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  1. I also recommend paying NCL the $25 change fee and booking your own hotel. NCL charges incredibly high hotel room rates
  2. My last solo was on the breakaway in April. I did go to the solo gathering on the first night, but found it just as easy to meet folks elsewhere. I smoke cigars, so I hung out in the cigar lounge and saw the same people just about every night there. Also met nice people while playing in the casino and hanging in the hot tub. I never felt awkward or out of place. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to meet people and how nice strangers are.
  3. All drinks have a $15 max. You can order something over$15, but you'll have to pay the difference
  4. I did get in on this one. I was holding out hope that they would offer the free airfare to insides again (I had that perk on my cruise this past April), but my final payment is due on Friday, so it doesn't look like that is going to happen.
  5. yeah, I'm also missing the love. this would have been an awesome addition to 11 day cruise in January (8 ports). and I would be willing to pay the small difference between an inside and OV (currently $40), but I'm on a casino comp and if you upgrade you still only get the perks from your original comped cabin
  6. The rules for the drink package are different from the casino drink card. But that being said, It's true that bartenders sometimes do their own thing
  7. I doubt it was at the same time since you can only get one alcoholic drink and one non alcoholic drink at a time
  8. How is the return time determined? Do you get to pick it, or is it based on a set amount of time?
  9. oh, that's it. I thought I read that it was about $10 each way. No brainer here.... thanks
  10. Hello. Anyone know if NCL offers just a shuttle service (booked as an excursion) to Atlantis? I know I can take a taxi, but I have the $50 excursion credit so I was hoping they offered a shuttle (for $50 or less) so the trip would be free. They best I see on the NCL site is the discover Atlantis with beach break excursion, which costs $99. After the credit, it would cost me $49 which would be good if I was actually interested in going to the beach. I'm really just looking to spend a little time in the casino and get something to eat from the vendors. I know that at other ports (specifically Harvest Caye) they do offer "shuttle" excursions on the ship that aren't listed on the website.
  11. I really hope this was just for that one night. I'm on an 11 night cruise in January, and it will cover two Sundays during the playoffs. I was expecting to be able to see all the games since playoff games don't overlap
  12. If course, there's other stuff besides liquor in the gift shop. Guess I have a one track mind 😁
  13. If you have any cigar smokers in your party, you can buy them some in the cigar lounge. You can get some drinks not fully covered by the drink package, like Johnny walker blue. You can also buy some bottles of liquor to take home from the gift shop
  14. I also prefer to prepay for excursions (as well as the day) so I don't get Hit with a large amount on the first night. I always fund my account with cash, but I usually don't have to actually put any money down because I'm starting out with$50 OBC then getting$50 OBC for each port. My next cruise has 8 ports, so I'll end up with $450 in OBC. I can use that to get 4 cruise next certificates. I would just need to pay $50 in cash to go with the OBC.
  15. since you've been on a NCL cruise before, you should have a latitudes number now. Since you're not concerned about the cruise prices, shop for the best perks (especially the latitudes offers). Generally, they raise the prices of cruises to cover the cost of the perks, but since you're paying a standard $20 per day, you don't have to worry about the actual cruise price. The latitudes offers usually come with some OBC as well as an extra point per night to your latitudes account. It's can also be combined with the free at seas offers. My last cruise I had with the certificate also included airfare (free flight between DC and MIA), so it was really cheap for me to go. Remember that you get free drinks in the casino when deciding whether or not to pay the gratuities on the free drink package
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