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  1. California has brought in Blue Shield as a private 3rd party to oversee vaccine distribution in our state. Right now everyone that I know over 65 in San Diego has either had their first vaccine or has an appointment this week so I am not sure if this move is a good thing or not. Supposedly the move is to streamline efforts...maybe other states will follow suit? Blue Shield Selected as California's Vaccine Rollout Partner (lamag.com)
  2. Those of you in the medical field...what are your thoughts on pain relievers and the vaccine? Any logic to this? Would be interested for when my number comes up. Getting The COVID Vaccine? Don’t Do This Before Your Shot (ibtimes.com)
  3. Interesting news....it appears California may be moving towards a more age based phasing for vaccines. "Moving forward, there will be a single statewide standard and movement through the tiers. The state will continue through 65+, health care workers, and prioritize emergency services, food and agriculture workers, teachers and school staff. From there, the state will transition to age-based eligibility, allowing California to scale up and down quickly, while ensuring vaccine goes to disproportionately impacted communities." Currently, the next phase would be not be age based but would be transportation, manufacturing, homeless and incarcerated. More information on the change and specifics tomorrow. This supposedly is in an effort to simplify. Maybe other states will follow. I will post after tomorrow's update.
  4. Good question. Yesterday I read two articles written in the last few days from LA Times. One showed an updated timeline saying 50 plus should start late Spring (even though still behind essential workers, incarcerated etc.). The next one I read stipulated at this rate priority for those over 65 would be necessary through at least June before anyone else would even be considered. That would place the 50 plus way down the line. It is all over the place. In other words...what planners like you (and me) love to hear...."no one really knows".😕 M
  5. Yes, I also have set up an alert with our county. Was just informed today via cell phone alert that we opened up to over 75 and helped a friend get signed up just as the info on the website was updating.
  6. Please clarify. Have you somehow pre registered for the vaccine on these websites or just established accounts? I have established accounts and downloaded apps but have yet to see any sort of pre registration. Thanks
  7. Governor in California announced yesterday that vaccines should be now given to anyone 65 and up. San Diego county has nixed that for now saying we have too many health care workers to extend out. I am fine with that- I wouldn't qualify over 65 anyway and know our health care workers deserve it. They have opened up Petco Park (Padres) and plan to open more "super sites" in each the North, South, East portions of our county with hopes of 1.Starting Feb 1 to administer 24,000 shots a day 2. Have 70% of those over 16 vaccinated by the end of July. We have about 2.6 million over 16 so not sure if the numbers add up or if it is possible but at least they are planning!!! M
  8. J&J may still get approval in February but their production is way behind, May not catch up until April. J&J will not be able to give the U.S. its promised 12 million doses by February | Daily Mail Online
  9. I fail to see what is nonsensical about it? Someone had just posted about the CDC saying a 4 day grace period for second doses was acceptable. I was just posting that the World Health Organization is saying up to 6 weeks between vaccines is ok. It isn't like I was pulling it out of my you know where. And although there isn't necessarily a shortage of vaccines now, there may very well be as more people seek their second doses. I also realize that the FDA would need to approve this but the post was informational only.
  10. WHO: Amid short supplies, vaccine doses can be 6 weeks apart https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.fox61.com/amp/article/news/health/coronavirus/vaccine/world-health-organization-vaccine-input/507-176f93de-b4a4-46df-ac1c-9e19025ed9e8
  11. No worries- I get you. Our family only gathers outside. Here in Southern California restaurants are closed now, even outside. Some argue this actually pushes people to gather indoors at home. My experience is that most people mask when out and about. A lot of spread apparently is in the workforce.
  12. I understand getting shots into as many people as possible to at least get minimal protection to more people. I must say however, I remember how utterly difficult it was to get my second shingrix vaccine-it was almost a full time job hunting it down. M
  13. BTW just got an alert that Biden will aim to not hold back second doses....
  14. What people don't understand is that the daytime temps are a lot different than the evening temps. For example, on NYE day we had my brother's family over (outside and tables separated 6 feet). We started at 2:30/dinner 3pm when temps were in the mid 60s knowing that shortly after sundown it would be in the low 50s. Even though we had small heaters under the tables, everyone was cold and headed out about 5 with jackets and scarves. My son in law's family still meets indoors without masks. I will venture out to say it seems to be more of a cultural thing for them. I am inland San Diego...today's hi 71 but low is 39. Next Thursday hi 79 but low is 43, so yes people head indoors here too. 😒
  15. Yay! I am wondering under this system if you are able to make a follow up appointment right then and there for your second shot or do you have to fight for another online appointment later? M
  16. Thanks... My daughter had a bad reaction to vancomycin during surgery about 15 yrs ago. It wasn't Red Mans syndrome - she got hives, bronchial spasms and had a drop in blood pressure. Now I am wondering if it was an ingredient in the vancomycin which may also be the one causing issues in the mRNA vaccines. I have suggested she wait until another platform is out. Surgery was done at a Naval Hospital so I really can't get much other information. M
  17. Via CBS news..."might not" COVID vaccines "might not" work as well on South African strain, scientists warn - CBS News
  18. California has now authorized dentists to administer the vaccine. Could help a little bit.
  19. Shot tracker.. https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/covid-vaccine-tracker-global-distribution/
  20. Well this is a bit unfortunate but I guess there is only so much money to go around. At least they tried. Covid-19 Vaccine Study on Preventing Transmission Is Stalled - WSJ
  21. A lot of discussion on priority. Unfortunately, does it really matter? Nope. The powers that be will decide and I will fall in line (literally). All I can do is hope and pray that J&J, AstraZeneca and Novaxx have good success quickly and we are flooded with vaccines and workers to give them! M
  22. Sorry, it was a print screen I sent to my friend the other day. Now can't find the link. This is specifically California however we are following the CDC guidelines pretty much so just google that. I have seen several variants but they are pretty much the same as far as where a 64 year old would be. The US is very different from both UK and Canada regarding this. There is a tool you can use to see where you are in line for your age/county/etc.... Opinion | When Can I Get a Coronavirus Vaccine in America? - The New York Times (nytimes.com)
  23. My understanding is a healthy 20 year old is considerably well before a healthy 64 year old. I feel your pain, My place in line is at the needle mark. Husband and I are 63
  24. I am hopeful. We have August cruise plans for Alaska. It includes only one Canadian port and it is in the evening. Maybe we port and stay on board. I could lift and shift once again if they allow it but I don't want FCC because rumor has it the 125 percent doesn't cover the future pricing. M
  25. Thanks for additional clarification. Maybe I just need to quit being inquisitive. M
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