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  1. “Not available” showing close to sailing usually means that there are unsold cabin in that category but the lifeboat capacity has been reached. If you search using 1 for the number of guests you will probably see some cabins available. The NA may come and go as upgrades are done but at that point it’s going to be a lot of solos and couples getting the upgrades.
  2. Upgraded this morning for the 11/24 Epic 11 day. Went from cabin 12110, a very good location IA cabin that was a CAS rate, to a very good location B2 on deck 14. $165 X 2 = $330. I’m solo for this trip.
  3. Sounds like a misunderstanding. Is the OP sure the extra $600 isn’t actually the beverage package gratuities for a b2b?
  4. I just read the 12 page thread on it in the West Coast Departures forum. Seems to be a very selective and elusive program.
  5. There is no service called “port valet” that can be booked onboard. The Bags program was discontinued years ago. The porters/valets in the port are hired after you get off the ship. The only other NCL managed option is an airport transfer where you pay at guest services and then they send you instructions and luggage tags to your cabin a day or two before disembarkation.
  6. Priority boarding for wedding parties is only for those who’s wedding is actually on embarkation day. http://royalwed.com/norwegian-cruise-line-weddings/what-you-need-to-know/
  7. No it isn’t similar. A guest speaker is someone whom you see for a few minutes or hours and they move on. They usually aren’t in a position where they would feel obligated to reciprocate in some way. In the case of giving gifts to ships officers many people do it as a way to get some kind of perk or VIP treatment. Putting the officer in an awkward position. I have seen people throw complete fits when they didn’t get VIP just for hosting the meet and greet. This is just a end run around that. Many people, not all, give gifts expecting something in return.
  8. If you have ever been in an Epic studio in rough seas and watched those closet doors slam from one end of the track to the other you would ask to have it taken off too. Really unsafe to have them free slide with no latch. I’ve always just put duct tape on it rather than bother the steward to remove it. Maybe he was new to the ship or studios and didn’t realize it was pretty common for them to be taken off.
  9. You should be able to get coffee at the buffet 24 hours. The food lines aren’t open but you can get to the coffee machines. They usually have paper cups out in the morning but I don’t know if they would be out at 5. I always take a travel mug and some Starbucks Via packs so I’m prepared for a coffee emergency.
  10. There is an 11 day sailing on Epic for Jan 26 2020 that has all of those in one cruise. But if you are looking to go sooner I would do the ABC.
  11. Don’t stay on the ship. Go on YouTube and search for videos about the Costa Maya port area and/ Uvero Beach Club, or the other places people have mentioned here. Seeing it will make it less intimidating. Watch a bunch of videos so when you get there you won’t feel lost. You really will be missing a lot if you stay on the ship.
  12. Don’t take that one. Take the “Party bus & beach getaway.” It goes to Uvero Beach Club. Really nice place. Drinks are included but not food. The bus part isn’t like a wild party just music and drinks. The regular beach getaway used to go to Uvero but now goes to some gross resort.
  13. I just now converted my booking for the Epic November 24 sailing from a standard booking in a Studio (t1) to a midship Inside cabin (IA) on deck 12. No single supp and a 20% discount, and drink card, no comp since it’s an 11 day I guess and I won a lot on my last sailing.:halo: The very first thing he said when he (name starts with a T) pulled up my booking was “we don’t deal with T1’s so I’ll see what else I can get for you”. This was just like 10 minutes ago at the regular CAS number 1-877-752-9625. I don’t know why they are giving some people these random “new” rules but I would call back and talk to someone else. Unless it is based on low play as some have suggested then I guess you take what they give you.
  14. The Dawn, Pearl and Disney Magic are all scheduled for Punta Langosta on the 20th. Somebody is going to have to tender. I’m going to guess it will be the Pearl since the Magic is coming in earlier. Im on the Dawn for the 11th sailing and might be staying for the 18th one so I guess we will see. Maybe the Dawn and Pearl captains will flip a coin. http://www.cruiseportinsider.com/cozumelschedule2018.html#mar
  15. Studio GTY sometimes happens on Euro cruises due to there being multiple embarkation ports. sometimes cabins get double booked. It happened to me twice on Epic. I don’t know why it happens to studios and not other cabins but it’s a frequent issue for the Euro Cruises. The first time I got to keep the studio and the other person was upgraded to a balcony, at no extra cost. The second time I was upgraded to a balcony.
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