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  1. Has anyone had their bids accepted this week for the 1/27 Getaway? The last ones I saw accepted were for Haven cabins last week...
  2. Here’s a couple pics I took in March 2017. We sailed out of NYC, and The weather was pretty crappy most of the cruise (even in the Caribbean) and we were really glad we had this! Purchased is pre-sailing for $199/pp. The blue lounge chairs in these pics are the ones that looked out through the large bank of windows.
  3. We actually need to go to Pompano Beach.
  4. I apologize as I'm sure this has probably been asked many times before, but I haven't found it looking at recent posts. Is there any issues with getting a Uber or Lyft post cruise from POM? Any tips or best advice? We will be disembarking on a Sunday morning. I'm fairly new to ridesharing so any info would be appreciated! TIA!
  5. How about calling a Uber/Lyft to be picked up at the port post cruise? Any issues with that? I'm new to these rideshares...any advice or tips to know about??
  6. We've sailed with NCL 6 times before and this was the first time we received an opportunity to bid...
  7. Ours didn't change to pending until just this past week, and we're sailing in 21 days.
  8. You're from Boyton Beach? We have friends that live there, and will be visiting them post cruise. About how far is it from the port?
  9. We are sailing on the Getaway jan. 27, and we received 4 upgrades to bid on around the 80 day mark. Interesting thing is that this will be the 8th time we have cruised with NCL, are Latitudes members, and this is the first time we've ever received an offer to bid!! Sounds like for many of you this is a fairly regular occurrence. We have used varied TA's, so unless none of them participated it doesn't seem it would be that. We put bids in on all options, and we'll see what happens! They are currently all showing as "pending"...we have 21 days before we sail.
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