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  1. We were considering this sailing as well, but my wife and I both agreed that we simply prefer Princess over HAL, even if it costs more. We kept asking ourselves, "What good is a "free" cruise if we're not happy with the facilities, activities, food & service." Princess treats us well, and we're sticking with them for now.
  2. We have 3 cruises booked with Princess in 2021. Late February (I doubt it will sail), Late May, and Late October.
  3. We like to bring our own wine & champagne on board. Here's two of our faves.
  4. There's no "ifs or buts". No test, no cruise. If the cruise lines require a negative test within 72 hours and someone is unable to meet that requirement, how does that suddenly become everybody's problem. I think that they will eventually be able to test everyone in the terminal before boarding with the faster tests that are being developed, but until then, why should I suffer because someone else can't get a test?
  5. When you go to the cashier, they will ask you if you want the free play for slots or table games. It's either/or, can't be used for both.
  6. And if the cruise lines require a vaccine, those 40% will not sail. End of story.
  7. An associate of mine many years ago bought several pallets of slightly used 16mm movie projectors from a school surplus auction. The case of each projector was stenciled, "Newport News Pubic Schools". For years, I kept asking him what they taught.
  8. We have a 7 night sailing booked on the Caribbean at the end of February. If it sails, I'm pretty confident that the itinerary will be vastly different based on what I've been reading/hearing. I also think they will upgrade as many passengers as possible out of inside cabins. (Just a hunch, or wishful thinking on my part) Just in case the cruise is cancelled, or we decide to wait, we've just booked something for late May 2021. Remember, a vaccine could change everything.
  9. Maybe, Princess will rent phones or pads for those who don't have one. Only time will tell.
  10. I don't know how many of us would take to people getting exceptions to being tested within a certain time frame. If you can't meet the requirements for whatever reason, you can't board. We're dealing with people's lives here.
  11. This sounds like it won't be possible with the new guidelines in place. Things may change once a vaccine is released.
  12. Those are all personal choices, so you either have to decide to not cruise, or to carry your pad at night so you can order drinks or view shows.
  13. We're booked for late February......and at this point, we won't be too disappointed if that one's cancelled. Just in case it is cancelled, we just booked a late May Caribbean sailing.
  14. Why must the Ocean Medallion App tease me like this??? LOL
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