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  1. Agree 110%. I am fully vaccinated, and so is my DH. I sure would hope that every person on the ship, would also be fully vaccinated. I don't understand why some are against it. Do you WANT to get sick? This virus is Real.. The last thing any of us need, passengers, crew, and cruise lines themselves, is for the 1st cruise out, to have an outbreak of Coved. That would shut things down again, so fast, maybe forever. As for children. I'm sure within the next month or two, all kids will be eligible to get the vaccine. All adults over the age of 18, are eligible now. Kids will be next. I'm so
  2. Thanks so much for replys. Do you know what other ships are in Radiance class?
  3. Straws,Smaws, I just want them to bring back CRUISING
  4. 4hunters, I followed your instructions and when I got to View All Past Cruises, the one at the top, is my 1st booked cruise. All other cruises listed are old ones I have already taken. ULCajun, I had already tried that Manage Another Booking, and only thing that comes up is once again, my 1st booked cruise. It gives me options for what I can do for only that cruise. I am really frustrated. I called Carnival today, because I was concerned that something had gone wrong with the bookings for my other 2 cruises. They still have me down for all 3 cruises, and said there was
  5. I have 3 cruises booked right now. But, when I go into manage my cruise, only the 1st one comes up. I have scrolled to the bottom of page, and clicked on "manage another cruise", but nowhere do I see any place that will let me put in any info on my other cruises. Can anyone walk me through how to pull up all 33 of my cruises. I sure liked it better when you signed into Carnival, and any cruises you had booked would automatically show, all on the 1 page. Then you could click into which ever one you wanted, and see information.
  6. She was also my first cruise. I fell in love with cruising from watching Love Boat lol. Never dreamed I would ever afford a real cruise, but there I was in 1988,aboard Mardi Gras. Love at first sight. I didn't want to get off. Hope to cruise the new Mardi Gras. Do you think I will notice the difference?
  7. My November 12 cruise on Paradise was cancelled. They said due to it going into dry dock. They couldn't have sent it to dry dock sometime since last Mar, til now? This affected 3 maybe 4 ships. Sorry, I can't remember which other ships were also cancelled. I am disappointed, But, The good news is I was able to take a FCC credit, and book for Feb 2021. Carnival gave me $300 OBC, along with the FCC. Plus, I booked the new cruise through a casino offer, which gave me an additional $500 OBC. I'm very happy. Just have to keep fingers crossed that by Feb, we will surely be up
  8. I just booked a casino rate for Nov 12 cruise. $495.98 for both DH and myself. $500 OBC. and free drinks in casino, while playing. I don't have to add up points til free drinks, but get them right on day one. Pretty sweet deal. Sure hope we're all back to cruising by Nov
  9. I haven't been on these boards in quite awhile. It's good to be back. I was offered a great casino rate for a cruise, and I booked it. It's not until Nov 12, and please God, all this coved-19 will be behind us by then. I got 4 nights on Paradise, for $495.98 for botIh DH and myself. In OV, I picked cabin. I also got, wait for it $ 500.00 OBC, and free drinks while playing in casino This is the 1st time I've been offered a great casino deal. Pretty exciting.
  10. 3 of us are going to be in the cabin, all adults. So we can only take2 bottles?
  11. Getting ready for our Friday cruise, and have a couple questions. I assume you are allowed to take 1 bottle of wine, or champagne per person on board? Like Carnival, do you have to take it on the ship in your carry on? Thanks for any info.
  12. Wow, $12.95 for a burger and fries is ridiculous. Guess we will not be visiting JR's.
  13. How much is the charge now, for JR? Is breakfast still free? There is a JR on Explorer, right?
  14. Is there a place you can go to see a list of all the cruises you have taken with Carnival?
  15. Just to clear up a couple of things. I probably Didn't actually chew my bite of Veal for 5 whole minutes. It just seemed that way, due to toughness. I finally had to remove it from my mouth. Dessert wasn't actually served along with the other courses. But it definitely did come out of the kitchen on the waiters huge tray, along with the apps, soup, and entrees. The apps and soup were served first, but before we were half way through them, they were squeezing our entrees on to the table. And the desserts sat on the trays through out the meal. Thus my ice cream soup. I
  16. We sailed Carnival Conquest. This was our 24th cruise with Carnival. It was also our most disappointing. If you are a die hard Carnival lover, you may not want to read this, as I'm going to tell it like it was. I'll start with the bad, and end with the good. We had some issues with the dining room this cruise. We always choose to eat in the MDR, late seating. First off, what has happened to the staff calling you by name? Our room steward, and our dining staff has always known our name by the 2nd day, and used it. It's a small touch, but it makes things just a bit more special. They too
  17. I know they have 2% and chocolate milk. I never noticed if they have whole milk or not. Sorry. I hope someone else can answer that for you.
  18. Does Carnival contact you, when you have completed your 24th cruise with them, about your milestone cruise? If yes, do they send you everything you need to know, and do? If no, what do I have to do in order to think about the milestone ?
  19. Wow, can anyone post of picture of muster stations for Explorer?
  20. Does anyone know if free laundry is one of the diamond perks on RC? I get that on Carnival, but can't remember if I do on RC. I looked under C&A, but it didn't list it. But also said that was some of the perks of Diamond. Why wouldn't they list them all?
  21. Thanks everyone. I'm not trying to get any special treatment. Just what I've earned, by the amount of cruising I have done.
  22. ok, tried to reprint it twice. Both times it still printed in B&W. I hope I'm in RC computers, as Diamond. They know this is my 10th cruise with them.
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