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  1. There is nothing wrong with the reef systems at Bonaire. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/18/travel/coral I just personally think the “best snorkeling in the world “ they claim is overstatement and wouldn’t want anyone who has snorkeled elsewhere in the Caribbean to go with overly high expectations. Beautiful yes, best in the world, no way.
  2. You’re welcome. I would probably book with someone like https://www.shoreexcursioneer.com/bonaire/water-taxi-klein-bonaire-island.html its like 1 or 2 dollars more but if they decide to change the ports again you will have an easier time getting your money back.
  3. I’ve snorkeled all over the world and haven’t been overly impressed with Bonaire. But if you want to snorkel just take a water taxi to Klein Bonaire and snorkel from the beach. Costs about $20 and leaves right from the pier.
  4. What hurricane? Matthew hit in 2016. I have been there a few times since then. I’ve never thought the snorkeling was great there. 100 times better in Aruba. Best thing is to go see the flamingos on a 4x4 tour.
  5. It will take a day or two for them to update the website. Hopefully you guys will get it back too. Bonaire is not my favorite island but I think it’s good they are trying to give us what we booked.
  6. No I didn’t post on the roll call it’s like a ghost town over there.
  7. I just came to post the same thing.
  8. It comes back to small dock area next to the ship where most of the water/sailing type of excursions depart from. It should make the circuit between the three beaches and the pier every 90 minutes. Make sure you know when the last beach pick up times are.
  9. Cozumel doesn’t qualify as a “distant” foreign port.
  10. Graphicguy I’m very glad you made it home safely. NCL will likely have to still pay a substantial fine for disembarking in NOLA. Probably in the millions. Getting approval for the safety of the passengers (900+ of which are children on The Breakaway) and being absolved of all fines are 2 very different things. I strongly believe someone will be held accountable for that As far as those of us who were to embark on 9/1 and given misinformation at every turn It’s pretty much uncharted territory... I think when the hurricane is past and all the passengers are returned home there will be additional compensation offered. I cancelled on 8/30 so I’m not concerned about that but those like you who spent considerable time, money and stress deserve at least something even if it’s a discount on a future cruise.
  11. Lol. You better call up DHS and warn them they are breaking their own rules by ordering the ships into port.
  12. Just my “opinion” but the statement We have been in close communication with government and local port authorities” Says to me that NCL is no longer calling the shots. This isn’t a broken down ship. This is now an evacuation.
  13. I think they put up the old info again by mistake. Guessing it will change again soon.
  14. They may be trying to evacuate ships from South Carolina into POM.
  15. Yes an update from Carnival says port of Miami is closed to incoming traffic. Cruise ships will be allowed to come and unload passengers tonight but not embark anyone.
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