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  1. You may not like this, but this person is right. Carnival is going to be cutting every corner and trying to maximize every profit when they return to cruising. They will have no choice.
  2. Just monitoring the boards I think if cruising starts up soon enough, say October, many people are going to wimp out last minute who thought they were ready to cruise until it came time to get on a plane. If so, this will make for some great deals if you can book within 48 hours of cruising. That is how I took a four day cruise for $264 total in March.
  3. Darn, that does not help me get $14 a day cruise prices. I need more ships, not less.
  4. Eventually someone has to pull the trigger and be first. Time to end this and get cruising restarted.
  5. LOL, that's Nice. I wonder if it might be a tidal well or a salt water spring, I have seen those before in the Gulf of Mexico, but it could also just be a leaking water pipe. Anything like Gas and I suspect it would be very evident.
  6. It looks like a leak of some kind to me unless there are natural geysers in the area. https://youtu.be/240igU2FECM?t=779 Thanks
  7. I did try to book one and it came up normal price on the payment screen of $79 a person. Everything is back to normal now.
  8. Someone must have made a mistake, they are all gone now.
  9. 1 dollar fares on the front page that become $79 fares when you try to book them.
  10. I am going, Balcony 7422. I died doing what I loved!
  11. They are clearly trying to fill the ship, an interior room for this cruise right now is $44. Cheapest cruise I have ever seen.
  12. Exposure does not worry me as much as possible quarantine, I am healthy and under 50. Would be a real pain in the butt should we all get quarantined on the ship for 14 days though.
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