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  1. Thanks for postng we have bean around South America also but not to Antarctica or down the Amazon ,Its a long ways off. Hoping to be on a ship early in 21.
  2. I used a a fcc from a 32 nt. amazon/Volendam fot Grand 74 nt.on 1/4/21, It also was cancelled Holl. moved us to same cruise on 1/4/22 w/same perks +$500.ex,OBC Pd in full.
  3. we were on 21 date Now on for 22 Same room,perks etc. They just changed booking # +$500 for cabin obc Not sure if we will keep it. Any body else w/same ? Thanks in addvance.
  4. The grand on Volendam was canceled for 1//21 .They moved us to 1/4/22,both 74 days.More to come next 2 weeks. 4 cancelations in 1 yr. So sad.
  5. Have bean on 45 Plus cruises on multible lines. age mid 70ts,All so toured 49 States in US by RV for 5 yrs. We loved the freedom it provided. The last few years Its just short 1 or 2 wk, trips by car but 2 to 12 wk. cruises leave the driving to the Captain. Best things about cruiseing Are the people on & off ship, You can do as much , or little, what ever you&Ms like. Keep Smilling this too shall pass.
  6. Thanks for the reply,I called TA, Who has been a Rep for 25 plus yrs.well connected Holland will put new sch, out By Oct. 20 if all goes as planed Best to just wait. Stay safe.😉
  7. Having done 45 cruises ,And now 4 cancelled due to pandement The last one Volendam 74 day for 1/4/21 Holland just cancelled now they want to move us to same ship on 1/4/22 &give us $500. Xtra OBC NOT HAPPY. More info. to follow.Any sugestions ? Thanks.
  8. Today got a notice that Volendam Grand Voyage is cancelled 1-4-2021 74 day .said they will move it to 2022 Volendam Grand ,same cabin same $ new booking #. More Info to come.Not happy but not surprized.Also $500. added OBC to room.
  9. Same here ,only e mails is notice of cancellations. no mention of paid in full bookings,was told it!s due to useing a TA.
  10. Booked &pd Volendam 1/4/2021 We are getting scared It won!t go.
  11. We are booked volendam on 1-4-21 But its a 74 nt trip on 1-4-21,not 77 nt. All we can do is hope .Holl. has secured most ports as of 9/3.
  12. booked Jan,4 -21 volendam Keeping fingers crosed, 3 cancelled in 2020.
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