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  1. For all the same concerns as you, I've decided to cancel my December 2021 cruise. I'm going to book a December 2022 cruise and see how this next year goes
  2. I've been thinking about cancelling my cruise in December, and it looks like this thread has convinced me to cancel. I'm not so fearful of being denied in Florida, although that would suck. I'm more afraid of testing positive trying to reboard at a foreign port. Looks like it will be December, 2022 for me
  3. I'm scheduled to go in December, and I'll be looking to go to Sosua for a few hours. If anyone goes before December, I'd appreciate a little recon
  4. and you can also qualify for comp cruises thru land based casinos. I too pay for way too many cruises in the casino, which is why it's not unusual for me to have three or four comp certificates in my account from the different casinos I play at.
  5. no, but I usually drink wine with dinner, so I take two glasses worth with me. I've never ran out during my meal. If I ever did, I'd simply order one and pay for it. And for $20 per day for tips, it's not such a bad deal to keep the drink package especially since the package cost is included in the cruise fare. I just choose to cancel it because I'm going to get the majority, if not all, my drinks at the casino bar anyway because I can also get water, soft drinks, etc. A water with each drink or two allows me to go all day/night without getting silly drunk. there are a lot of bathroom breaks, though :)
  6. yes, this is absolutely true. I tip a couple of bucks per trip and after a day or two, I'm known to the bartenders. They will give me unopened beers (so I can carry a couple up to the pool deck) and get quicker service when there are a ton of people waiting.
  7. I second the casino bar option. I always decline the bev package and just go with the casino drink card. I also collect boxes of water throughout the day, usually getting a water with each drink. these extra waters get me thru the day until the bar opens back up. It's not been inconvenient at all to always go to the casino bar for my drinks, especially since I do spend a lot of time in the casino and the club outside the casino. I usually pick a cabin one or two decks from the casino and restaurants have been a deck away. So, it's a quick stop whenever I need a refill.
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