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  1. Creative marketing should not leave someone feeling that they were scammed. There is no way you can offer 10 different types of sales and come up with exact same bottom line. I hope we can agree that it’s a very shady, borderline unethical, business practice at best.
  2. With that logic %20 of $1 is worth more than 1% of a $1,000,000. 🤣
  3. It’s true, lots of discussion and confusion around it at first. Suite lounge is now for suite guests only.
  4. Here’s the data for protection under masking and social distancing guidelines in US…. Here’s data from when vaccine was released…
  5. Wrong and wrong. Even if you weren’t totally wrong, why so judgey? Cruising is a selfish act.
  6. Are they offering 125% for those of us who can’t go because of the requirements? We booked prior to the pandemic with children.
  7. Got it, thanks! Hopefully will know more soon. Have a final payment coming up. 🙂
  8. Anyone have a source for this? Could be very helpful for sailing with child.
  9. Wonder how long it would take cruise lines to consider returning. I bet many will be reluctant, simply to avoid bad headlines. Any bets on what Royal will do?
  10. What do you mean, those cruises are still a go. Only the Rome departures were cancelled. (They do loops in Europe with two starting ports on the same week).
  11. Royal confirmed summer sailings are sold out. https://www.wfla.com/news/florida/sold-out-royal-caribbean-announces-florida-summer-sailings-are-booked/
  12. I bet the email even went to the C&A members staying in suites. Aka, you can’t get into the lounge because of your status (but you can because you are staying in a suite). I predict customer service center will be hit hard and follow-up email will go out.
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