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  1. I would have loved to go during Reggae Sumfest. Thanks for the info.
  2. Thanks, I'll make a note of this. The Blue Hole looks like it would fun - really pretty!
  3. Really, no one has done anything in Jamaica that they would recommend? In the past, we went to the hummingbird place, Rose Hall, cruised the Black River - all of which were great. I was just hoping to hear of some other things to do.
  4. I actually chose to spend a week there and I would be telling a fib if I said that rum cream didn’t play a big part in the decision....lol
  5. We’re not doing a cruise this time but chose to spend a week in Jamaica and would love to hear what your favorite thing was that you did? Thanks!
  6. Wish I had seen this before. My favorite is Sangsters Original Jamaican Rum Creme - It is delicious!
  7. Sangsters Original Jamaican Rum Cream ( you won't regret it) - it's awesome!
  8. We have a check-in time of 11:30 - 12 - is it possible to just drop off the luggage around that time and return at a later time to actually check-in? We are trying to decide on doing that or just parking at the Fulton St Garage, go do our thing and return there and take the shuttle with our luggage to the ship. Any suggestions on which might be the easiest/best way? Thanks!
  9. I've priced that particular underwater camera and wouldn't want to shell out $500+ to replace it :-) Keep it with you just to be safe.
  10. Wow, what a disappointment. I was really looking forward to this since we will be leaving next month on the Dream and hitting some of those same ports.
  11. We have had balconies all over and although you didn't mention the Lido deck, that has been our favorite location by far. It's so nice to just be able to walk out there to the food, pool, etc...
  12. I didn't look thru all of these but this site might have it http://www.***********/info/carnival-cruise-lines/food-recipes/ cruising.me is what is blocked out
  13. I am a non-smoker now but basically, the whole ship is set up for non-smokers (other than the casino). It stands to reason that they would have a comfortable place for a smoker to sit down and enjoy their cigarette :-)
  14. Each passenger is allowed one bottle of wine to carry on (small size, not magnum). In my case, hubby doesn't really drink wine so he can carry on my 2nd bottle :-)
  15. Pumpkin Soup. This used to be so good although the last time we tried it, they had changed the recipe or something - not nearly as good. Will order it this time and give it another try. Pizza is always good too!
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