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  1. I added the free airfare to a comped cruise out of New Orleans and had free rooms at Harrah's pre and post cruise. That trip was very easy on the pocket.
  2. This promo would be great to go with a comped casino cruise. I would usually have one or two in my back pocket waiting for a good deal like this.
  3. I'm going to defer to your experience. I've only read that on these boards. All my cruises have been comped, so I can't speak on it from first hand experience. Do you have the Jade NCL casino at sea card? I ask because pearl and above get free drinks, so I just want to make sure you're not getting the card because of your NCL.
  4. Can't speak on carnival, princess, or MSC. It takes some big time gambling to earn the card on the ship. You can also get the card if you book a comped cruise thru a land based casino. I gamble at Caesars casinos and get cruise offers all the time. You don't have to be a high roller or anything
  5. If you happen to have the casino drink card, water and specialty coffees are included. Only at the casino bar, though. I actually always decline the "free" drinks and just go with the casino card. I usually tip a dollar per drink, so at four or five drinks a day it's much cheaper than paying the gratuities on the drink package.
  6. I don't think you get the drink card if you use the discount. You get it when booking a Caesars comped cruise. You can also get it based on your previous NCL play
  7. If you're platinum or above with Caesars, you can get a discount on NCl cruises. 10% for platinum, 20% for Diamond, and 30% for seven stars
  8. did anyone that re-priced and got the 15% past guest discount also use the Caesar's rewards discount? I'm wondering if you can stack those discounts
  9. You don't have to put down $300 cash/person if you don't want to. I always do a cash account, and my last two cruises I haven't actually put any cash on the account. Before those, I would put just $100 down, but had to stand in line to get it back on the last night. I pre-pay my gratuities and shore excursions, and usually have $50 or $100 OBC that is more than enough for my onboard spending habits.
  10. since you've already picked (and received) the FCC, can you change your mind and now request a refund?
  11. The cas line is open on Saturday and Sunday during the times listed above. This is specifically the reservation line though, not the cas office staff
  12. Yeah, this is real poor communication on their part. You can still do searches and bookings for the affected cruises. As be someone in IT and manages websites, I know it doesn't take much to at least put a banner up on the main page
  13. I don't know if this is true or not, but I find it strange that it isn't on their website if it's true
  14. As for final payment, it's 120 days before your sailing, so the March 12th date is correct. I'm guessing that April date was an error because it's been a few years since 90 day final payments
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