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  1. He ain't no lightweight. Looks like the course of the day was only a few hours as the article says they boarded at 3:30. I would be done and sleeping on the floor after about 5 margaritas in that time period.
  2. I love this line in the article! Amberlee insisted that he didn't appear intoxicated beforehand despite having drank about 10 margaritas over the course of the day
  3. Finding a tour after I get off the ship is all I do now unless I have something very specific I do not want to miss. We have had some of the best tours of our cruising in this way and at a quarter of the price of ship excursions.
  4. Exactly this. When I get someone who does not care or does not know anything about cruises, I just hang up and call back.
  5. The production stage shows are always family friendly, but unfortunately often completely boring for the same reason.
  6. LOL, my wife and I were just discussing the same on our cruise last month. Our tour were all unloading for a beach in Antigua and we decided to skip it once we saw it after a long tour anyway. Someone said, how can you skip this beautiful beach? I said, please come see Seagrove Beach near Destin. If a beautiful beach was your only objective, you could have stayed in Florida. I have yet to see any beach that rivals the Western Florida Gulf Coast, the Caribbean islands just do not have beaches like that.
  7. Lol, algorithms are my guess also, but just to hedge my bets when they called me yesterday trying to sell me a cruise I told them I was already booked on RC.
  8. Bookworm has it. I cruise twice a year and only get the regular sales offers. My oldest daughter who cruised twice with us and not since 2017 gets constant offers that are great. I see all of these as I registered her with my email address. Solid business practice though really, as long as I am booking cruises, there is no reason to lure me back. I just took my 2nd Royal Caribbean cruise and currently have no Carnival Cruise booked. Waiting to see if they notice.
  9. Dropping Antigua is no loss. Has been my least favorite Island in the Eastern Caribbean. Only reason to stop there was cheaper porting, there are just better islands if you are being pushed to pay more anyway.
  10. I did not care for Antigua and would not be stressed over missing that stop. Their biggest attraction appeared to be Nelson's Boatyard and there was not much to that.
  11. I have regretted the package and would not purchase it again. I know that many people love the idea that they have already paid for it and it removes a worry for them, but for me I have a number in my head and if I am not reaching that break even number I feel like I wasted money. Then I found that there was no way I could really meet that number without ordering when I often did not feel like it, especially on port days. By the end of the week I was regretting the calories in the package more than anything else. I ended up just not worrying about it and ordering only when I felt like it and Carnival made out big on the deal.
  12. I expect that this is where cruising is headed. The lido buffet, Guys and Blue Iguana being free and everything else being for a fee. This would not stop me from cruising, but I would expect fares to stay low in this model.
  13. On the Dream forward when the evening stage shows were happening it was insanely loud. I would not have even known though had I not went back to the room to get something. We were never in the room during the shows. The room was vibrating though, I had to get my wife to go check it out the next night.
  14. The numbers are pretty clear on the ships. Lines back into the atrium waiting for the doors open for early seating. A wait list to move from late to early seating on nearly every cruise. Completely full dining rooms at 6pm and quarter empty dining rooms at 8:30. The demographic for cruises is still older and they still like the early bird special.
  15. I leave auto gratuity on and usually tip up front when I make custom requests like an extra chair or robes and I let them know what I like in terms of service like I do not need ice, but the kids really love towel animals and I want twice a day service. When they perform my immediate request, I tip a $20 on the first day and then if they are doing a really good job and actually performing full service twice daily and doing the things I mentioned I liked, then I leave a five each day. I feel this increases the service, my mother was with us on a recent cruise and the same steward skipped her a couple days and no towel animals when I got them. I am sure though that you would get acceptable service with no extra tip.
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