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  1. I miss a list of cruise reviews. Something has changed and you don’t have a list anymore that you can pick and choose the ones on the ship you’re interested in. Am I missing something?
  2. Thank you for all the info, very helpful!
  3. When you say $15 max, is that per drink or for the day? Probably a silly question but if it’s per day, I may need to cancel that...LOL
  4. Thank you Howard. Hopefully some others will have knowledge on the pre-order of alcohol for your room.
  5. I’m looking at an Italy and Greece cruise on the Escape. I’ve only cruised on Carnival so looking for answers, Can you pre-order alcohol for your cabin? Do the balcony dividers open so that your party in the next room can have one balcony’s? What is your opinion on the beverage package? Do you think that you get your money’s worth? That’s all I can think of at the moment, I appreciate any help you can give!
  6. I would have loved to go during Reggae Sumfest. Thanks for the info.
  7. Thanks, I'll make a note of this. The Blue Hole looks like it would fun - really pretty!
  8. Really, no one has done anything in Jamaica that they would recommend? In the past, we went to the hummingbird place, Rose Hall, cruised the Black River - all of which were great. I was just hoping to hear of some other things to do.
  9. I actually chose to spend a week there and I would be telling a fib if I said that rum cream didn’t play a big part in the decision....lol
  10. We’re not doing a cruise this time but chose to spend a week in Jamaica and would love to hear what your favorite thing was that you did? Thanks!
  11. Wish I had seen this before. My favorite is Sangsters Original Jamaican Rum Creme - It is delicious!
  12. Sangsters Original Jamaican Rum Cream ( you won't regret it) - it's awesome!
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