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  1. Fully agree with this, think it was just omitted from monthly health updates since that port is closed.
  2. With the FDA‘s new recommendation for booster shots for those 65 and up, how long until Royal catches up with their vaccination guidelines? At some point that age group would now be considered unvaccinated unless they have three shots.
  3. You should be able to find independent tours for less than 1/2 that price. Personally, we’ve had a lot better experiences not doing ship sponsored excursions. Generally better tours with smaller groups allowing you to see more and cost is way better. Royal has about 100% markup on all tours.
  4. Yes, as long as it’s a PCR or Antigen test, you’re good to go.
  5. Royal does what’s called flex pricing so they get maximum return. After you book a cruise, prices can be found in the cruise planner and are subject to change. Prices vary from restaurant to restaurant and from lunch and dinner. Cruises often have a 3 meal dining package, an unlimited dining package, and sometimes a 5 meal package. Prices vary weekly based on various “sales” etc. Hope that helps!
  6. It’s funny because have seen more fires started from after market phone accessories than I ever have extension cords. Royal should really re-think their policy.
  7. Thank you for this info! Wonder why they use Covid to justify “free” breakfast but not lunch and dinner? Same people that come up with sales prices must have calculated morning Covid risk. 😂
  8. Royal has been doing some extra weird math lately. We’re booked on an upcoming cruise where 2 people in balcony is about $2000 total, try to add a 3rd (child) and price goes over $5000. Has been that way for months. We got around it by booking an extra room and taking 4th person that would have otherwise been another 3rd with someone else in the party.
  9. Why was your cruise booted from Cozumel and Costa Maya?
  10. It was an attempt at a joke about the length of their sales receipts. It’s not uncommon to see them over 6ft long (2 meters).
  11. It’s also worth mentioning that you can find better coffee onboard than anything a Kruig can make. You can also have coffee delivered to the stateroom for free during breakfast, although you may have to sacrifice quality for that.
  12. “ I packed light for this cruise”.
  13. We just booked a cruise for November that still has Grand Cayman on the itinerary but they don’t look like they’re going to welcome back cruise tourists until January 2022. What has Royal been substituting this port for as of late? I know each sailing may be different, just looking for some general trends.
  14. I saw announcement about Wonder, but missed that it was replacing Allure on those itineraries. Where will Allure go instead? Don’t they still have a dry dock due in Europe?
  15. I’m no expert, but think that same space is on all the Oasis class ships. I think it’s where some of the technical stuff for the aqua theater is housed. Lights maybe?
  16. Oh wow, so they moved the entire Windjammer down a deck?
  17. What’s the circled bank of windows on Wonder of the Seas? It looks different than other Oasis class ships.
  18. We are on Symphony the same day that Wonder will be in CoCo Cay on March 11 week. Does that mean Mariner is getting the boot? So many people. 😮
  19. This is the board specific to Royal Caribbean. Since this would be pre-cruise activity, have you checked out the Florida departure boards?
  20. I’ve seen yes from other posters. Even reports of parents using them for full drinks and then just buying kids the cheaper drinks.
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