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  1. I absolutely LOVE your reviews....and you're a Walking Dead fan too????? AWESOME!!!!!:):):)
  2. Loving your review. We were on this sailing also and I hope to do a review eventually
  3. mephistoles

    Carnival Breeze 8 Day 8/16 Video

    We were on the Aug 16th sailing too! I plan to post a review later. I had wondered if I should since we sailed the Breeze last year (6 day) but since this was a different itinerary I figured it would be OK. Love you vid!
  4. mephistoles

    Really funny decal...haha

    Not sure if I can post a link address here so I'll just post it as follows: etsy dot com backslash shop backslash DefiningDecals
  5. mephistoles

    Breeze Balcony rooms...(not cove)

    We'll be in a Lido balcony room this year...I think it's room 10224. Last year we had a Cove balcony.
  6. mephistoles

    Can the complimentary brunch beverage be a virgin daiquiri?

    Yes...we cruised the Breeze last year. We (including our then 11 year old DS) got the complimentary beverages and were able to order "virgin" drinks.
  7. As of 4:32 PM (EST) there are 4 tickets left for the Breeze August 16th sailing in case anyone is interested....
  8. mephistoles

    LMT club to book hotel stay

    OP here: Thanks again, everyone, for the info. We just booked the Intercontinental! DH told me to go ahead and do so because the prices went up a whole $3/night since I last checked...LOL!
  9. mephistoles

    LMT club to book hotel stay

    THANKS so much everyone!!! I'm going to go ahead and book it!
  10. mephistoles

    LMT club to book hotel stay

    Has anyone ever used Last Minute Travel club to book a stay at the Intercontinental Miami? The rates that they have is sooooo much cheaper than the hotel website so I'm wondering if there's a catch to it. Anyway, if you have booked through them were you pleased or not? Thanks.
  11. Gambee...as always, you are doing an excellent review. I am sooo excited for our upcoming cruise. I never tried the water slides on the Breeze because I spent most of my time in Waterworks...and I was one of the first ones there when the bucket dumped the water! So much fun.... I also never tried the rope course but my husband and son did....several times. My husband got to a point where he almost chickened out but as there seems to be no way to get off early had had to "man up" .....and take the easy route. He said that kids were breezing (no pun intended) right past him. Anyway, looking forward to the rest of your review....
  12. mephistoles

    Check your prices! :)

    If you haven't finished paying for your cruise, then the OBC can be applied to the balance due. If you have finished paying, then the OBC is applied to your account. I'm sure that you would be able to use it for excursions since it's applied to your account. We had almost $400 in credits on our cruise last year and we used them just like a regular account. So far, we have $200 for this year's cruise but I have heard of people getting almost as much as $1000 :eek:!!! Can you imagine??? You will have to submit the price protection form to get the OBC: http://www.carnival.com/request-forms/price-protection-claim.aspx ETA: By the way, I believe that your room much be in the same category as the cheaper room to get the credit.
  13. mephistoles

    Check your prices! :)

    There appears to be a $300 price drop on our room. We're on Lido balcony and there are empty rooms on each side so I'm assuming they're all the same category. I booked my trip through a TA so would I have to contact her directly to apply for additional OBC? So far we have $200 and we have paid in full
  14. Oh...forgot to add....last year on our cruise there were dolphins swimming and jumping alongside the ship. My son & I were on the Lido deck and saw them (DS was worried that the ship would hit them). Anyway, I can only imagine how cool it would've been to see them up close from our cove balcony... Anyway, as others have stated, it's a matter of preference but I wouldn't hesitate to take a cove again....