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  1. We will be on the Sky Dec 1 through Dec 7, so can not answer this question thoroughly. On the Regal and the Royal, dancing was available in the Piazza, occasionally in the Vista lounge to recorded music, and some in Club 6. The Sky has Take Five but not Club 6, but the Princess website explains that there are some opportunities to dance in Take Five. The Piazza dancing was live music. We were never in Club 6.
  2. The Regal is also listed for Pier 2 on that date. Both ships will have passengers to disembark before the new ones embark. Both can not be at Pier 2 at the same time. Passengers will have to disembark from one of the two ships at a different terminal; guessing one will be at Pier 21. Which one is anyone's guess at this time. It is possible ( but how probable is the question) that the Sky could disembark its Trans Atlantic passengers at Pier 21 and then move to Pier 2 after the Regal leaves at 4:00. One week prior to Dec 1 the Port Everglades Ship Schedule should show where each ship will dock on Dec 1 and from where each ship will depart that same day.
  3. On our last cruise with Princess, the Regal Princess out of Brooklyn back on October 12, access to the staterooms was not available until 1:00 pm. That is the first time we have not had access upon boarding. Don't know about suites though.
  4. The door unlocks as you approach the door with the medallion. If you walk on past the door, it locks as you walk away..
  5. Whether you use the medallion or the card, you still have to place it on the sensor when you purchase something. The medallion automatically unlocks your stateroom door when you get within range (within 1 to six feet) whereas you have to place your room card on the sensor by the door. Same sensor for both. We have done two medallion cruises and have found the medallion is so easy.
  6. We were on the Regal Princess two weeks ago for Canada/New England. We had the Pub lunch on the only scheduled sea day. Our experience has been that it is only done on a sea day.
  7. We were just off the Regal. There was a pre positioned card in the slot. We pulled it out so it rested at an angle when we left the room. That shut off all the room lights. It seems like the AC stayed on. Return to the room, drop the card in vertically and the lights immediately came on if we had left the switch on.
  8. I ordered our Medallions about 70 days prior to our cruise. About three weeks prior the app said they were on the way. We received the Medallions 2 1/2 weeks prior to the cruise, but we received the Medallions via Fed Ex in the morning and received the e-mail that they were shipped that afternoon. The medallions arrived more quickly than the e-mail.
  9. We always do Anytime Dining and are willing to share a table with others. We have been seated at a table for 10 on both the Royal and the Regal.
  10. Did they say non-transferrable or non-refundable? If both are on the same account, they basically share the OBC. I get military OBC and the shareholder OBC, so my OBC is greater than my wife's. But the total OBC for us is the combined amount. Most OBC is non-refundable. Military OBC is refundable. Princess pulls from the non-refundable OBC first and then the refundable OBC. If we don't use all our OBC, we get whatever is left of the military OBC amount.
  11. We will not miss the balloon drop because in our 13 Princess cruises, we have never attended one.
  12. The timeline for return of new passports in most cases is less than one month. We renewed ours this past spring and had the new passports in less than three weeks. Photo at Walgreens, filled the forms out on line, mailed in the forms and old passports to the address recommended. New passports came within three weeks.
  13. We were on the Regal this last February for 2 weeks; it was a Medallion cruise. Not all the features were active yet on that cruise, but we boarded with our Medallions. Embarkation was fast. Our cruise cards appeared in our stateroom later that day or the next. We both put the cards in the safe and used just the medallion. We used it for access to our room, for purchases in the ships retail stores, and for purchases at bars and the coffee bar at the International Cafe. Those are the exact same uses we would have used the cards for. We did not carry there medallion on the lanyard. We put it in the plastic cover and just carried it in a pocket same as we used to carry the card. We also used it for getting on and off the ship at port calls. A person does not have to carry a smartphone unless they want to use some of the other features.
  14. I don't know the requirement now, but when I filled out the Ocean Ready app late last year for the February 2019 cruise, I had to use a different set of log in credentials than my Princess.com site. So I have one password for Ocean Ready (Medallion Class App) ad a different one for Princess.com. So my password from Ocean Ready actually transferred to the newer Medallion Class app. The newer app shows my four cruises, but only allows me to input information into the upcoming October one. The remaining three have not reached final payment yet, so that may be why I can not input anything for them. However, I have completed the cruise check in information on the Princess.com web site for all four cruises. The Ocean Ready info will probably remain the same since we don't need new passports, the profile photo and security photo remain the same.
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