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  1. Unfortunately that’s what happens without constant ports of calls and people to constantly paint the hull. Once cruising resumes, daily cosmetic maintenance will continue as well.
  2. According to this article, Royal Carribean is averaging about 46 people per ship. Of course that is only an average. I’m sure there are more on larger ships and less on smaller ships. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23171-royal-caribbean-has-repatriated-38-000-crew.html
  3. Sitting on deck 4 on the Mariner in the Gulf of Aden when about 50-100 dolphins start jumping next to ship.
  4. Loyalty status won’t mean much to a company that won’t exist. I feel your frustration, but they are in full survival mode right now. It might be good to broaden your horizons anyways. I find status a bit sad when the status was received in lieu is new experiences.
  5. Good call out, it does seem that they just “borrowed” renderings of Voyager/Freedom amps. Found a other nice rendering of Odyssey pool deck...
  6. Last week’s news. Have any new info? Must have been a slow news day for this local station, lol.
  7. Understood, but how long do you think CDC would allow circumvention before they change the rules. It’s going to take a lot more than a neighboring departure port.
  8. Shuttle is not going to help if Americans are banned from cruising. 🙄
  9. Any catch Odyssey’s subtle design change? At one point it had two pools on the main deck and now it only has one. Either that or I’m looking at wrong area. Royal’s website shows it both ways, even in same video. Deck plans suggest second pool has been scrapped. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/odyssey-of-the-seas
  10. She’s been our favorite ship, even more so than newer/bigger ships. Is there such a thing as perfect size? Although we will be trying Harmony for the first time next year.
  11. I’m not seeing the chat feature on any additional ships. Was that on iOS or Android?
  12. It probably doesn’t matter was was on Oasis before. A better question to ask is what will new norm look like. Self-serve ice cream will probably never exist on cruise lines again, even long after pandemic is over. Only time will tell, but I would recommend waiting to see after cruising resumes rather than past experiences at this point.
  13. This can’t be good, normally big updates would happen in the middle of the night and not day.
  14. Jail should be the naughty room! 🤣
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