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  1. Still anyone’s guess until an official announcement is made. The very few cruises currently taking place in Europe only allow for ship excursions. The vaccine will dramatically change things, big question is how fast.
  2. Without doing the stay a while program, my experience is that they want everyone off the ship as soon as possible. We have even seen the captain’s do wake-up calls before 7 am. in the Med. Agree with others that 9:30 is about the latest or 10 if you really push it.
  3. I see X-ray option on the Harmony now, updated the spreadsheet. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kZ1gCFtt1eiX1OWw9q-8tnEU5uQCWIjBwQt-w3t040s/edit#gid=1881900306
  4. Are you lost? This is a cruise forum dedicated to Royal Caribbean. Welcome to cruise critic, you may want to find a medical board instead.
  5. Nice, thanks Biker! I know we are a long ways off, but at least it’s a small step in the right direction. Surprised no one else is talking about this, are these ships being discussed on another thread somewhere? I couldn’t find one.
  6. Just reading this article based on one of Chris’s blogs and it suggests that Navigator and Mariner will be first for US. Of course Quantum will be starting next month as well. Do we have any other sources to corroborate the US sailings? https://cruiseradio.net/royal-caribbean-crew-member-things-are-starting-to-happen/
  7. Royal Carribean doesn’t offer anything for free, only things included with your cruise fair (I am starting to make this distinction because younger generations have great trouble understanding that someone is paying for it). If you connect to ships WiFi (no internet package needed), then you can use all of the apps functionality onboard such as viewing cruise compass, reservations, chat feature (select ships), etc.
  8. The perks today are worth little to nothing, except for maybe the free cruises. The perks are just designed to make you feel special, nothing much to lose.
  9. Probably to an extent, need to spread people out onboard as much as possible. Shutting down venues does not allow that.
  10. 480,000 deaths in US from smoking last year, yet we still provide freedom to do so. Why are we being so much much more restrictive with Covid? Everyone has the freedom to stay home. Just saying!
  11. Not sure why we have to make everything political, especially on an international site such as cruise critic. How about give both sides what they want? Democrats can cruise in 2023 and pay 40% taxes. Republican can cruise in 2021 and pay 20%. Seems fair, someone has to cover for losses. Big picture is important including lives, well being, and freedom. Rather than doing this, it would behoove us to quit being so decisive and start working together. We don’t have to all agree, but should allow for freedom of opinions, and most importantly respect for each other. It’s grou
  12. Earning a living and keeping economy alive is not a necessity? 🤔
  13. Ours was priced at $84 originally and recently booked for $40. It’s a smart marketing tactic called price anchoring. When you see that $64 price tag in the future it will feel like a “deal”.
  14. This popular blogger confirmed that Royal Carribean will only be doing test cruises with employees starting out, no need to reach out to them at all. https://*****.com/y564kpl7
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