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  1. I would think Miami small claims court is a good place to file.
  2. At least you got an email from them. I can't get them to respond to any of my inquiries. Just total silence.
  3. Hi, I was booked on the same cruise. I paid for my cruise fare and a choice air ticket. No excursions were booked. I have received 5 separate refunds from Azamara, dribbled out over the weeks. One of the amounts matched my deposit, another was for the port taxes, but the other three were very odd amounts, none of them made sense and when I add up all the credits so far, I am short by $275. I guess I should be glad I got most of my money back, but this is really poor customer service. I've given up trying to get any information out of them. Nobody can explain the var
  4. I asked, they said yes, then did nothing. And they won't put anything in writing. They don't answer emails but you can get them on the phone. They just say they are backed up, which I believe is a lie. They have 3 SMALL ships and they haven't refunded anyone. Of course if you book a cruise, they are able to charge your card immediately.
  5. So to summarize, nobody who is due a full refund (due to the whole cruise being cancelled) has received one, even those whose trips were cancelled over 30 days ago. The only people that have received a refund are those that got refunds because they decided to cancel a cruise. My cancelled NCL cruise was refunded promptly, with excellent communication. As of yet, I haven't received anything from Azamara, not even an email. Their communication and the way they treat customers is quite disappointing. I doubt I will ever do business with them again.
  6. Actually, I think the time to start worrying has passed. If they were busy processing refunds, then some would have received them by now. That's why I asked if anyone had received a full refund for a cancelled cruise, so far nobody has responded. Only people with partial refunds have received them. One option is to dispute the charge on your credit card as I think we will never see any money from Azamara. If they intended to refund, they would have started the process, but so far not a penny and they ignore emails about the subject.
  7. It's been 3 weeks since Azamara canceled my cruise. I have not received a refund. I have emailed them 3 times, they do not respond. When I called them, the representative just said they were backed up. Sounded like a canned answer read off a script. I understand they have a lot of refunds to process, but 3 weeks? Makes me wonder if they are going out of business. Has anyone else received their refund?
  8. No refund here, and they have not responded to the 3 emails I've sent inquiring. I'll give them another week then I'm disputing the amount with my credit card company. I know they are busy, but they can't even answer emails with a form letter. Very disappointing really, I expected better customer service from a premium line.
  9. Azamara handled the whole thing very poorly. They have been very slow issuing refunds too. When I called, they told me they were really busy. Busier than the airlines? I think not, and they managed to issue a refund promptly. The CEO is responsible for the poor customer service of his company. The OP message was not libellous in any way.
  10. larhode


    I imagine cruise line officials have been pulling their hair out the last couple of weeks. I wish them well and hope the cruise business will soon recover.
  11. larhode


    by refusing to relax their cancellation policies, as other lines have done, Azamara has proven they don't care about their passengers welfare. I will never sail with them again.
  12. larhode


    Singapore covers 276 square miles. The USA 3,797,000 square miles Singapore has .37 cases per square mile The USA has .000018 cases per square mile. But as you mentioned, the virus is worldwide. Non essential travel just about anywhere is somewhat risky. And the US State Department has advised citizens not to travel by cruise ship to or from Singapore, and several other countries. The statement basically said you're on your own should things go badly. I don't want to end up restricted to my cabin floating around in the Persion Gulf or worse, in a hospital in India
  13. larhode


    It is madness. Azamara is behaving very badly. We are booked on the April 11 departure from Singapore and have decided it’s not worth the risk. Azamara will do nothing for us. We didn’t ask for a refund, just a credit for a future trip. The answer was No. one of my travel companions has a suppressed immune system due to a transplant, Azamara couldn’t care less.
  14. larhode


    I am booked on a nonstop from LAX to Singapore and they haven't canceled it. In fact, they have two flights that day. One at 11:30am and another departing around midnight.
  15. larhode


    You can fly to LAX on Jetblue and then nonstop to Singapore from there on Singaore airlines, the fare from LAX is much cheaper than out of NY.
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