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  1. I’m curious about any reviews for the tobacco Bay walking tour that Ncl offers in Bermuda, if anyone has any opinions on it. I haven’t seen any . looked on the Ncl website and there werent any reviews there either. TIA
  2. I’m wondering if there is a chapel on the Escape? TIa
  3. We just booked for 2019 on Escape to Bermuda! Great info on here- thanks!!
  4. Can anyone tell me the cost for the Thermal spa on the Escape, and how to sign up? Also, Is there a limited number of sign- ups? TIA! :cool:
  5. Can you tell me which beaches DONT have rental umbrella's and chairs?? I definetly need at least umbrella shade,,,, TIA! :D
  6. YES!! Except mine goes into one of those cube baskets!! And I'm not currently booked, but still ordering !! (Currently choosing our next :')) :')
  7. YES!!! Except mine is one of those big cube baskets ! :')
  8. We cruised with them in march ! My hubby struck up a conversation with him! Several nights he showed up in full dress Marine uniform! 😊
  9. I would love details pls!! :confused::D
  10. Hubby and I didnt like rock of ages at all....actually left after abt 30 min...go with burn the floor IMO
  11. What happened to the format here? Each shipline used to be broken down for each ship...now I have to scroll throught every thread on every ship?!? :confused:
  12. Can I ask-how do you get a porter and what do you typically pay? I've never usec one before..... thx!!
  13. Unsupervised children,,, had to pull a very young one ( 6-ish) to the surface in the pool once.... looked around and not 1 adult paying attention to this child,,,, my BIGGEST pet peeve!!!
  14. Booked balcony rm midship deck 9 on BA,,,, any experiance with a lot of overhead noise in this area? Looked at area,,,somewhat concerned/more curious,,, thx!!
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