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  1. Living in the states, we have decided not to take a winter cruise this year. Instead, we just got home from a ski trip to Whistler BC. Enjoyed the low Canadian dollar. We also bought 5k in Cdn $ @ 1.43 to enjoy another trip this summer.
  2. With 1.5 days, I would head to Huntington Beach and enjoy the area. Only 20 minutes to the port and tons of things to do. Go down Main Street and see gorgeous young girls in skimpy bikinis. If you had any game, you could score with these girls easily. By the morning, you would need to find the morning after pill to prevent pregnancies. My buddies would offer our services for free as armcandy for the girls. Always ended up at a nude pool party with lots of drinks. Great times.
  3. If you want to stay in Hollywood, I would recommend Chateau Marmont. Great location. Every time I have stayed there, I've seen celebrities. Last time, we had drinks with Scott Baio.
  4. 39,000 industry professionals think he deserved an award. Got no problem with that.
  5. I send a pdf copy and a fax of my stock statement while I'm on the line with Carnival.
  6. I did it a lot when I lived in Long Beach. Was successful about 25% of the time. 3 or 4 day Mexico cruise was about $99 before taxes.
  7. The best breakfast in San Francisco is at The Hollywood Cafe in the fishermans wharf area.
  8. That's not almost last minute. It's 4 months away. I've booked several cruises on the morning of sailing. Now, that's almost last minute.
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