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    Can someone tell me how different, if any, the security procedures are getting on and off the ship in Havana? Are your bags searched getting off the ship ? (In case we wanted to bring a gift to our tour guide... Nothing illegal. Just didn't know what we could/couldn't take) Do you have to turn in your Cuc $$ the first night when getting back on board even though you're staying overnight and getting back off the ship the next day ? Anything else we should know?
  2. Briar Patch

    NCL Epic passenger overboard?

    NCL was great and could not speak more highly of their swift call to action in the crisis - I would have enjoyed the trip far more without the disruption of the drunk crowd. That was the biggest thing. The ship was nice. NCL can't help that today's young people don't know how to action public. They believe their antics are cute and 'hot' and that they're invincible.
  3. Briar Patch

    NCL Epic passenger overboard?

    THANK YOU for backing me up on that one. Not sure why the other poster didn't see any like that. Perhaps she.... Nevermind.
  4. Briar Patch

    NCL Epic passenger overboard?

    Not trying to be technical, but there were many many spring breakers, all from Florida. Either way, none of them acted responsibly or respectfully. So let me correct myself since everyone likes to correct someone~ ~like it matters ~ to say COLLEGE STUDENTS FROM FLORIDA
  5. Briar Patch

    NCL Epic passenger overboard?

    Spotlights looking in the water .
  6. Briar Patch

    NCL Epic passenger overboard?

    It's the life boat that went out
  7. Briar Patch

    NCL Epic passenger overboard?

    We thought this early in march wouldn't be bad. Boy were we wrong
  8. Briar Patch

    NCL Epic passenger overboard?

    There are 1600 rowdy college students on spring break from Florida University on here.
  9. Briar Patch

    NCL Epic passenger overboard?

    Yes we are onboard the epic now. It is true. She was horseplaying. We turned rhe ship around and she was recovered. There were no obstacles on the way down like life boats, etc, so nothing to hit. Captain said she was recovered from the water and was taken to the infirmary.
  10. Briar Patch

    I Love Cuba Photo Tour

    Maybe I overlooked it, but what is his website? Email ?
  11. Briar Patch

    Cuba~ suggestions

    Going to Cuba on RC. We want to make the most of our time there. Ww have read some things but get conflicting reports as to what you can/can't do in your own. J cruise ship, need pointers..... Waste of money ....? Must see.....?
  12. Be sure to see Grease, and don't miss Columbus the musical. We almost didn't go to Columbus, and now believe it to be one of the best shows at sea. Oh how we loved Harmony. Get internet package online when it is in sale. (30% off) Harmony is very hi tech.
  13. Briar Patch

    Norwegian Luggage Tags

    I did. I bought the wider ones. In already had the ones for royal and love them.
  14. Briar Patch

    Norwegian Luggage Tags

    Yes, I like to keep it simple as well. I never have to take the tag holders off of my luggage. All I have to do is slip the paper inside. I've never had one come off.