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  1. Beyond disappointed ....I'd question the business ethics of advertising a cruise sale for October Cruise only to cancel anyway.
  2. Yes, good points....not so sure a testing for a preboard would do much good, negative test on pre boarding and then a positive test could come on day 2 or 3 during the cruise.
  3. Take the Covid test on Monday.....Tuesday results say Negative....Take the test on Wednesday...Thursday's test say Positive.
  4. In a few days, Canival will announce another 3 months of cancellations...I don't think they wanted 2 bad PR items in one day. They also will announce a "NEW BARGAIN" on bookings....
  5. Surprised there were no more illness with the old LIDO concept. I've seen cruisers licking their fingers, picking up the communal serving spoons and keep on truckin down the Lido Line. And social distancing? We've been on a few cruises where a lady (?), insisted on not waiting in line, excused herself to get a tray, and proceeded down the line saying "excuse me" as she pushed into the line. Whew........some people.
  6. Would love to be the fly on the wall, when CARNIVAL marketing groups meet to discuss plans......
  7. Beginning to think Booking a Cruise now, is the same as a loan to Carnival.
  8. Hmmmm.....seeing some interesting statistics.... note number of Confirmed cases vs Recovered Cases....pretty close. Just not seeing the leap from Yes, I have Corona to I have a few weeks to live. I recall the news coverage in January of thousands upon thousands dying in the USA, hospitals overflowing, blah.....Yes Serious stuff, but dont see the leap. Yes, I'll sign a waiver and board next week if I could.
  9. Agreed.....some pattern.....open/close/3 months cancel over and over and over.
  10. Good points...never really understood why we have these 55 cars in a line for the Covid Test. Let's say your test comes back Negative, but on the way home you contract Covid? We had a line of approximate 89 cars for the Covid test...Why?
  11. I'd go with the Refund pronto.....Carnival seems to have a pattern of cancelling cruises every 2-3 months, if you re-book who's to know when the next " Carnival announces delay" story appears...the same as giving Carnival the use of your money not knowing when it gets repaid. I think with the last delay, it appears the possibility of bankruptcy...becomes more clear....lots of questions over who would be refunded in Chapter 11 Court?
  12. Let's see is that 4 or 5 times a Cruise Re-Opening has been cancelled?
  13. Carnival still sending Emails for Super Savings on Cruises? Huh?
  14. Possibly true of the confirmed cases....However, the fatality figures are the important issue. Our county of approximate 245,000..has 7 deaths ( all over 70 all listed as Covid with ( drumroll) underlying health issues), at least 90% of all confirmed cases are marked as " recovered". When the pandemic began, We were barraged with media reports of hospitals unable to accept anyone, makeshift clinics on the street, national guard coming to town to restore order. Beginning to think this " pandemic" is a bit overplayed.
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