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  1. Great link DAYTON.....our PVP no longer there, new one wont' answer phone or email at all. Looking for new PVP from Carnival, don't want to talk via phone to a sales agent....Great help!!
  2. Lots of phone numbers...is there an email address for Carnival to inquire about concerns,etc. Rather than the phone approach?
  3. No email, no nothing....guess I'll have to call and request a new PVP..thanks for all the comments. One quick note....on Brick and Mortar travel agents....we lost hope years ago, when a travel agent insisted there were no more flights out of the airport to Miami, UNLESS we went at 11:00 PM flight...that was the break to go to the internet, and found 4 flights were available and for less $$$. Can you request a specific PVP planner? Any thoughts or suggestions of WHOM would be good.
  4. Our former Agent ( VIP, PVP,?) would always call us during the year with specials, and sometimes would call just to chat a bid. Very friendly, and personable. He would call when we returned and I think this is one of the real great perks of the VIP program. Maybe they don't use these folks anymore>? Thanks for the comments.
  5. Always use our dedicated phone number for our VIP Carnival Planner. When we tried the extension....We got a recording that .." This extension no longer is in the system". Did Carnival do away with the dedicated VIP planners we have always used?
  6. GREAT HELP...thanks....the Cuban place sounds like a destination. We have stayed at the Pullman ( Sofitel), but got just too expensive. Thanks for the info..... I last thing....I see the mention of HOMEWOOD SUITES/ BLUE LAGOON...is this hotel walking distance to the PUBLIX GROCERY STORE/ CUBAN RESTAURANT, etc.?
  7. I also found THE PULLMAN....anything else in this area?
  8. looking for a miami hotel with....airport shuttle,and walking distance to grocery store. I know Hampton Inn is one....are there others?
  9. Great answers, video's and more.....love the comments. Guess I"ll give it a stab.....starting with Lobster Rolls....Great help !! See ya aboard!!
  10. Noted Carnival Glory has the SEAFOOD SHACK option...was curious of the prices from the menu. I"ve seen the menu but no listings of prices,etc. Anyone...:cool:
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