I appreciate hearing from someone who has used the company before.
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