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  1. 1 hour ago, vwrestler171 said:

    Be warned, that if you sit at the same table, you will only get 1 bottle of wine.  We had that issue when 5 cabins all booked together and they would only give 1 bottle of wine.  So we said to split us up to different tables and bring out the 5 bottles.

    Were you given communion cups to serve the wine in?

  2. I would like to try it, but I have several concerns.  DH is not a family-style person.  I'm worried that if I order an entree that it will be too big for me to finish by myself.  Can you safely go here if your spouse isn't a "family style" kind of eater?

  3. On 2/18/2020 at 2:34 PM, DPara said:

    Hi All --


    We have signed up for the Chef’s Table on our upcoming cruise aboard the Carnival Dream..  Who do I notify that one of the members of our party does not eat red meat?  Last time I sent an email to eventplanning@carnival.com but this time around I'm just getting a automated reply.  Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be much appreciated.  Thanks!

    I did the Chef's Table, and a young man bought his girlfriend who was allergic to everything.  She just wrinkled her nose and told the chef she was allergic to everything, and for the rest of the Chef's Table, her meal was adapted to her non-tastes.

  4. Can two people theoretically share it?  For example, can my DH use it on his device and then log off and let me use it for awhile?  I'm debating about whether to get two Social packages or one Premium package.  He likes to stream TV a lot, but I don't think he's going to get a 5G experience even with the Premium package.  

  5. She's the last Vista class ship.  She'll be sailing out of Long Beach, California.  I think she might be setting some new records for a Long Beach cruise port.  Biggest and newest, perhaps?  And she's going to be very female.  A female cruise director AND a entertainment director.  She's like the Star Trek: Voyager of cruise ships.  In all seriousness, I think I'm going to sail on her ASAP.

  6. The bedding that Carnival uses is way too warm, and the rooms can get stuffy at night.  I've woken up drenched in sweat before because their comforters are better suited for survival in Antarctica rather than a tropical cruise.  So I created this handy-dandy note to give to the room steward.  It worked too!  Arvin, our room steward, replaced that heavy, hot bedding with something light and refreshing.  

    Too Hot minus names.jpg

  7. There was a really nice bar waiter from Bosnia that I thought delivered above and beyond service.  On the last night of the cruise, I tipped him $30 on my last drink bill.  Usually I tip people I really like in cash, but I didn't have any on me.  His eyes got really big, and he thanked me for the generous tip.  So does he really get that $30, or does it go into the tip bank to be split 6 ways to Sunday?



  8. 5 minutes ago, Jerseygirl1416 said:

    I’m assuming this is a joke, but I don’t like the tables they have that are lined up 4 inches from the next too so I just always ask for a private table for 2 from the host or hostess. It’s never failed to get us a regular dining table that’s not awkwardly close to the next table.

    This wasn’t a joke.  I’m glad someone else doesn’t like sitting practically family style when you just want to unwind and dine with DH.  

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