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  1. We have booked the Del Senato for three nights pre-cruise. Would it be better to book something like Romecabs.com rather than try to find a taxi with enough room for us and our luggage? Can a private car from Romecabs take us right to the Del Senato? We hope Covid is controlled so we can take this trip.
  2. We are planning a cruise out of Italy in November. 26 days with Med and Trans Atlantic. We will probably have four pieces of luggage. We would like to stay in the area near the Pantheon, but understand that is a traffic restricted area. Hotel assured us that taxis can get to the hotel easily. Having never been to Italy, we have no idea how large the taxis are. Are they large enough to carry us and all our luggage? We can book a pre-cruise through the cruise line that includes transfers and hotel, but that is more expensive and does not give us a hotel near the Pantheon. Hotel recommend
  3. No. Princess and Carnival, along with Holland America, cruise lines are separate cruise lines under the umbrella of the Carnival Corporation. Status is not transferable.
  4. I have used EZ Air twice. In both cases we were able to book our air travel as soon as the air schedules were released. In both cases Delta had the best schedule/price for our itinerary. We were able to choose seats on EZ Air. The seats and booking showed up on the Delta web site even though we had not paid any more than our deposit for the cruise. We were able to make changes to seating on EZ Air and changes to flights as prices changed. We never pay more than the original deposit until three days prior to final payment date. Flights on EZ Air showed up on Delta site also.
  5. You don't catch disease from the cruise ship. You catch disease on a cruise ship from a passenger/crew member that brings the communicable disease on the ship. The ship could be sterilized between cruises and there could still be a disease outbreak of the flu or norovirus or other disease (coronavirus) because someone unknowingly (or knowingly) brought the bacteria or virus onboard at embarkation. You cannot disinfect every arriving passenger.
  6. You cannot maintain 6 foot social distancing on a cruise ship. I suspect there will be very little "safe" cruising until there is an effective vaccine or an effective treatment. If you have to be concerned about social distancing on the tenders, you also have to be concerned about dining, buffets, shows, activities, art auctions, casinos, etc. We have a long wait before "safe" cruising happens. Cruising while confined to my stateroom and balcony with room service is not my idea of a cruise vacation.
  7. I think the eMuster would be okay for those who have cruised multiple times on the same cruise line and particularly the same ship or class of ship. We know the drill; we know where the muster stations are located or know how to find them by looking at the back of the stateroom door. I am so familiar with the Royal class since we haver sailed on the Royal, the Regal, and the Sky Princess; also on several of the other classes of Princess ships. But for those who are either new to cruising or new to the cruise line or new to the specific ship, the live muster drill requires them to actually g
  8. Disembarked the Regal Princess March 1. Received a check yesterday from Bottomline Technologies for the unused refundable OBC. Three weeks after disembarking. It has taken as long as six weeks in the past.
  9. We already had three booked, one for late summer 2020 and two for 2021. The Grand, the Sky, and the Discovery Princesses. Since we have not approached final payment for any of the three, we have a lot of time to make a decision to cancel or go. We will cruise with Princess again in the future as the Coronavirus pandemic ends.
  10. We have always purchased Princess Platinum insurance and have had to use it twice. One time was because of a serious medical issue with a parent (who was not part of our booking) and the other time was a “for any reason” issue of potentially bad weather issue. Would not sail without the for any reason coverage.
  11. If a person is on a B2B Cruise, and if he/she completes their fifth cruise credit on the first cruise of the B2B, he/she is platinum on the second cruise of the B2B
  12. We use the toilet in our stateroom and avoid public toilets as much as possible to reduce the possibility of exposure to norovirus.
  13. I don't feel it's an issue either. We enjoy getting dressed up on occasion also, but not because of the photo opportunity; we never purchase photos from the ship anyway. So we do not waste their time by posing.
  14. Our observation over the last three years on the Regal Princess in both the Caribbean and Canada/New England is that smart casual is allowed. Most men wore a sport coat with or without a tie. Some wore a dress shirt without a sport coat either with or without a tie. A few wore a tux. A smaller number wore smart casual.
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