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  1. 1 hour ago, zitsky said:


    Not experience but a question if I may.  I've found stemless can be good if the right size and shape.  But obviously you didn't find them very good.  They have a bad reputation? 

    No bad reputation,  just like holding the stem; more enjoyable for us 🍷😁


  2. But they use the dreaded stemless glasses at the Chef's Table if you don't have the Silver Spirits package or upgrade for the wine pairings.   At least, that was our experience on the Sky when we decided not to purchase either on the January,  2018 sailing.   Not the case on the Sea in 2017 when we had shipboard credit and chose the SS pck.   Any feedback on other ships/sailings?

  3. Yes, the policy changed within the last week because we could book our excursions on 3/9/19 in the early morning hours for Star sailing 5/25/19. Then we got an e-mail the day before booking specialty dining that the hours were 12 pm west coast and 3 pm east coast time.  We were able to book restaurants at exactly 3 pm. 



  4. Thanks for the great review; it brought back fond memories of our West Indies Sea cruise last December (17)  😁  We only did one included tour in Guadeloupe and a paid rainforest by tram in St Lucia- enjoyed both,  but went to beaches or stayed onboard since DH had a terrible cough.  It was wonderful ; yes, spoiled forever with outstanding food and service.   We went again on the Sky (had a PV) , unfortunate rainy weather entire cruise . We are looking forward to an amazing Med Odyssey on the Star in May .  The only place we had trouble finding a table was outside near the pool grill, but there's not many.   Enjoy planning your next VO cruise! 

  5. We didn't like the wooden door at all on our Sky cruise,  a PV1 on deck 6 aft.  Very disappointed; we were sure to get sliding door (5029) for upcoming Med Odyssey in May.  Rep described the difference as needed "bones" to the ships.  It's a matter of preference,  I think some like the window next to window with the door. In any event, we had plenty of storage space in DV and much more in PV as light packers. 

  6. Looking for any info to help pick specialty restaurants for our Med Odyssey cruise in May, 2019.  We enjoyed lamb in Manfredis and awesome half of a whole lobster in MDR on our 1st cruise.   That was on the Sea; then didn't have either on Caribbean Sky  cruise.  Can't decide what nights,  we have a PV,  so booking is coming up.  Can anyone share experience to help?  Thanks much. 


  7. Thanks, Deirdre, great info !! Yes, we love the low rise area of Aruba and go every December. Thing is, we go before Christmas to avoid massive crowds and high pricing. If we take the TA on Viking my petsitter can't care for our four spoiled fur babies and haven't had luck finding another. :( Thanks again :)

  8. We've been on two VO cruises and have the Mediterranean Odyssey booked for next May. Would love feedback on the Transatlantic Portugal to Miami offer (12/16/18). Weather could be rough , for sure. This would be instead of Aruba, beautiful place, beach, weather Thoughts?

  9. WOW ! What an amazing stroke of great luck. We went on both itineraries this past year (DV on Sea and PV on Sky) . We loved , loved the 10 day Southern on the Sea. Turquoise Seas, just OK. Congrats :o:o

  10. Look at the menu for the night (s) you're booked when you board. If nothing is appealing, X-cel and go to the Restaurant or World Café. No one will reply with hate mail at all. It's much discussed for the weird tasting offerings. We ate there on the Sea last month; we would've been hungry from the "foam" and other offerings, but were already stuffed from the lunch venues and just called it a night . Have fun !

  11. Thank you so much for your quick responses:) I will follow your advice; I also wish we could get a non stop departing, but there isn't one available from CLT to VCE; best itinerary I could find (for spring 2018) is a short connection through Philly.

    Thanks again, look forward to reading your review for 10/18, LeRenardrouge !

  12. Hi, my DH and I sailed on the Seas last month and are looking forward to going on the Sky late this month. We're planning on booking the Mediterranean Odyssey for May 2019 while on board. I had read that for the 3rd Viking cruise, the Custom Air fee was waived. Does anyone have any info on that ? Also, does the custom air allow you to pick your flights (ie. there is a non stop from Barcelona to CLT), or just get better connections and earlier ticketing? Thanks so much in advance ;)

  13. Thank you Scuba, Islandhop and Cher - what a relief we won't have to share the beach with potentially 3K people if everyone gets off and half just uses the pool:cool: We haven't cruised for years and have been renting condos on the beach in Maui, St. Thomas and Aruba, so hope the crowds don't overwhelm. Cher - have the BEST time and I'll look forward to your review.


    Have a great week, everyone :)

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