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  1. A 15 y/o girl wandering around the ship at 1:45AM. Assuming everything that happened did happen (no reason to think otherwise)... 1. They should have tossed the two men overboard. 2. The parents of the girl don't know how to parent.
  2. MickeyB426

    Yeah we get Richard Spacey!!

    After 4 cruises with Richard Spacey, I'm kind of over him. I realize he's very talented and good at what he does...but after 4 cruises, his antics go from hysterical to funny to cute to annoying. I'll be on Oasis in 4 weeks and will get Spacey for the fifth time. Would have preferred Graham Seymour for this one.
  3. MickeyB426

    Oasis of the Seas Dinner Menu

    http://www.cruisedocs.com might help
  4. MickeyB426

    Oasis compass update

    [quote name='Nevertoolate']I am not sending out any more copies. too time consuming. Have sent out quite a number already.[/QUOTE] If you e-mail me one last set at [email]cruisedocs@aol.com[/email], I will happily post them with all the others on my website! [url]www.cruisedocs.com[/url]
  5. Last year, on the Oasis I got the "double culture whammy"...Chinese New Year, along with Carnival, the Brazilian holiday. I was told by staff that half the Oasis ship that week were people celebrating one of the two. :::donning flame-retardant suit::: In my experience that week, I did find that the Chinese WERE rude and pushy. The little things...running to seats, jumping in front of you on the elevator, that sort of thing. They weren't the only ones, but this was what I noticed. The Brazilians...wow. They know how to party. And smoke. Anyone who ever celebrated Carnival on a cruise ship will know where I'm coming from. Happy, loud, and, for the most part, friendly. Mind you, plenty of us "Yankees" were likely guilty of the same thing. It's just behavior I noticed.
  6. Hi, this annoys me.....Orientals? I believe Asian people would be correct. I wouldn't sweat it. At one time using the term "Oriental" was just fine with everyone until someone decided they were offended by it and the PC police came out in full force. Sounds like a simple faux pas.
  7. MickeyB426

    Just off Oasis - my observations.

    Thanks for the review! Not to defend or excuse RCCL by any means, but I am guessing that a lot of the staff on Oasis is new to the Oasis ship. From what I've heard, many of the former Oasis crew moved over to Allure. Hope the kinks are worked out by the time I go back in April.
  8. MickeyB426

    Banning smoking on balconies?

    My one post on this subject, and I don't care who it offends. Smokers are inherently selfish. They view this issue as a matter of "rights" and not as a matter of common courtesy to the person next to them who is forced to breathe all the second-hand smoke. They use lame points such as "what about car exhaust" (see a few posts above this) That's the bottom line.
  9. [quote name='bus man']In other words, they can reel you in with a low advertised price, then jack it up sky high while you're in the process of booking. If that isn't bait and switch, I don't know what is. "There's nothing we can do"? Baloney. What they can do is allow you to complete your reservation at the price quoted when you began it.[/QUOTE] Not debating RCCL's policies. Just the manner in which it was reported.
  10. What I have a problem with is the OP's interpretation. How does one lead a thread by saying "they said 'too bad too sad'", when it was really "prices are not final until the booking is complete and while we are sorry about it there is nothing we can do..." Two VERY different interpretations.
  11. MickeyB426

    Oasis Menus?

    Also... http://sites.google.com/site/oasiscruisers/Home
  12. MickeyB426

    Oasis Menus?

    try cruisedocs dot com
  13. MickeyB426

    Cell phones

    [quote name='dancer191']We were on the Oasis of the Seas last year and rented the wow phone to keep an eye on the kids, we are goin on the freedom with a group of 100, does the Freedom offer the wow phones too?[/QUOTE] Not available on the Freedom, and from what I've heard, they've been temporarily discontinued on the Oasis. Perhaps they will be moving them over to Allure at some point? Makes sense if the tech staff went over there as well.