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  1. Capt Hashmi was on NY to Hamburg 15th September.
  2. Retirement ? He'll lynch me for this but I'm guessing he's reached that age.
  3. How much would Uber or Lyft be ?
  4. I was under the impression its a short walk in to the city (20 mins) Does the ship dock far enough away to warrant a ferry ride ?
  5. What is the dress code for the pop up restaurants ?
  6. Its not a class thing, its a price differential. I'm always amazed at people who complain about this on cruise ships and yet are quite content to board an aircraft with First, Business, Premium economy and economy classes available.
  7. I spoke with a barman about wages, he was working with Celebrity prior to that he worked for Four Seasons in Dubai. He was making double the amount working for Celebrity and he had health care, meals and accommodation, no transport costs (to/from work). He said he would never return to the hotel sector.
  8. Was it deck 5 ? You could stand at one end of the ship and see the curve and dip of the whole deck. Wonderful vessel.
  9. So let us in on your secret, for late last minute cruises, do you phone the cruise line direct and haggle or use an agent ?
  10. I remember you ! I have a son !!!! 😀😘 (heavy sarcasm font used in this post)
  11. No the OP said Sidney (with an i) in Canada. Thank you for the info re Sydney, I've learnt something there.
  12. Sidney British Columbia ? Which ship were you sailing on ?
  13. We boarded our Alaska cruise in May this year. Note 3 of our party are UK passport holders. Three ships in port, we arrived at 12.15 and boarded at 4.00pm.
  14. https://www.hotelbucintoro.com/ We stayed here it is on the water bus route from the cruise terminal and to the airport. Delightful and charming.
  15. I always thought it was a free service ? I always see it arrive outside Hudson Bay Shopping centre. Luckily for me I'm sat in the Churchill !:D :D:D
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