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  1. Funkat

    The End of Coffee Cards???

    Thanks for the tip. I had the Princess@Sea app and called myself checking it regularly, but if the charges post that quickly I can monitor it more closely on our next cruise in January.
  2. Funkat

    The End of Coffee Cards???

    I can't speak for what would happen using table service because I always went to the counter to get our coffees. But I was never questioned when ordering a fresh brewed and a specialty while using my card. The only problem that I had was them charging my onboard account instead of using a "punch" the last couple of days.
  3. Funkat

    The End of Coffee Cards???

    With the old system you could see how many punches remaining before you handed them the coffee card and see how many times they punched it. I never had to hand them my cruise card, only the coffee card so there was no chance of an additional charge.
  4. Funkat

    The End of Coffee Cards???

    I always ordered the coffees to go, as I brought DH's coffee to him in the cabin each morning since he sleeps in later than I do. So, they had no idea which of us was consuming the specialty or fresh brewed. Guest Services never even questioned if sharing was involved. It was a clear case of being incorrectly charged. At least with the old card system, you could catch an overcharge immediately. JS
  5. Funkat

    The End of Coffee Cards???

    When we purchased the coffee card on our Royal TA in Sept., the "punches" were loaded onto my cruise card. It was a 15 day cruise so buying the card made perfect sense it provided me with my specialty coffee & DH with his fresh brewed every morning. It was nice not having to keep up with another card, but I was skeptical of being charged incorrectly. Even though the number of mornings was the same as the number of punches, each morning I had the barista confirm how many remaining "punches" I had left. And, as it turned out, it was a good thing that I kept up with my "remaining punches". I was charged for my last 2 specialties. It took 2 trips to Guest Services and then 6 weeks to finally see these charges refunded to my credit card. It's really not the amount of the $$$, but just the idea that I was overcharged twice with their new system.
  6. Our Sun Princess cruise in January visits Isle of Pines, Mystery Island, Dravuni Island, Suva, Savusavu, Lautoka and Lifou. In researching the islands, I am so looking forward to visiting these beautiful beaches. However regarding Fiji, I'm somewhat concerned to read about the Kava ceremony and the expectation that visitors present a gift to the village chief. I've also seen mention that women should not have shoulders or legs exposed and that shorts are not appropriate for men either. I, in no way, want to disrespect anyone by not adhering to their customs so I would like to know beforehand what is actually expected of visitors from cruise ships. We really have no desire to participate in a Kava ceremony or buying a gift for the chief. Is this really expected of everyone? Also, we are visiting the islands because of their beautiful beaches and had planned on wearing swimsuits with appropriate coverups. Do we need to bring more clothes to change into when leaving the beaches if all we plan to do is a little shopping?
  7. Funkat

    Happy hour on Princess ships

    We will be on the Royal in January, Please report back if the BOGO+$1 was offered on your December sailing.
  8. Funkat

    Alcohol on board

    We always mixed our drinks in our cabin with our room service & mini bar liquor and Cokes that we carried on board. Nothing was ever said to us regarding us bringing our drinks anywhere on the ship, including the shows.
  9. Funkat

    Anyone sail on the Sun Princess lately?

    So sorry that I'm late in getting back to this thread. We found the Sun to be somewhat "dated" but overall pretty well maintained. We were on deck 9, Caribe, and there were a few days that we noticed a horrible sewer smell in parts of the hall. Other than that, no complaints on condition of the ship. Our suite, C747, was nice but could have used some updating. Size wise, only problem there was the lack of shops. Not much to look at, but then I saved $$$$ by not finding anything that I wanted to purchase. lol Rating the staff, the service was impeccable! As for the food, we were not impressed at all. In fact, it was the worst food that we've ever experienced on a cruise. We had Club Class dining in the Regency and still didn't have any meal there that was really good. After a few miserable breakfasts, we started eating breakfast at the International Cafe (usually a muffin or a breakfast sandwich). We ate one meal at the Horizon Court and decided then that we didn't want to eat there again. The steaks we had at Sterling Steakhouse were good, but nothing extraordinary. Other than those steaks, the hamburgers from the Terrace Grill were the best food that we were served. Upside to our disappointment in the food was that we gained no weight on this 13 day cruise! Although we weren't very impressed with the Sun and really prefer a somewhat larger ship, we find ourselves booked on her again in January 2019. So, she must have not been too bad. lol
  10. Funkat

    Self serve laundry on Princess

    Thanks for the info. The wipes are a good idea. I'm not thrilled with using public laundry facilities.
  11. Funkat

    Self serve laundry on Princess

    We had a suite on the Sun a couple of months ago. We would have spent over $400 for the 2 of us on laundry if we had paid for the laundry we sent out (and that doesn't include underwear, as I hand washed it). They charged it to our account and then credited it back as a "suite perk" so that amount is not a guess. We are sailing again in September on the Royal Princess for 15 days in a Deluxe Balcony. So, YES, I will spend a couple of hours on a sea day dealing with doing laundry. I can think of many ways that I would prefer to spend that money. Besides the $$$$, doing the laundry myself will save the abuse from the Princess laundry on our clothes.
  12. Funkat

    Self serve laundry on Princess

    So, I'm assuming there's no rule that you have to stay with your clothes? That would be great news. I have no problem keeping track of the time to be back when my load finishes, but I hate to sit and wait. I plan to pack lighter and wash a couple of times on our Sept cruise. Although we'll be gone 19 days (14 days cruising & another 5 days pre-cruise), I have a goal to pack less & less each trip. Somehow I know that I'll never get down to only a carry-on like some, but I'm striving to leave the ranks of the "overpackers".
  13. Thanks Tim! I'm also hoping that we are able to make St John's. DH & I made a motorcycle trip up to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI in the Fall of 2016 but did not spend the time to take the ferry to Newfoundland.
  14. We are now booked on her too. Now to confirm our excursions. :):):)