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  1. Yes, Select is the “eat when you want” option and requires the prepaid gratuities; having the early seating, you’re wise to budget for gratuities.
  2. To the OP’s question: No, it wouldn’t make a huge difference to us if we had to pay for an extra bag, but then we also have made an effort to not over pack and have managed to stay within one checked bag each with a carry on, and that included clothes for formal nights. Not necessarily. My suit travelled just fine in a checked bag for our recent cruise; that included the drive to the airport, plane change in Phoenix, then to Vancouver. I thought that I might have to have it pressed on board, but it turned out fine, hardly any wrinkles.
  3. I thought that I remembered their having fish & chips in the sports bar – is that correct?
  4. Certainly agree about the minis. We much preferred our mini on the Sun, mostly because of the bath area. Storage was better on the Sun, too. Hope to sail her again some day.
  5. Thanks to OP for pointing these out. The Murano “regular” menu looks accurate to me, based on our eating there twice in May on the Century. We didn’t order the “Five Senses” dinner, so didn’t inspect its menu closely.
  6. It has its own web site -- everything you want to know and more: http://www.downywrinklereleaser.com/
  7. I’m another who does it as soon as I can, saving the docs electronically for perusal and then printing necessary pages at a comfortable time before traveling.
  8. Irons are not allowed. This is Celebrity’s FAQ answer to that question: “Steamers or irons are not allowed onboard. However, there is a full laundry and dry-cleaning service available onboard for a reasonable rate.”
  9. We found out the “hard” way in May, following the instructions on the Vancouver airport web site and doing everything required to qualify for the service, then learning that “there is no US direct” when we arrived Vancouver. It was not until we returned that I saw some discussion about it here. Thanks for posting your confirmation; hopefully others will not make the same mistake that we made.
  10. On our 5/22 Century to Alaska, we received (along with our daily) a small yellow card titled “Laundry Bag Challenge” that offered wash-and-fold service for a paper laundry bag full for “only” $35. We didn’t consider it much of a deal and didn’t use it. FWIW we were in a Sky Suite.
  11. For a start, I would suggest checking your sailing’s excursion list to see what might be of interest to you; there is quite a range of things (with a wide range of prices) that you can do in port. Check over on the Alaska ports of call board for talk about popular excursions and things to do. Also, check the Celebrity roll calls board to see if a thread has been started for your sailing.
  12. I had hoped that ours would be at Ketchikan because of our plans/preferences, but, in the end it didn't cause us a problem.
  13. We were glad to hear this news. There were many things that we liked about our Sun Princess Alaska sailing a few years ago -- that sentiment despite the fact that there was a noro outbreak early in our sailing. A larger annoyance, to us, was being nearly smoked off our balcony by heavy smokers next door.
  14. On our 5/22 Century Alaska sailing, the 2nd (optional) formal night was Thursday/Juneau. We were in port until 8:00PM and I thought that the "optional" designation was a good decision.
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