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  1. Sorta our thoughts as well.......we're used to masking up everyday now but not sure how much fun it would be on a cruise.
  2. As good as Viking is..........I found them pretty hard core to deal with on issues like this. As one here stated........their ship, their rules. I went round and round with them this week on a mail offer we received.......I was shown the fine print.
  3. Received our credit to our checking account this morning... still waiting for our refund to our credit card account.
  4. Just got off the phone with my Viking rep...........we're taking the 100% refund but we will be back. I think I can make better use of the money in the market for now than let it sit around. Very very happy with their response.
  5. I'm 70........do Senior Olympics I'll do as many push ups and set ups they want before I board
  6. We got the Viking email........tough decision
  7. After several trips to Europe we learned to carry coins to use the toilets........and the tipping.
  8. All good stuff............thanks to everyone
  9. Curious about the currency required on our up coming British Isle trip. Will we need pound sterling and euros for London & Scotland? Thanks in advance
  10. Same here.........doing the May 17 2020 cruise
  11. We’re looking at the same cruise... we did a Viking Ocean this past April
  12. Looking for some cruise line recommendations for a British Isle cruise.......10-12 day tour. We're looking into Viking as we did a ocean cruise this year but wonder if there are some good alternatives. This will be for Summer of 2020. Thanks in advance for any input.
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