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  1. I've received a stationary kit, headphones, and now a Tervis cup. I was actually kind of looking forward to getting the blanket 2 weeks ago, but got the cup. No biggie though. Theres always October.
  2. Good evening. I've sailed on this ship twice and have found boarding generally starts 11:30-noon. There is a separate area for Platinums and Diamonds, but the area depends on how many are sailing. It'll either be a smaller room, or the embarkation hall behind the check-in area.
  3. Hello everyone, I'll be sailing to St. Vincent relatively soon. From your experiences, what are some must see places? I've read about Bequia. Is coming and going similar to St. Thomas - St. John?
  4. They will only open dividers so long as they do not open in front of a balcony door.
  5. That Platinum rumor is false. Went right to my cabin on my last cruise a couple weeks ago. Channel line-up has changed a little according to some, but I don't watch much TV so I can't say for sure. Some other changes per social media posts.. -Room service now has a small fee after 10pm -No room service breakfast on debarkation day -Health questionnaire is now digital in some ports. -Carnival Dream now has Waterworks cabins on Deck 9 (J/K).
  6. I wouldn't count on anything too much. While I do believe Carnival wants to commit a Spirit Class ship to Tampa, Who knows what ship it will be. Tampa has hosted 3 of the 4 in that class (Legend, Miracle, and Pride) off and on in the last 5 years. Carnival has been shuffling their ships around a lot lately.
  7. Using the dryers results in less waste (used paper towels) and lower costs. While paper towels may not be all that expensive in smaller numbers, I'm sure it adds up. I prefer paper towels as well, but I don't see them returning.
  8. It's a possibility since it sails to Cuba and I haven't been there yet. We'll see what 2019 brings. :cool:
  9. Hey there! The amount of people embarking/debarking in Barbados pales in comparison to San Juan. They’ll make announcements and do the whole thing for those leaving. That said, I bet it’s the easiest place to embark/debark with such a small amount of those joining the ship there. Cabin selection probably isn’t as good, but I’d consider it. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. Hey there! Yes, you will need to catch a cab from the port (Havensight) to Red Hook. It’s about a 20 min cab ride to/from. There is a ferry that runs from the town center (walkable), but it’s much less frequent, takes a lot longer, and not as reliable. Stick to cabbing to/from Red Hook.
  11. There is a small sushi bar by the casino. Because it’s an Express Bonsai Sushi the menu is a little limited. They weren’t very busy and the sushi was delicious. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. It does stink to have to cram it, but I can’t be that close to STJ and not go. Even if for a short while. I really do wish there was more time there. Now that they’re stopping at St. Maarten the next day on some upcoming itineraries, I don’t see why they couldn’t. I guess the casino and on-board spending dictates the port time though.
  13. Hey Johnny. We got to the terminal just before noon, checked in, and walked right onto the ship. No wait this time! The dining room is open for dinner on embarkation day, but is only open seating because of the timing of muster (9-ish).
  14. I'm back from my cruise on Fascination last week. Had a great trip and made lots of great memories. This was my first time on a Fantasy Class ship and Third time on the Southern Caribbean itinerary out of San Juan. I don't do reviews anymore but here's some thoughts from my cruise. Carnival Fascination was... Great! For my first time on a smaller ship, I was impressed. To be honest, it didn't really feel 40,000 Gross Tons smaller than the Conquest Class ships I started out on. A good amount of public space. The only crowding issues I encountered was trying to walk to/from lido and the photos around the atrium, where the floor narrows. No biggie though. Parts of the ship did feel some dated, but the Joe Farcus decor wasn't too over the top. For a ship that entered service in 1994, it was in pretty good condition. Service this cruise was honestly the best I've ever experienced. Nathan and Kelvin in the Imagination Dining Room were outstanding. Rivian at the Stars Bar went out of his way to make little surprises for one of the children traveling in my party. All staff I interacted with were great people with awesome attitudes. Even the captain was the most personable I've experienced. Dare I say I liked this ship much more than most I've sailed, especially Vista. I frequently saw people cleaning the ship as well. Especially the stairs. My cabin was M5. Main Deck, forward, starboard side, porthole cabin. Everything about the cabin was great, except for one thing. I was awaken every time we started to make/leave port. My steward, Bagus provided great service and was cool to joke around with. My third time doing this itinerary and I still feel like I could do it again. I think it's best experienced with at least one sea day though. As much as I'd want to see Antigua or Dominica again, I think it's just a little too busy to have ports every day. -St. Thomas- Took the ferry from Red Hook over to St. John. Hung out in Cruz and Trunk Bays. Even after all the devastation, St. John is my little slice of heaven. -Sea Day- Behind the Fun tour with only 5 of us. Missed going out on the bow again, but no biggie. -Barbados- Pirates Cove. Snorkeled with turtles and shipwrecks. The kids loved Pirates Cove. Wasn't a big fan of their cafeteria. NOT A FAN of the beach vendors who quarrel over who sells who what. -St. Lucia- Cosol Tours. The order of stops had changed since I last tried them in 2013. Was a good tour, but felt a little too crammed towards the end. -St. Kitts- Went to Carambola and Reggae Beach properties. Carambola was nice with a better beach, but Reggae was more fun. -St. Maarten- Went to Rainforest Adventures and did all the zip-lines including the Flying Dutchman. Was very fun and had a spectacular view from the top of the mountain. -San Juan- Pre-cruise we stayed at an Airbnb in Old San Juan. Portal Del Sol was nice and the hosts were very friendly. Only downside was no AC in common areas, only bedrooms. Not a big issue for us, but even with the fans going, air didn't move much. Lunch at Barrachina was good again, but it took a longer time to be served than previously. Post-cruise we bought a tour of San Juan for half the price of the ship excursion. We had a late flight and it was cool to explore a little more while our luggage stayed with the bus. Overall, I really enjoyed this cruise and wouldn't hesitate to book it again. Same itinerary, same ship. If you're considering it, book it!
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