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  1. 1 hour ago, mit429 said:

    So, I have a fairly big update, and kind of a strange one, haha. As I mentioned, my friend Brandon was going to be joining me for the maiden voyage. Well, as of yesterday that is no longer the case. My friend Chas expressed an interest in coming, as he found out he had some extra time off from work - and as it turns out Brandon had a busy week coming up. So, Brandon and Chas came to an agreement that Chas would go instead.


    This has to be *the* latest changes of a roommate I’ve ever done haha, but it was before check-in closed, so they were able to do it. I’m not quite sure how they worked out the flights, that was something I was out of the loop on.


    There were some issues with Celebrity regarding changing the name at the last minute, despite check-in not being closed and being told the day before that as long as it was done before the end of Wednesday. Our travel agent spent over 45 minutes on the phone with them, as they were claiming the manifest closed early for the maiden voyage, but eventually it was resolved - thankfully!


    So, Brandon’s out, Chas’ is in … should be a unique change! I’m sure Brandon will be sad missing out, but he’s actually booked on the Edge with his family sometime this spring, so he’ll be on soon enough!



    (Do GIFs actually work? I guess we'll find out)


    Looking forward to be aboard with you, Tim! For those of you who are interested I'm, Chas, Tim's last minute roommate. I've cruised with Tim and our group once before, on the Reflection in March of 2017. I was actually on the ship when Tim booked this sailing!


    Tim and gang have had over a year to get excited for this sailing, so I have some catching up to do...

  2. How does the Lum staff compare to Nenad and crew from the Reflection?


    Well, I made a lovely long post about dinner and my phone restarted and now it’s gone -_-


    But we’ll try it again, here is the Luminae menu




    We also got two items from the MDR menu, the Thai beef spring rolls and the Thai coconut curry soup. The spring rolls were delicious, the soup was not our favorite.


    Off the Luminae menu we ordered the buffalo mozzarella, the pork belly, the tomato soup, and the cold salmon. The pork belly was exceptional, so definitely get a few of those if you’re a fan.


    For our entrees we had 3 spaghettis and 2 filets. Both of which were delicious - I really loved the spaghetti, it had the perfect amount of spice.


    I can’t remember what we had for dessert, but I think like a ganache or something.


    As always Maggie, Juan Pablo, and Alex were amazing - they really made for a special evening.


    After dinner we headed to the casino to lose some money and off to Revelations. The main bartender at Revelations is Marlon, and he’s assisted by Connor. We definitely partied hard and met a lot of people!



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